May 2021
Every 10 seconds a Boomer turns 60 years old. And if you are over the age of 50, you share the risk of divorce, which has doubled in its rate for first-time long-term marriages in the last decade. If you are part of this wave, willing or not, you are facing some unique challenges.

As a divorce financial expert with over 30 years of seasoned experience, I educate, advocate and navigate you through complex, sensitive, and critical financial topics and issues that command your attention. 

The facts are that the older you are, the more complicated the divorce typically is financially. Decoupling presents many new issues: your identity among family and friends, your financial security, and your vision for long-term fulfillment. For women who have been out of the work force for significant periods of time, the time horizon is simply too short to improve your earnings power to build up savings. And, it is inappropriate to take on riskier investments to achieve higher yield. Divorce is not the best time to learn about how to deal with money and financial decisions. Late life divorce raises many difficult questions, centering on fairness, expectations and all the “what if’s”.

Key points to address if you are going through divorce after age 50:

Listen in on May 7th as Lili A. Vasileff CFP® appears on Marguerita Cheng's Diary of a CFP® podcast on May 7th at 5PM EST on Learn more how divorce financial planning empowers people for a better financial future!
What happens to your pets if you get a divorce?

Watch this video to learn more about this very specific type of loss. Lili chats with Kevin Ringstaff of regarding this sensitive and emotional aspect of divorce.
DEBSERVATION: “Divorce Is A Broken Dream And Everyone Deserves Another Happily Ever After.” – Debbie Nigro

Lili sits down to talk with Debbie Nigro to talk about late life divorce and how what you don't know CAN hurt you.
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