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Lightning Online Point of Sale 

by Computer Perfect

Volume 31 Newsletter 

Our Lightning Online Point of Sale family of products continues to expand, from system refinements to new features.  All of this is due to our large and strong customer base that provide positive feedback.  With five developers on staff we are able to keep up the momentum to ensure Lightning is always working for you.   From our browser based product, Lightning Online Point of Sale, to our mobile applications, Lightning for the iPhone and iPad and Lightning Emergency Mode, we want to thank you for your business.  .  

Thank you,
The Computer Perfect Team 
Ordering Alerts - Did You Know?
Our standard reorder reports have been available in Lightning for years which create a recommended reorder list by various filters, such as vendors.  Have you taken advantage of our 'Forecasting feature which allows you to reorder based on last years sales?  

Fox Example, in April of 2015 you sold 200 of Item X.  In March of 2016, you can forecast what your business will need for April, 2016.  Our forecasting feature is very useful tool which has won great fanfare from our user base.
Lightning Corporate Office
Designed for retailers with multiple locations, this applications allows inventory, sales, customer, vendor and much more, all from a single log in.  Lightning Corporate Office allows a central location, such as the corporate office, to manage all of their remote locations in real time.  This powerful tool for our multi-store environment customers is set to impress.  
Cash Balancing
Are your drawers coming up short a little more often than you would like to admit?  Enable our 'Cash Balancing' feature which requires the clerk to enter their starting drawer, then count their drawer at the shift closing.  A balancing report of over/short will appear on the screen (in most cases), then appear, in all cases, on the printout and closing email.  To set this up please visit:  Administration/Setup/Station Setup, then select the 'Closeout' tab.  


Thomas Greco

Computer Perfect
(914) 633-8959