Issue No. 8 | May 12, 2020
Phase 2 has officially kicked off at our Centers! Coaches and children returned in groups for tennis & fitness lessons, providing a safe, stable and nurturing environment for all! As you can see from the video, the children are not only happy to be back at the Centers, but also with each other!
"National Unity & Israel’s Arab Moment,
Killing Corona & Testing the US Peace Plan"
May 14, 2020
11:30AM - 12:30PM ET

The response to our first, "Lunch and Learn Series," has been overwhelming! We are almost completely booked for this FREE event welcoming acclaimed author and Senior Vice President at Shalem College, Dr. Daniel Gordis, along with Senior Research Fellow and Senior Project Director at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, as well as ITEC Global Business Board Member, Daniel Diker, for a special discussion on national unity and Israel's Arab moment, killing the Coronavirus and testing the US Peace Plan.

Located on the Lebanese border, the city of Kiryat Shmona is home to the ITEC-Kiryat Shmona and both our Embrace Program for At Risk Children & one of our High Performance programs, educating and producing some of Israel’s top players and successful individuals. The city, a short drive from lush green forests and magnificent mountain ridges, also houses remnants of the Second Lebanon War. While one of the youngest cities in Israel, with 33 percent of the population below the age of twenty, our Center serves as a safe haven and place of respite for many of the children living in constant fear of rocket fire. The video from the Mayor of Kiryat Shmona shares the Post Corona needs of his city, as well as the gratitude for the work you are helping ITEC do in this area of Israel.
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Though our Centers have reopened, Hans Felius, our ITEC National Tennis and Social Impact Director, continues to document for us the activity to keep you informed on how things are progressing in our Centers in a post-Coronavirus world.

May 7, 2020
" As we started informing children and their parents about the return to training, a few good things happened. We received so many positive responses about how we handled the children being at home. From educational tools to training and mental health support, the parents were nothing but complimentary and grateful for our efforts. While tennis is up and running, we are excited about what June will bring. When more restrictions are lifted by June 1, we hope to start back with our Social Impact programs as well, such as coexistence, children at risk, special needs, girl’s empowerment and obesity prevention. The over 700 children from our Social Impact programs who play tennis in our Junior Development programs are back for training, but things like homework help, mental coaching, food and English lessons will resume in June, giving our children the full experience of our Centers once again!"
May 10, 2020
"Today is the first step and, while we have many more to go, it is good to be back! To see the children back in their element and our Centers with smiles and joy reminds us all what and why we do this. Slowly but surely, we will roll out our full services in all Centers, but it feels good to be back! To see children together, playing, laughing and having fun is a sight I cannot describe. So I'll show you!

Look at the joy of these children in Haifa in this video:

Also, the adults came back in Ashkelon this evening:"
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