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Lightning Online Point of Sale 

by Computer Perfect

Volume 32 Newsletter 


Thank you! As we feel so grateful that so many customers have entrusted us with their business or national franchise.  Many great things have been happening here at Computer Perfect which is all thanks to you.  In the coming months we will be making a major announcement which is related to e-commerce.  As a teaser, with your Lightning Online Point of Sale system you will be able to create a website...I.E., where your inventory, customers, rewards program, orders and much more, will seamlessly work together, real time.  

For now, below are three items we wanted to ensure you are aware of as the Lightning product continues to evolve and mature.  

Thank you,
The Computer Perfect Team

Adding Customers:
You will notice a nice shortcut when adding a customer that have similar last names.  Example:  You quickly search on 'Johnson' and a list of all of Johnson's appear, but the one you want has not been entered into your system.  Now, when you hit 'Add' the 'Johnson' name will automatically pre-populate in the Last Name field. The same applies for other searches such as Phone, First Name, Company and more.
Multi Pack Inventory Feature:  

Another way of managing inventory, where warranted, is to utilize our 'Multi-Pack' feature whi
ch is ideal for environments that sell items, such as beverages, where an item can be sold a few different ways.  IE.  Single, Six Pack, Thirty Pack and more. 

iPhone and iPad Updates:

We have deployed a slew of updates to the Apple Apps Store for our iPhone and iPad products over the past three months.  If you don't have these applications installed please search the Apps Store with 'Lightning Online POS' to install.  We encourage all of our Apple users to use these applications as they are a nice complement to your Lightning system and at no additional cost as long as you have an available license.  

Thank you,
The Computer Perfect Team. 

Thomas Greco

Computer Perfect
(914) 633-8959