Dear Friends of Witness to Love,

The Catholic Press Awards are given by the Catholic Press Association, an organization comprised of Catholic Media professionals and publishers. The awards are given to recognize and encourage strong media projects and initiatives which serve to renew the Church! In the "best freestanding presentation of online video - panel discussion" our show "Family," which we produced in collaboration with Shalom World, won third place in this annual international award ceremony! Specifically the episode "Why Get Married?" merited these comments from the judges.

The show "Why Get Married?" "asks tough questions and explore what what would seem like an obvious question, Why Get Married. However, the production team does a fantastic job at exploring a sensitive and complicated topic through a simple yet powerful technique: compelling conversations with real-life couples."

Check out the entire show here and watch the award-winning episode here.
Please welcome our newest staff member!

We have some very exciting news! Thanks to a generous capacity building grant from Our Sunday Visitor Institute for Catholic Innovation we were able to hire Norma Alzamora as a bilingual parish support specialist for WTL. In her own parish and diocese she has been active in serving couples utilizing WTL for a number of years and she is bringing the wisdom and passion she has for stronger marriages with her! We are so grateful to OSVI for this opportunity to serve and to grow. Read her full bio here. Read more about the incredible work of OSVI here.
We recently redesigned our Fertility Awareness Course and included new resources. This course is designed for parish leaders, clergy and those who want to better understand this important topic. Learn more here.

We were recently in Lourdes, France, for a family retreat and pilgrimage. We ran into a newly married couple from a Witness to Love Parish in San Diego, California! It was great to visit with them and hear their story about being mentored and discovering their vocation to the Sacrament of Matrimony (see our photo together with the Lourdes grotto and shrine in the background). The future of the Church is so full of hope within the lives of these amazing new marriages and families!
We are currently in France to meet with couples, pastors and dioceses that use, or are discerning, the French version of Witness to Love. We will be praying for you - please pray for us! On July 25th we will be flying into New York for some meetings and filming for WTL. Please pray for safe travels.

In Gratitude for you,

Ryan and Mary Rose Verret
The Witness to Love Team
& the Board of Witness to Love

PS. If you did not have a chance to watch our presentation to the World Meeting of Families you can watch it here at the 2:30 mark and you can also make a donation in honor of WTL's 10th Anniversary here.

Below are pictures from our travels in France. The first graphic is from our meeting with the Diocese of Vannes and the first priest in France to use WTL. What a wonderful diocese! The second picture is from our time in Lourdes and the last image is from our time with Fr. Jean-Charles (the first priest to use WTL in France). He has been using WTL for almost three years with beautiful fruit. Thank God for amazing priests who work so hard to strengthen marriage and family!
Diocese of Vannes
Pere Jean Charles
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