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Summer 2016 Issue
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By Dr. Steve Parrett, Communications Chair

Greetings everyone! I am fresh from a few days at the beach and believe it or not, ready to get back to work and also try to learn just what a Communications Chair actually does. I will begin my comments with a question for you: How do you know when a dentist has been practicing for over 40 years? Answer:  Wait 5 minutes and it will pop into their conversation somehow. And by the way, I just started year 41 this month! (that was less than 2 mins, I know, sorry.)
I am not sure why, but 40 years seems like one of those milestones that earn you something, besides gray hair! I would like to give credit to my association with the Academy of Laser Dentistry over the past 15 years for a lot of whatever that something is. First and foremost, the knowledge I know I could not have gained anywhere else has been invaluable. It has made me a better dentist and benefitted my patients beyond my expectations. The lifelong friends I have made through the courses and professional involvement on committees and with the Board would not have happened otherwise, if not for taking that step to become involved. I have gotten more back, in the enrichment to my life, than I have given as a volunteer for this amazing organization of people. I cannot begin to explain the many different ways that my practice has grown and become better, thanks to this group of people and very professional organization.
I realize that most of you are very busy and think you do not have time to 'get involved' and to some extent, I understand that. I will say, I have been involved with ADA and AGD groups before and found it was worthwhile as well. And, I know there are other aspects of dentistry that have their groups that meet regularly and educate their members - I applaud anyone's involvement in those endeavors. My message today is just this: after 40 years, I wish I would have started with ALD sooner. I would encourage all of you, regardless of what stage your career is at this point, whether recent grad or perhaps nearing retirement, get started now. I cannot think of a better place to start than joining the Academy of Laser Dentistry and attending annual meetings where the fun all begins!

Dr. Kesler takes the helm as 2016 ALD President
I am honored to serve as President of the Academy of Laser Dentistry. I share with all of our members my commitment to uphold and strengthen the position of the ALD. The Board of Directors met in June in Florida and we have already begun our work on strategic initiatives to bring ALD continuing success by 2018, when ALD will celebrate its 25th milestone anniversary.
Here's a quick peek at what is going on:
  • Membership is up to over 1400, with many students from Midwestern University becoming new ALD members. 
  • 18% of our membership is outside the US. I applaud the work of our International Committee Chairman, Dr. Arun Darbar, and ALD's newest International Study Clubs in Egypt and the Philippines, with increasing education in the Gulf Region by ALD Gulf Region Chapter and Dr. Walid Altayeb.
Our Orlando Conference in April had the best attendance in several years. It is this growth in learning about lasers that needs to continue.  Yet, there are many dentists who use lasers, but do not seek training and education. We are perplexed by that, and we plan to make plans for how we can reach these dentists.
We have a strategic sessions workshop planned for November and we are excited about the opportunity to chart the road map for the ALD for the next 3 years.

ALD - An Organization with the Passion to Lead
By Gail Siminovsky, CAE

During the most recent Board of Directors meeting in June, your colleagues met to discuss the roles and responsibilities of highly effective boards. We reviewed key milestones in ALD's governing history: when and where the ALD's mission, vision and guiding principles were written; how the strategic plan 2010 was designed; and the need for our upcoming strategic planning workshops in November 2016.
ALD's Guiding Values
  • Care
  • Professional Happiness
  • Professional Community
  • Dental Family
  • Research and Education
  • Professional Values
In September 2004, key ALD leaders summarized these six values into three general values: 
  • Integrity
  • Innovation 
  • Professional Community
We discussed our purpose as a Board to  govern based on documents and key information  and focused on the  strategic direction , mission , and goals of the organization. We discussed the importance of  fiduciary duties and the trust of our members in the board of directors to explore opportunities , while being careful with our resources.The board develops  policies and  procedures , and manages  risks .

The Board aims and remains open to its corporate members and their voices. This year, the board welcomed Biolase's corporate members: Michael Roux, Vice President, Marketing; Clark Barousse, Senior Vice President for World Wide Sales, Account Management; and John Bernhard, Director of Product Marketing. Michael, Clark and John offered an afternoon of presentations and discussions on their industry viewpoints and how they see ALD's role in dentistry. 

Our subsequent discussions opened 3 areas of need:
  • How can ALD help address naysayers and the growing need for more extensive research
  • How to increase quality clinical education
  • How to nurture ALD's growing membership
The session raised more questions than answers.  It was collaborative, engaging, and effective. It met the Board's goal to hear one more voice from industry leaders as our dental profession prepares to set the future road map for the Academy of Laser Dentistry during November's strategic planning sessions.

ald2017PLAN NOW FOR ALD 2017
By Margaret Angarola

Were you one of the 328 registered attendees who attended the ALD 2016 Conference and Exhibition at the Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando? If so, you know it was a great success! If you were unable to be there, we missed you! So, you will want to plan now to register for ALD 2017 in Tucson,  April 6-8, 2017.  Work is already well underway for next year, and we want you to be a part of another valuable gathering of dental professionals from all over the world.  This conference will be another wonderful opportunity for you to benefit from the lectures, workshops, exhibits and opportunities for networking, to learn, grow your practice, and meet your colleagues. " Controversies, Dilemmas and Technology with Laser Dentistry in the Twenty-First Century " is the theme. The venue is the beautiful El Conquistador Golf and Tennis Resort in scenic Tucson, Arizona. Join your colleagues and register now to take advantage of Early Bird conference rates.  Need more info?  Check the conference website which is being updated with new details each day!   
By Madison Horsch

On Thursday, March 24th, Dr. Edward Kusek spoke to Nebraska dental students about the many advances in the field of laser dentistry. He discussed the different categories of lasers on the market and showed a variety of cases in which their use is unmatched by older surgical methods.

From lingual frenectomies to maxillary sinus lifts, Dr. Kusek explained that the use of lasers expands the number of procedures a dentist can perform and can increase the draw of new patients. Additionally, he mentioned that lasers also improve the efficiency of a procedure and can reduce the amount of time a patient must be in the chair.  

The event concluded with questions about the affordability of the laser equipment. They were reassured that the while the laser is an investment, it can provide an endless possibility of benefits for their future practices.
2016 spring lightwaves

By Brad Smith, DDS, FACD

The ADEA Lasers in Dentistry had another robust panel presentation and discussion around the topic of the current trends in Laser education in Dental Schools that are members of the ADEA. We had several interested stakeholders that provided lively discussion points of common problems and solutions. Together we formulated ideas that can move the Special Interest Group closer to becoming a section within ADEA. In addition, discussions led to interesting solutions to a common theme of full incorporation of Lasers within Dental Schools pre-clinical and clinical education.  We had representatives from several schools and from private practice. Those in private practice brought up the point of how Alumni can influence their alma mater within the context of utilization and evidenced based information of Lasers into the formal clinical education. 

The ADEA LiDSIG provided interested institutions a standardized Dental School curriculum for those schools that did not have a Laser champion at their individual school. This curriculum was distributed at the April ADEA annual LidSIG business meeting. It was met with great enthusiasm to help schools with content that is evidence-based and organized for their students.

One of the last topics that came up with the group was the idea of ALD sponsoring a reception at the next ADEA annual meeting in Long Beach, California. The group left encouraged with the discussion and hopeful that the interest between the two organizations can continue to flourish.
2016 spring lightwaves


Registration is now open for the first ever ALD Infant/Pediatric Oral Health Symposium. The focus of the symposium is to bring together a diverse group of health professionals, exemplary in their discipline, involved in assessment and treatment of infants with oral restrictions, from breast feeding and beyond. The Academy of LaserDentistry looks forward to facilitating the collaboration between allied
 health professions to discuss assessment and treatment protoco
ls, epidemiologic impact, case studies, dental laser wavelengths and pediatric applications. A panel discussion will be included on both days to collaborate on the benefits of a holistic approach to patient care and improved research models. A vendor showcase by multiple dental laser manufacturers will be present for an interactive component with dental lasers of varying wavelengths.

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