NEW - 1" Mono Point
PAR 8 Scale Trimless Options
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Our 1” PAR8 scale lipstick fixtures are the smallest at ¾” ID and 1” OD and brightest at 1100+ lumen fixtures offered in the market globally.

Clarté Lighting has just added a trimless version to our fixed and adjustable PAR8 scale mono point family of products on our web site.

Also expanded in the fixed 4" MOL version is matching 8”, 12” and 18” MOL fixed mono points as shown below to meet the needs of multiple lengths installed in the same space to provide a family of minimalistic 1” OD mono points.
There is also a trimless adjustable mono point flush mount, 2’ extension and 4” extension to compliment the matching fixed mono points to create of family of fixtures in any space visually.
The 3” round screen mesh back plate is 3D printed from our in-house 3D printer and has some unique design features. The mesh screen is .062 thickness, and the edge tapers to .02 thickness.

That is a -68% reduction from the main mesh to the edge of the screen to lessen the amount of plaster or joint compound and labor to install our fixture.

These tapered details cannot be achieve with metal mesh that is used predominantly in the lighting industry.
Explore the details from our NEW trim less PAR8 scale mono point details catalog PDF’s links below.
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