Limited Edition Posters for Artsakh
Today, as our homeland continues to face aggression from its enemies, ARS of Eastern USA is once again trying to raise funds for much needed humanitarian relief. The ARS "Artemis" Chapter of Philadelphia will be giving limited edition Artsakh posters to the next 100 donors that donate $100 on our website.

As young soldiers continue to vigilantly, valiantly, and heroically protect our Nation on the frontlines in Armenia and Artsakh, we must continue to assist our homeland.
Make a difference today for our homeland.
The poster (36 x 28 inches) of Artsakh - A Heroic Struggle - by Philadelphia artist Mary Zakarian (1927-2020), dates to the early 1990s, when the Artsakh Liberation Movement first began. The highlight of this work is the Armenian Tricolor, flown on the battlefields of the first Artsakh war and signed by five Armenian soldiers. The flag was given by the only surviving soldier to Arthur Khatchadrian, of Philadelphia, who showed it to Rev. Fr. Nerses Manoogian. Together, Zakarian and Father Manoogian planned an artwork that would be a memorial to our heroes and a tribute to the Armenian quest for freedom and dignity. Read more about the piece on our website.