The Corporate AV Newsletter
December 2017
Featured Integration Story

LightWerks  partnered with WPI, one of the largest commercial construction contractors in the Northwest, to create dynamic AV solutions for their reception area, employee lounge, training room, and conference room.
The WPI staff and IT team were delighted with Lightwerks' design, execution, and customer service.  

In This Issue

Innovative Interactive Flat Panels for Inspirational Communication and Collaboration

Today's standard interactive flat panels offer the ability to interact with a connected computer.  BenQ has developed an interactive flat panel that takes interactivity to the next level.   BenQ interactive flat panels allow the end user to not only interact with the computer using their finger or pens, but also annotate over ANY source.  This means that a document camera, microscope, Blu-ray, live video feed, or ANY source that is connected to the flat panel can be annotated over, and saved as .pdf or .png files. These files can be shared as review materials through e-mails, QR code, print, USB drive, and even the IFP's internal memory. In addition to these incredible features, the BenQ RP750K includes wireless presentation and collaboration solutions, and even a video recording feature that allows users to record meetings for preparation or review purposes. 

No Computer, No Problem!  Meet BENQ's internal whiteboard program, EZWrite 4.0!

Collaborate via Smart Annotation and Multi-Touch Capability

Designed for modern offices, BenQ corporate IFPs offer best-in-class tools for interactive meetings without external PCs. Pre-installed on BenQ IFPs, EZWrite 4.0 includes tools for presentation, collaboration, annotation, and follow-up that can stimulate seamless group discussion, interaction, and effective idea-sharing. With up to 20-point simultaneous multi-touch capability, BenQ corporate IFPs can engage more participants simultaneously for ideas, collaboration, and better results.

Share and Collaborate with Wireless Solution

Integrated into BenQ corporate IFPs, the InstaQShare app enables simple wireless presentation and collaboration by screen mirroring. Simply by launching the InstaQShare host app on the IFP and downloading the client app onto an Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows device, up to 16 meeting participants can instantly stream photos, music, presentations, and Full HD videos smoothly.
In addition, BenQ InstaShow™ wireless presentation system and QCast WiFi dongle accommodate diverse BYOD needs. With zero software, InstaShow can simply be plugged into a laptop for instant wireless collaboration at the touch of a button with enterprise-class security. Alternatively, QCast dongle allows Full HD wireless streaming from any laptop, iOS, or Android device.

We'd love to help you select the best interactive flat panel for your institution and would be happy to provide you a free, onsite demonstration. 

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