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Dear #Positivity Friends,

When night falls and summer fireworks light up the sky, I turn into a kid again. The longer those colorful bursts of light and sound go on, the happier I am. But as much as I love old-school pyrotechnics, I find myself just as excited to see the incredible spectacles being created with drones. Hundreds or even thousands of drones equipped with LED lights are programmed to swarm the sky, each changing color and effect to mimic live fireworks or to make shapes and patterns as varied as a giant waterfall, a shooting star, and a spaceship that hovers above for a bit before lowering to the ground as if to land. Art imitating science fiction on the grandest of scale—simply amazing.

What it takes to choreograph and synchronize the drones to put on such a show kind of blows my mind. It’s not a thousand pilots guiding each drone, it’s one coded program telling a thousand drones exactly what to do and when. Cool, right? These days, sophisticated new technologies are rolled out so often that we’ve gotten blasé about it. It feels good to be filled with wonder about something again.

Share the love and send us photos of the fireworks—or drone light shows—you see this summer. And try to get yourself in the picture—it’s not just the Roman Candle or Horsetail we want to see, it’s the joy on your face!

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With hope and positivity,

#Positivity® Stories

Cash for Underwater Trash

Crabs from the Mississippi Gulf Coast region are a tasty treat, but at what cost to the environment? It’s not the crabbing that causes a problem, it’s the abandoned crab traps sitting on the bottom of the sea that are wreaking havoc on marine wildlife. Thousands of traps left in the gulf are creating a “ghost fishing” disaster by continuously trapping crabs and other sea creatures that are never retrieved. In 2020, the Mississippi Commercial Fisheries began a cash-for-trash program to address these derelict traps, paying people $5 per trap that they turn in. Participants in the program are mostly shrimpers whose nets are often torn or snagged on the traps. They catalog and tag each trap before redeeming them to collect their payment. It is estimated that millions of dollars in revenue are lost due to the abandoned crab traps, compared to the tens of thousands the program has paid out to fishermen so far. That’s a return on investment that shouldn’t make anyone crabby!

Imagination Spreads

Dolly Parton is considered a national treasure thanks to her bright soprano voice and soulful songs. But to many thousands of children, she delivers dreams. Dolly’s Imagination Library has provided more than 200 million free books to children in the United States, Ireland, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia since it was founded in 1995. The program has just expanded to Montana, offering children a free book every month from birth through age 5. Parents register their children to participate, and the Imagination Library takes care of the rest. Montana’s First Lady Susan Gianforte partnered with the foundation to implement the program in her state. On the importance of this opportunity, Gianforte said, “Literacy is critical for our kids and their development. When parents read to their kids or when a child reads, it engages them, it fires their imagination, and sparks their curiosity.” 

One Lawn at a Time

Rodney Smith Jr. of Huntsville, Alabama is no stranger to mowing lawns. In 2017 he mowed at least one lawn for people in need in each of the 50 states. He realized that he could inspire children to participate in this tradition, so he began the Raising Men and Women Lawncare Service to challenge youth to mow 50 lawns for free in their community. The children begin by signing up online and posting a photo with their acceptance of the challenge on Smith’s Facebook page or website. The child receives a white T-shirt, sunglasses, and ear protection when they accept the challenge, then they receive different colored T-shirts for every 10 lawns they mow. At the completion of the challenge, they are awarded a black T-shirt, a black hat, a new lawn mower and other lawn care equipment to help them continue their work. This mowing service is free to the elderly, disabled, single mothers and veterans who can’t care for their own lawn. To date, Smith has motivated over 1,400 kids in the United States and around the world to help people in need, and in the process, they gain a skill, confidence, and pride in their community. 

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