March 2021
Warning Signs Your Spouse is Committing Financial Infidelity
Were you raised to believe that the harder you work, the more you will be successful? Sometimes, when a marriage falters, you may not be the center of the problem or of its solution. Sometimes, the underlying issues are outside of your direct sphere of influence. In most cases, this fact is a bitter pill to swallow. I remember my “aha” moment well – there was no choice; my marriage was over. I was utterly alone on the brink of collapse of my life as I knew it. Like you, I went through a traumatic experience. But I assure you, I came out with superhuman strength and vowed to change the world of divorce.

Here’s one of those issues that puts you at the heart of risking not only your financial security but a part of your own self for a very long time. Financial infidelity.

Financial infidelity can ruin a marriage. This type of behavior shows disregard for the trust and communication necessary for a healthy relationship. When one partner is making financial moves without the other knowing about it, the devious behavior can result in divorce.
Financial infidelity is the act being secretive about of spending money, holding stashes of money or secret accounts, possessing undisclosed credit cards, borrowing sums of money, or otherwise spending money or incurring financial debt without your spouse’s knowledge.
According to an academic study performed by Nefe [1], “41% of American adults admit to committing financial infidelity against their spouse. About 75% of adults state financial infidelity has affected their affected their relationship.“
Don’t go out and file for divorce just yet. I made this video on St. Valentine’s Day to raise the flag: “Check your blind spots” in a romantic relationship when you delegate finances to your spouse. This subject is evergreen.
You can protect against, or, learn to spot the red flags of financial infidelity which I describe in detail in my book, Money & Divorce. I am passionate about helping couples address conflicts over money and those who suffer financial infidelity. Let’s see if I can calm the chaos and give you a roadmap to protect yourself and your wealth. Click below to watch my video!
How to Invest Like a Woman – It’s a Style Thing

The feminine approach to investing has been branded a losing strategy in the press: too conservative, risk-averse; less experienced; more worried about losses; and, less money to save/invest (lack of pay parity).

Here are recent facts and some encouraging news:

  • Female investors earn better returns than men -- up to 1%, according to some studies.

  • On average, women lost 2.5% of their stock portfolio value in 2015, while men lost 3.8%.

What is Cryptocurrency – Should I Trust a Digital Currency?
What does crypto or cryptocurrency mean?
A cryptocurrency is a new form of digital asset based on a network that is distributed across a large number of computers. This decentralized structure allows them to exist outside the control of governments and central authorities. The word "cryptocurrency" is derived from the encryption techniques which are used to secure the network.

A benefit to using cryptocurrencies is that individual people can partake in commerce locally or globally without the need for a bank. Many people around the world are...

Gamestop – Who is the Real Culprit and Could it Happen to Your Investments?[1]
Those who are afraid of the stock market, who are risk averse for investing or who despise the stock market, were served up a classic new scandal with the Gamestop soap opera. 

The drama involved a group of individual investors communicating through social media who ganged up to buy stock in Gamestop, a video game, consumer electronics, and gaming merchandise retailer. They hoped to drive up the stock price and thereby cause losses for hedge funds who had “shorted” the stock.

[1] TownHall FINANCE 2/05/2021
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