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Lightning Online Point of Sale 

by Computer Perfect

Volume 34 Newsletter 


Another great month and it is thanks to you.  We have made significant enhancements on multiple fronts across the Lightning family of products as we continue to scale.

Our E-Commerce package went into Alpha testing the second week of April with a long time customer who has been providing excellent feedback.  We expect to add a few stores in the coming weeks as we elevate to a full beta.  
Below are a few items you will find insightful. 
Thank you,
The Computer Perfect Team
Emergency Mode 3.0 is Coming:

In the coming weeks we will be upgrading Lightning Emergency Mode, version 2.5.3 to version 3.0.  This update will be automatically deployed on each register.  When a roll out date is confirmed, we will notify our user base with a newsletter blast approximately a week prior, and a pop-up which will appear at login, the day before and on the day of. 
Although no action is required for the installation of this update on your end, we recommend that each register, perform cash and credit card transaction after the update is installed.
iPad & iPhone Updates:


In the last few weeks we have posted a few updates to the Apple Apps Store for our iPad & iPhone applications.

- Enhanced receipts that show if the credit card was a       Chip, Swipe, Keyed or Contactless.  
- The Sales Journal report now includes better options     to analyze data by time.
- A slew of refinements and features to ensure these         applications are in step with our browser based               product, Lightning Online Point of Sale.    

Did you Know?

Customizable Customer & Look-Up Screens:  
From the main menu, when you click 'Customers' or 'Inventory' the fields that initially appear can be customized. 

Example of Customers:
You might want to add the 'Email' or 'Last Active' depending on what data is important to you.  As a field is added, that means you can also sort/find the customer using that new field.

Example of Inventory:
You may need to add the 'Department' or 'Last Cost' fields.  Almost every field in the inventory record can be inserted onto the look-up screen.

To change these settings please see:  Administration / Setup / Global Setup / Define Lookup tab. 

Thank you,
The Computer Perfect Team
Thomas Greco

Computer Perfect
(914) 633-8959