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BOLD Public Health Centers of Excellence to Address Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias, CDC-RFA-DP20-2005

The Alzheimer's Disease and Healthy Aging Program ,through the Healthy Brain Initiative (HBI) and its partners, provides data and information to promote brain health, address cognitive impairment, and help meet the needs of caregivers through changes in systems and policies. This NOFO aligns with actions from the HBI's third Road Map--State and Local Public Health Partnerships to Address Dementia: The 2018-2023 Road Map (RM)--across the U.S. This RM was developed with over 150 stakeholders, including federal, state, non-profit, and other partners. The RM and its supporting materials, including topic-specific Issue Maps , will serve to guide activities during this project. This announcement addresses activities described in the Building Our Largest Dementia (BOLD) Infrastructure for Alzheimer’s Act (P.L.115-406).

This announcement will fund Public Health Centers of Excellence (PHCOE) to support nationwide implementation of RM actions by choosing one topic-specific area for their focus. These areas are: Dementia Caregiving, Dementia Risk Reduction, and Early Detection of Dementia. The activities for each PHCOE align directly with the RM actions identified for each topic area. Recipients will identify and translate promising research findings, and promoting best practices for nationwide, systems-level public health dissemination and uptake by state, local, tribal, and other programs. PHCOEs will work directly with public health agencies to ensure coordination of efforts and maximum impact.
Centers for Disease Control - NCCDPHP
UNLV is limited to ONE proposal.
OSP Required Notice of Intent Due: 04/09/2020, 12:00 Noon
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No late submissions will be considered. Information needed: Lead and Co-PI information, project title, one pg abstract and three potential internal reviewer names.

Sponsor Letter of Intent Due: 04/22/2020
Sponsor Application Due: 05/26/2020
Award Amount : $300,000 - $800,000 per year for five years.
Strategies & Activities: 1) Dementia Caregiving or 2) Dementia Risk Reduction or 3) Early Detection of Dementia. Road Map actions are guided by three core principles: to best ensure health equity, collaboration across multiple sectors, and the need to leverage resources for sustained effect.
Questions? Contact Althea Sheets, Awards Manager,, 702-895-1880.