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Lightning Online Point of Sale 

by Computer Perfect

Volume 35 Newsletter 


As each week passes we want to thank our users for their extremely positive feedback on our entire Lightning family of products.    

Without our truly dedicated customers we wouldn't have had the opportunity to evolve to where we are today.    
The Computer Perfect Team
Enhanced Inventory Look-Up:
From all inventory look-up screens, you can scan the SKU, (when in description order), which will bring up your matches, including multi-pack items.  Our search is truly fast and impressive.  
Based on the example below, the items are in description order, when you scan the SKU the system will automatically find that item regardless of the order.   Example:  Scan 08048028431 the system will simply bring up that item.  

A real time saver and this feature showcases the flexibility of Lightning.  Plus we expect to really excite stores that utilize our inventory multi-pack feature.   WOW.
Barcode Printing:
In February we introduced a significantly enhanced barcode printing interface which we have further refined.  This includes multi-pack items where it now allows you to select Single, Four-Pack, Six-Page, and more. 

Our next planned upgrade, in the coming weeks, will include the ability to design a label to showcase items on promotion.  As you print labels, items that are on promotion will use the new design with no action on your end.  We are excited about this.
Did you Know?

Custom Reports:  
Within the 'Reports' section the 'Custom Report' option will showcase any specialized reports that the Lightning team has designed specifically for you.  
If we feel your report request is outside the norm, sometimes based on regulatory requirements, for  a fee, starting at $ 1,995,a custom report can be designed and inserted here.  
Thank you,
The Computer Perfect Team
Thomas Greco

Computer Perfect
(914) 633-8959