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ADVANCE: Organizational Change for Gender Equity in STEM Academic Professions (ADVANCE), NSF 20-554

The NSF ADVANCE program contributes to the National Science Foundation's goal of a more diverse and capable science and engineering workforce. In this solicitation, the NSF ADVANCE program seeks to build on prior NSF ADVANCE work and other research and literature concerning gender, racial, and ethnic equity. The NSF ADVANCE program goal is to broaden the implementation of evidence-based systemic change strategies that promote equity for STEM faculty in academic workplaces and the academic profession. The NSF ADVANCE program provides grants to enhance the systemic factors that support equity and inclusion and to mitigate the systemic factors that create inequities in the academic profession and workplaces . Systemic (or organizational) inequities may exist in areas such as policy and practice as well as in organizational culture and climate. For example, practices in academic departments that result in the inequitable allocation of service or teaching assignments may impede research productivity, delay advancement, and create a culture of differential treatment and rewards. Similarly, policies and procedures that do not mitigate implicit bias in hiring, tenure, and promotion decisions could lead to women and racial and ethnic minorities being evaluated less favorably, perpetuating historical under-participation in STEM academic careers and contributing to an academic climate that is not inclusive.

All NSF ADVANCE proposals are expected to use intersectional approaches in the design of systemic change strategies in recognition that gender, race and ethnicity do not exist in isolation from each other and from other categories of social identity. The solicitation includes four funding tracks: Institutional Transformation (IT), Adaptation, Partnership, and Catalyst, in support of the NSF ADVANCE program goal to broaden the implementation of systemic strategies that promote equity for STEM faculty in academic workplaces and the academic profession.
National Science Foundation (NSF)
UNLV is limited to  ONE  proposal to IT-Preliminary, Adaptation, OR Catalyst.
OSP Required Notice of Intent: 05/18/2020 12:00 Noon
Submit NOI via the Limited Submission Portal
No late submissions will be considered. Information needed: PI information, project title, one pg abstract and three potential internal reviewer names.

Sponsor Letter of Intent Deadline: 08/03/2020
Sponsor Full Proposal Deadline: 11/04/2020

CFDA #s: 47.041; 47.049; 47.050; 47.070; 47.074; 47.075; 47.076; 47.079; 47.083

Award Information: Each year, NSF expects to make approximately: six Adaptation awards up to $1,000,000 for 3 yr long projects; six Partnership awards up to $1,000,000 5 yr long projects; and four Catalyst awards up to $300,000 for 2 yrs. NSF anticipates that two to four of the twelve Adaptation and Partnerships projects may qualify for an additional $250,000 for collaborating with a project initiated with NSF funding as described in the project description.
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