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Lightning Online Point of Sale 

by Computer Perfect

Volume 33 Newsletter 


Thank you once again as we can't express our appreciation enough for your support.  Our family of Lightning Online Point of Sale, consisting of six products, continues to expand, refine and mature.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated and business means everything to us.  From national chains, to our multi-store owners to single store environments....Thank you, we could not have done it without you.  

Enclosed are few items we thought you would find insightful.  

Thank you,
The Computer Perfect Team
Enhanced Chrome, Edge & Safari Support:
Our development team has significantly refined Lightning's support for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge & Safari (Mac & Windows) over the past few months.  

* Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox continue to be supported.   
Drizly & Mini Bar Interfaces:

Are you in the Wine & Spirit space?  
Recently we introduced two online delivery services, Drizly & Mini Bar Delivery which allows Lightning to stream your inventory to their websites.  These companies have experienced significant growth in major cites in the past few years and based on customer requests is why this technology was built into Lightning.    

Our interface allows for the flexibility to have a higher price, per item, to compensate for their fees, if warranted.

Did you Know?

Inventory Look-Up:  (Main Menu / Inventory / Look-Up)
When searching by SKU you can simply scan the item...No need to click the 'SKU' column heading.  Just scan, as Lightning will automatically determine if you are looking for a SKU or the description.  A nice time saver. 

 * Not available at the Ring Sales, inventory look-up screen, but will be added shortly.

Thank you,
The Computer Perfect Team
Thomas Greco

Computer Perfect
(914) 633-8959