Jeffrey Wm Hunt 
6 x 9 Hardcover 
38 maps * 40 images 
480 pages


Holding the Line on the River of Death

Eric J. Wittenberg
6 x 9 Hardcover
20 maps * 64 images
288 pages


David A. Powell 
6 x 9 Paperback 
8 maps * 120 images 
192 pages
William Lee White
6 x 9 Paperback
12 maps * 198 images 
192 pages
The Real Horse Soldiers

Timothy B. Smith
6 x 9 Hardcover
12 maps * 36 photos
336 pages

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"An excellent book for readers wanting to learn about or deepen their knowledge of the Tennessee Campaign and its importance in the Civil War." - Top Amazon Reviewer

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Libri Novi - March 2019
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In This Issue

Hello SB Readers, 
SAD NEWS ABOUNDS. This column will be short because I am still mourning the loss of my friend.

Many of you know me and my canine companions in the Savas household by name (especially since three of them take turns "writing" a column in this Savas Beatie e-letter!)

Unfortunately, we lost my friend Riley on Saturday, Feb. 16. The sweet yellow lab lived a long life (almost 15 years) without any pain worth noting, and was not on any medicine. Ms. Zoe had let her out to go to the bathroom and she had a seizure of some kind and collapsed outside on the steps in the rain and would not get up. We carried her inside and she did not eat, drink, or move for 24 hours. Her t ail, though, worked right to the end. It was time to call the vet.  
Riley welcomed me when I was a little puppy, and put up with me. She taught me a lot, and even shared her food dish with me when I got too big for my britches.

In case you are interested, my pop put together a montage (with sound) of our life with Riley--and her life with her four-legged friends, which you can see here (shortened with a tiny url):

Riley lived most of her life alone, and then ended up in a Brady Bunch arrangement--and the activity kept her going. 

And now, feel free to peruse this wonderful E-letter while I go grab more Kleenex and binge on Milkbones.

Sad woofs,

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March Contest!

It's giveaway time!! Have you downloaded any of our audio books? Well, now is your chance--for free.

Email us with your favorite history topic that has appeared on the big screen to be entered. That's it! (Mentioning a certain John Wayne movie loosely based on a certain book topic we published doesn't lead to bonus points.)

We will select TWO winners who will receive an audio code to download The Real Horse Soldiers. Contest ends March 20.

 NEW Releases!
We are pleased to announce two new releases from award-winning authors:

Meade and Lee at Bristoe Station is a fast-paced, dynamic account of how the Army of Northern Virginia carried the war above the Rappahannock once more in an effort to retrieve the laurels lost in Pennsylvania.

A sequel to Battle Above the Clouds - details the dramatic final actions of the battles for Chattanooga: Missionary Ridge and the final Confederate rearguard action at Ringgold, where Patrick Cleburne held Grant's Federals at bay and saved the Army of Tennessee from further disaster.

5 Things
How much do you think you know about David Powell? Well, we asked him to give us some insight about his work studying Chickamauga. Most recently, he has contributed to the ECW series: Battle Above the Clouds and his latest release (last week!), All Hell Can't Stop Them. Be sure to look for his Union Command Failure in the Shenandoah: Major General Franz Sigel and the War in the Valley of Virginia, May 1864 releasing later this month as well.

Enjoy these Chickamauga tidbits courtesy of Dave:

1. I got the idea for a Chickamauga study when I worked on a board game and realized very little had been written on this--the second largest battle of the war. Most people don't know that I designed or co-designed 14 historical board games, most relating to the Civil War.
2. It took me nine years to complete the first published work on this project, The Maps of Chickamauga, which came out in 2009. By the time my third and final volume in The Chickamauga Campaign was complete, it had taken more than 16 years to research, write, and publish.
3. I had the most fun walking the battlefield, accounts in hand, trying to figure out how to relate what I read to what I saw.
4. During the first several years on these projects, every time I visited the battlefield it rained torrentially, even though everyone at the park insisted that North Georgia was in the middle of a multi-year drought.
5. I have tried to visit every one of the nearly 1,400 monuments, markers, and tablets on the combined Chickamauga-Chattanooga battlefields, but I suspect I am still a few short of complete.

 Fall 2019 - Round One
Fall 2019 Title Announcement

It's that time of year again. As we did for our Spring releases, we will feature a handful of our Fall 2019 titles in each newsletter. Get those pocketbooks and bookshelves ready for our amazing titles.

The Confederacy's Most Modern General: James Longstreet and the American Civil War  By: Harold M. Knudsen LTC(Ret.)
- This books draws heavily on 20th Century Army doctrine, field training, staff planning, command, and combat experience, and is the first serious treatment of Longstreet's generalship vis a vis modern warfare.

The Guns of September: A Novel of McClellan's Army in Maryland, 1862
By: Alexander Rossino
- A sweeping account, superbly written with a "you-are-there" sense that will linger with you long after you finish the book. Rossino displays a keen understanding of daily travails undergone by the common foot soldier, including experienced veterans from Ohio and greenhorns from central Pennsylvania. It is a masterful conclusion to his earlier volume Six Days in September: A Novel of Lee's Army in Maryland, 1862, which is written from the Confederate perspective.

Johnsonville: Union Supply Operations on the Tennessee River and the Battle of Johnsonville, November 4-5, 1864  By: Jerry T. Wooten
- Johnsonville unearths a wealth of new material that sheds light on the creation and strategic role of the Union supply depot, the use of railroads and logistics, and its defense by U.S. Colored Troops.

The Civil War Memoirs of Captain William J. Seymour: Reminiscences of a Louisiana Tiger  By: Terry L. Jones
- Like many other soldiers who fought in the Civil War, New Orleans newspaper editor William J. Seymour left behind an account of his wartime experiences. It is the only memoir by any field or staff officer of the famous 1st Louisiana Brigade (Hays' Brigade) in the Army of Northern Virginia. Long out of print, it is available once more in this updated and completely revised edition by award-winning author Terry L. Jones whose spare and judicious editing enhances Seymour's memoirs to create an indispensable resource for Civil War historians and enthusiasts.


eReads of March Civil War Battles

The Battle of Monroe's Crossroads
By Eric J. Wittenberg

"To Prepare for Sherman's Coming"
By Wade Sokolosky and Mark A. Smith
New in Audio

Confessions of a Military Wife
By Mollie Gross
Narrated by Kitty Benson

National Guard 101
By Mary Corbett
Narrated by Michele Brown Miller
CWRT Spotlight - San Joaquin Valley CWRT
Sometimes we find out the most interesting tidbits in the strangest of ways. In response to one of our famous contests, Mike Green, past president of the San Joaquin Civil War Round Table(CA), shared this gem about his group's dedication to The Friends of Raymond(MS).

Here is what Mike had to say:

I had worked with General Parker Hills through the Blue and Gray Educational Society. He is a tour leader for the organization. I found that he is the wind in the sails of the Friends of Raymond. Having had the pleasure of going over the Raymond battlefield with Parker, I started to understand his vision. I have made contributions to the Trust for over 20 years but I was impressed by the fact that the Friends of Raymond is a totally volunteer organization with none of its members working totally for free. I looked at that and decided that for our Round Table to get the biggest "bang for our bucks"  Raymond fit the bill.

The SJCWRT has worked very hard on putting on the many West Coast Conferences and have on each occasion contributed all of the profits from the conferences to battlefield restoration or interpretation.
Over 10 years ago, the group made a conscience decision to adopt the Raymond Battlefield as its battlefield of choice. It did so because 100% of the contributions went to purchasing land on the field or in the interpretation of the battle. During that time the Round Table has contributed well over $20,000 to the FOR. Not bad for a Round Table with less than 30 members!
The only way we could have pulled all of this off is by having people who are ready willing and able to make it work.

The Round Table is a "general" of the Friends of Raymond and has contributed money to the purchase of land. It has sponsored two of the cannon tubes in the Union Cannon line and funded the reproduction of the fence line where the Union forces held off the attack of the Texas forces. It recently donated money for the complete replacement of informational signs that are located throughout the battlefield which were deteriorated because of the sun and rain. This project is in the works and will not be completed until 2020-2021.
Out and About

Enjoy these recent event photos. 
Last month, Jan Croon presented to the Civil War Interpretive Center at Historic Blenheim(VA). If you haven't picked up your copy of her book, The War Outside My Window, click here. Don't be left out!
Phill Greenwalt presented and signed copies of his book Calamity in Carolina to the Miami CWRT. Here he is on the left with David Marshall who also reviews many Savas Beatie titles. Great photo, gentlemen!
Now this is COOL! Ron Kirkwood, author of the upcoming "Too Much for Human Endurance": The George Spangler Farm Hospitals and the Battle of Gettysburg Skyped with 5th graders who were learning about Civil War hospitals. According to Ron, the students were very knowledgeable and asked great questions.
  SPECIAL OFFER : Order the book by the author mentioned above today using coupon code FREEMEDIA and we'll cover the ship charge. Order here now.
Author Events
There are many events on our calendar for this month (and beyond!). Be sure to click here to see our full author event calendar.

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