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Virtual Event
Tonight 5:00 PM
A Debut

Ali Reynolds
Virtual Book Launch
June 2 7:00 PM

Virtual Event
June 3 5:00 PM

Virtual Event
June 6 1:00 PM

Mary Russell, Holmes, Mrs. Hudson
Virtual Event 
June 6 2:00 PM

Our June Crime Collectors Book of the Month
in conversation with Ivy Pochoda June 8 5:00 PM

Tom Clancy
Virtual Book Launch
June 9 5:00 PM

Virtual Event with Brad Taylor June 10 5:00 PM

Always the Last to Know
June 11 2:00 PM

Virtual Event 
June 11 3:00 PM with Susan Mallery

Virtual Event
June 13 2:00 PM

Riley Ellison
June 13 with Carlisle

Signed postcard from the Perigord with Balzac the Basset Hound
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Sunny Randall
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From the bestselling author of The Last Mrs. Parrish
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An excellent psychogical thriller
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Rachel Savernake
A Golden Age Gothic
Our June Historical Fiction Book of the Month
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Colter Shaw
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Legal thriller
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our April First Mystery Book of the Month 
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Savage Son
James Reece #3
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Hello this Monday, June 1

The information below is on our Home Page as well for easy reference.

We thank you for sticking with us and for your generous orders and attendance at our Virtual Events. We hope you enjoy the more casual book chats, too, such as the one for writers of spy fiction, thrillers, and those missing travel in a conversation with Joseph Kanon also on our Home Page
Please believe how grateful we are and by all means keep the orders coming-they are our lifeblood. YOU are our lifeblood. And we appreciate your patience as the supply and shipping systems are both running slow nationwide.
Downtown Scottsdale is scheduled to reopen on June 4. And so will we  all things remaining as they are. This is subject to change to comply with state and city policy.
We plan a very limited Open Policy. We must keep you and our staff as safe as we can in the situation where we find ourselves.
We will follow these guidelines :
Masks are required for staff and for customers. BYOM!
Sanitize your hands at the door, also required.
Limited to 4 people every 30 minutes on the hour and half hour
Please wait socially distanced outside the side door in the breezeway
Please follow the one way traffic flow while browsing and keep at least six feet away from any other person
No cash transactions
The public restroom will remain closed
Open Hours (Saturday Hours are to allow for virtual event videoing)
Monday-Friday Noon-3:00 PM beginning June 4
Saturday 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 3:00-6:00 PM
Sunday: telephone and curbside pickup only 1:00-4:00 PM
Telephone and curbside pickup hours
Call us 480-947-2974 for sales and for service
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New Shipping Policy
The bookstore cannot sustain absorbing all the shipping costs and remain open.
But we want to share the costs with you.
Starting today, June 1st, all new mail orders will be charged a flat $3 per shipment.
We are not able to accumulate orders for more than two weeks. Please do not request that we do. Books get lost or are not pulled and disappear before your order can be filled
The webstore and email operate 24/7

For the best service other than curbside pickup please continue to email
Our thanks to L esa,  continuing to work with us from Indiana, is conducting some wonderful discussions with authors on books on our Blog that I urge you to read both for fun and inspiration. M uch love to our social media team which includes Susan on Twitter and Kathy on Pinterest as well as me on Instagram
Barbara and all The Pens

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The May BookNotes 
First, I repeat, many books scheduled for May have moved to June-September. I did my best to catch all the new dates.

Here is the link to the May BookNotes, truly rich in reading recommendations

Here is the link to the  May Booknews Part 2

Here is the link to the first  May Booknews

Here is the link to our May Staff Picks

Here is the link to our May Paperback Picks
There are loads of great large paperbacks for you!

Patrick has updated our puzzle inventory as well as listed new book for May in various formats for you HERE
More New Podcasts
There are even  more new podcasts up. We can see you are enjoying them. 

For those who prefer not to stare at a screen but would like to enjoy our conversations with authors, these are for you.

Visit our new Podcasts Easy download links are provided. They should also be available on ITunes.

New: David Baldacci, Joseph Kanon, Peter Robinson. Plus we added Dean Koontz.
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Here are the May bestsellers at

1. The Dutch House by Ann Patchett (HarperAudio)
2. The Book of Longings by Sue Monk Kidd (Penguin Random House Audio)
3. All Adults Here by Emma Straub (Penguin Random House Audio)
4. The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins (Scholastic Audio)
5. The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel (Penguin Random House Audio)
6. Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo (Quill Tree Books)
7. Circe by Madeline Miller (Hachette Audio)
8. The City We Became by N.K. Jemisin (Hachette Audio)
9. Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson (HarperAudio)
10. Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens (Penguin Random House Audio)

What Are Virtual Events?

Please note that all the Facebook Live events can be viewed at any time after the event. They start on Scottsdale Time, 3 hours later than Eastern Daylight Time. Or 3 hours earlier depending on how you envision the time difference.

The programs will appear on our YouTube channel the next day, giving you a choice where to watch them. 

You can join our Croak and Dagger, SciFi Friday, or Hardboiled Discussion clubs on Zoom. Registration for the safe, limited invitation is required. 

Email for the first two. for the Hardboiled Crime Club.
Francesca Serritella
Tonight 5:00 PM
Francesca Serritella chats about her debut  Ghosts of Harvard (Random $27)
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours

I gave you my Indie Next nomination in the May Booknews Part 2. Here's another review for our June First Mystery Book of the Month

Cady Archer begins her studies at Harvard University less than a year after the death of her older brother, Eric, a Harvard student and the golden child of the family whose schizophrenia has long been a source of trouble in Cady's life. She and her parents have been devastated by his suicide, and now Cady wants to know what happened and what her brother's life was like at Harvard. 

Using one of Eric's cryptic notebooks like a treasure map, Cady wanders the campus and talks with Nikos, her brother's friend, and Mikaela Prokop, his faculty advisor, who explain how he stopped taking medication as he became increasingly dedicated to his physics research on entanglement theory. Her desire for resolution also sparks an interest in geocaching (scavenger hunts based on GPS locating) and she begins to hear voices: first, one that helps her out in a history class; and then one that helps her escape a rapist. Serritella has a wonderful touch for her secondary characters-there's a Professor Hines who is a note-perfect caricature of a tenured Harvard professor-and Cady herself has a great voice. Readers of campus mysteries will love this surprising and intricate bildungsroman." 

And one more: " Ghosts of Harvard is written with a masterly, focused hand, belying the fact that this is Serritella's debut novel. The pages burn with frenetic energy and are peopled by memorable, compelling characters. The tension is palpable, the twists and surprises perfectly timed and the stakes as high as humans should be asked to endure. The end result, a novel you will long remember and characters you will want to see again. A triumph in every respect."-David Baldacci. 

I add that Francesca has written several humorous nonfiction books with her mother Lisa Scottoline we can discuss.

JA Jance
Tuesday 7:00 PM
JA Jance chats about her new Ali Reynolds investigation  Credible Threat  (Gallery $27.99)
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours. Books will arrive from Jance next week due to shipping

Is it possible to feel sympathy for a cold-blooded killer? 

Bestseller Jance pulls it off in her poignant 15th Ali Reynolds mystery. Rachel Higgins has been going through the motions in the years since her grown son, David, died of an overdose. But after she realizes that David was molested as a teen by his swimming coach, Father Needham, at St. Francis High in Phoenix, Rachel carefully plots her revenge. Since Needham died of AIDS in prison after being convicted of multiple counts of pedophilia, Rachel decides to kill Needham's superior, Archbishop Francis Gillespie, for letting it happen. 

When the archbishop begins receiving anonymous threats, he asks High Noon Enterprises, a cybersecurity firm owned by Ali and her husband, B. Simpson, to investigate after the police dismiss the notes as not a credible threat. When B. has to go overseas, the case is left to Ali and her team of cyber experts. 

Jance has rendered a masterly study of the effects of grief, rage, and the power of forgiveness. Plus tackling a difficult subject.
David Pepper
Wednesay 5:00 PM
David Pepper chats about  The Voter File (Putnam $27)
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure your

I, and perhaps you, was somewhat put off by the title. But make no mistake, this is a genuine thriller with a truly scary scenario, not a political agenda. 

Yes, it drills into election chaos, and yes, into outside interference in elections, starting in Appleton, Wisconsin (birthplace of Harry Houdini and Edna Ferber, FYI). A young woman temping in a campaign whose job it is to manage the voter file (new to me, and something truly scary in a digital age-Pepper explains it well), has lured a recently fired investigative reporter (from a cable TV gig) to town. Tori Justice (great name, no?) tells Jack Sharpe that there is no way a local judge could have beaten his opponent in the recent election. And explains (to you, too) why. But the bad actors (Russian, naturally, but not all) get wind of the leak and the whole plot rolls into motion on a global scale. It's really clever. And fast paced. And against corporate power, not a particular party. 

I think it's a book all of us should be reading. Those in our Fantastic New Fiction Book of the Month Club, but anyone who loves thrillers and first rate fiction. And anyone concerned about our electoral process.

Our June Calendar
Please keep checking as more events pop in

Francesca Serritella chats about her debut Ghosts of Harvard (Random $27)
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours
JA Jance chats about her new Ali Reynolds investigation Credible Threat (Gallery $27.99)
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours. Books will arrive from Jance a bit delayed
David Pepper chats about his terrifying political thriller 
The Voter File (Putnam $27)
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours
Francine Matthews chats about Death on Tuckernuck (Soho $27.95), her new Merry Folger Nantucket Mystery
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours
Laurie R. King chats about Riviera Gold (Bantam $28), her new Russell/Holmes mystery set in Monaco, as they search for Mrs. Hudson
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours

Heather Young chats about The Distant Dead (Morrow $27.99) with Ivy Pochoda whose new novel is These Women (Ecco $27.99)
Signed copies of both books available

Mike Maden chats about Tom Clancy Firing Point (Putnam $29)
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours
Sean McFate discusses his thriller  High Treason (Harper $27.99) with Brad Taylor
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours
THURSDAY JUNE 11 2:00 PM with John
Kristan Higgins chats about Always the Last to Know (Berkley $26/$16)
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours

THURSDAY JUNE 11 3:00 PM with John
Susan Mallery previews her August Book The Friendship List (Harlequin $26.99)
Signed bookplates will be available for the August publication

Susan Elizabeth Phillips discusses Dance Away With Me (Harper $28.99)
Signed books available in mid-June for Phillips. Please order quickly to secure yours
Kate Carlisle chats about The Grim Reader (Berkley $26)
Jill Orr chats about  The Full Scoop (Prospect Park Books $25.95/$16)
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours
Tom Clavin talks with Patrick about Tombstone (St Martins $29.99)
The true story of the Earp brothers, Doc Holliday, and the famous Battle at the OK Corral, by the New York Times bestselling author of Dodge City and Wild Bill
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours
Gregory Benford and Larry Niven discuss  Glorious 
(Tor $29.99), continuing the hard science Bowl of Heaven novels, with Pat
Signed books by Niven with a bookplate by Benford. Please order quickly to secure yours
FRIDAY JUNE 19th 7:00 PM
SciFi Friday meets on Zoom to discuss Scott Hawkins' 
To join in email for an invitation
Croak and Dagger meets on Zoom to discuss Clare Mackintosh's Let Me Lie ($16)
To join in email for an invitation
James Murray, aka "Murr," chats with Pat about Obliteration (Harper Voyager $27.99), in the Awakened universe series
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours
Michael Elias chats about his thriller 
You Can Go Home Now   (Harper $27.99)
 Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours

Nina Laurin joins in with David Bell, Meg Gardiner, and Heather Gudenkauf to discuss her new book A Woman Alone (Grand Central $14.99) as well as work by the other authors
Conversation and Cooking
Diana Gabaldon and Theresa Carle-Sanders present
Outlander Kitchen Volume 2 (Delacorte $35)
Our copies are signed by Diana while Theresa, a Canadian, includes a signed recipe card for a delicious treat
Outlander Kitchen Volume 1 ($35) is also available, again signed by Diana with a different recipe card signed by Theresa
Megan Miranda signs The Girl from Widow Hills (SimonSchuster $26.99)
Riley Sager signs Home Before Dark (Dutton $27)
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours 

Jill Clark  chats with Liv Constantine (Lynne) about Clark's July First Mystery Book of the Month, The Last Flight 
(Sourcebooks $26.99 )
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours
Ellie Alexander chats with John about 
Abby Collette signs A Deadly Scoop (Berkley $16)
Paul Doiron chats with Tess Gerritsen about his new Mike Bowditch Maine thriller One Last Lie (Minotaur $27.99)
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours
New Award Winners
and a SciFi Bonus

Check out the new Lambda Literary Awards

And the new Nebula Award Winners

TorCon, an all-new virtual convention that brings all the fun of panels directly to the fans. 

From Thursday, June 11 th  through Sunday, June 14 th. 

Join authors including Cory Doctorow, Neil Gaiman, Nnedi Okorafor, Christopher Paolini, Brandon Sanderson, V.E. Schwab, and many more for four days of pure geekery, exclusive content, sneak peeks, and more...

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