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Cari italiani e amici dell’Italia,
di seguito troverete gli eventi del mese di gennaio.
Buona lettura a tutti!
Federica Sereni
Console Generale
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Dear Italians and friends of Italy,
Here are January's events.
Federica Sereni
Consul General
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Sunday, January 24th | 5:00PM | Online Event - Lecture & Discussion
Reflections on the Title of the Divine Comedy-  Presentation Prof. Lino Pertile.
How did Dante’s great poem come to be known as “La Divina Commedia” or, quite simply, “La Commedia”? If Dante himself called it a “commedia”, why did he do so? And how can it be both a “Comedy” and a “Sacred Poem”, Dante’s other name for it? What is the poem about that could justify such apparently diverse titles? Is the Dante in the poem the same Dante Alighieri from Florence who died 700 years ago? And if he is, why does he ask us to believe that he went to Hell, Purgatory and Paradise? What were his aims in writing such a story and did he achieve them?

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Wednesday, January 27th | Scuola Piccoli Italiani di Boston
Laboratori in Italiano - Gennaio- Marzo 2021
Sunday, January 31st | 4:30PM | Online Event - Lecture & Discussion
Giorno della Memoria: A conversation with Simon Levis Sullam - Organized by DAS Michigan in collaboration with DAS Massachusetts 
In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day, which is observed on January 27, the Dante Alighieri Society of Michigan commemorates those Italians who suffered persecution as a result of the Racial Laws imposed by the Fascist government and under the Nazi occupation during World War II.
In commemoration of the Giorno della Memoria, we will talk to Professor Levis Sullam, a specialist in modern Italian history, Jewish history, and the History of Antisemitism and of the Holocaust, to try to understand the role Italians played in the genocide of Jews in Italy; how Italians participated and contributed to the isolation, dehumanization, and ultimately the deportations and what happened to Jews in Italy and their property during the 1930s and 40s.
Sunday, February 21st | 4:00PM | Zoom Online Event
Momenti Musicali, a concert series of music and literature
SAVE THE DATE: Various Events in the upcoming months | Zoom Online Events
Momenti Musicali, a concert series of music and literature
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Italian Classes at Passport to Languages
Burlington Sons of Italy Lodge 2223
Burlington Sons of Italy Italian Language Classes
Would you like to learn to speak Italian?

For over the past 20 years, the Burlington Sons of Italy Lodge 2223 has been offering two 12-week semesters of Italian Language Classes annually. The 12 weeks of highly acclaimed classes are offered at six different learning levels from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced. There is something for everyone no matter the experience level. Further, the classes are taught by professional Italian teachers from academia.
The classes are especially aimed at those who have no Italian language experience and two beginner levels are offered. Then for those with a smattering of Italian language expertise and are planning a trip to Italy in the near future and need to sharpen their skills, there are two intermediate levels and they are a perfect fit for such travel. Finally the advanced levels are for those who want to go beyond.
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