Limited Time to View Fascia Documentary
The German-French TV channel ARTE produced a 53-minute long TV documentary on fascia research. It features live-presentations with the following fascia experts as they demonstrate their latest research work: Carla Stecco, Helene Langevin, Jean-Claude Guimberteau, Thomas Myers, Antonio Stecco, Siegfried Mense, Robert Schleip, Jan Wilke, Werner Klingler, Jonas Tesarz, and Gregor Antoniadis. It includes some historical scenes of Carla Stecco in the world's oldest permanent anatomical theatre, at Padua University as well as several other highlights from the world of current fascia science. 
This TV documentary will be shown repeatedly on major TV channels in Germany and France at different times during the next few months. It may also be sold to other international TV programs in the future. 
Free online access to this excellent documentary is currently available to people from computers in Europe at:
Please note that this  online access is only available now until February 26, 2018. 
The program cannot be accessed at these links from computers outside of Europe. In case you are affected by this "geo-blocking," we recommend you ask in person for a free copy/access for non-commercial usage at If doing so, please use "ARTE TV" in the subject line. In the text please specify which of the above 5 language versions you are interested in, and also include a brief (1 sentence) description of your intended personal/private usage of this video.