Christian Formation supports, educates, and empowers ministry leaders to become Spirit-filled disciples leading other to Christ.
Message from Emily Filippi in English
Message from Daniel Villar in Spanish
As we come to the close of 2020, we are incredibly grateful for your persistence, resourcefulness, and unyielding commitment to spreading the faith in your parish community. We recognize the string of unforeseen hurdles that continue to make your work harder, and we are in awe of your grace under pressure.

As a way to relieve some financial stress on your parish, and help you support your catechists, we are pleased to be able to offer a limited-time only Pandemic Relief Rebate for Pathways: Delivered catechist certification. We are excited to offer a program that fosters the spiritual needs of your catechists, and strengthens your parish community, and do not want financial concerns to prevent the growth of your catechetical team.

Please review the attached two documents and share this information with your business manager/bookkeeper:

  1. Catechists and How to Register them explains the process for registering your catechists for the Pathways: Delivered certification
  2. Pandemic Relief Rebate for Pathways: Delivered explains the steps necessary to receive a full rebate ($35 per catechist) from the Office of Christian Formation

If you have any questions, please contact our office: in English or in Spanish

Emily Filippi
Director, Office of Christian Formation
Acting Director, Office of Ethnic Ministries
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