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This Week 05-02-18 at Sea Hag Marina
Monty Wood of Keaton Beach, FL, hooked this gorgeous redfish in still waters.

Gary Moseley from Covington, GA, wrestled this huge trout into the boat.

Randy Price from Covington, GA, hit the jack pot with this redfish. 

Lisa Chapman from Valdosta, GA, landed a gator trout while fishing with her family.

 Mitch from Indiana came down and enjoyed some great fishing with friends.


Bryar Roe of McDonough, GA, reeled in a trout.

Ferrell Wood with a golden redfish he hooked.

Heather Roe from McDonough, GA, caught and released this baby trout.

James Dechow was out scouting for the up coming tournaments and found a few good reds.

Kaylee Driggers of Live Oak, FL, landed a few trout, which she weighed-in at the Shand's Tournament.

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Roxanne Roe from McDonough, GA, hooked and released this trout.

Dylan Snyder from Indiana came ashore with a huge redfish and trout.

Ashley Chapman from Valdosta, GA, says, "Get the net!" bringing in this nice trout.

Toby and Kristen Griffis from Gainesville, FL, took home the win for the 3rd week in a row!

Mason Johnson from Cross City, FL, finished in 2nd Place in the trout bag limit.

Tyler Rayborn from Steinhatchee, FL, won 2nd Place weighing-in 11.5lbs of trout. 

Arden Hansen from Lake City, FL,  landed in 3rd Place with his trout at 2.6lbs.

Leah Lindsey won 1st Place Trout weighing-in at 2.9lbs.

Chase-N-Fish with another healthy redfish.


Troy Bennett from Jacksonville, FL, wrangled in this gator trout near the shoreline. 

Randal Meadows, Randy Price, Bob Wheeler, Greg Moseley, Bill Edge, and Larry Sullivan of Covington, GA, loaded the board with Capt. Peters and Capt. Molzen. 

Spencer Barrett from Jacksonville, FL, landed a monster redfish.

Honu Hotties had their 9th Annual fishing tournament! 

Jerry Hilderbrand from Dallas, GA, was all smiles with this trout.

Gary Moseley from Covington, GA, and his crew hauled in a mess of fish.

Jacob Kitchens from McDonough, GA, caught and released this pretty redfish.

The Vann, Gooch, Prater, Reese, Mitchell and Chupp families of Roman, GA, enjoyed a great day on the water.

Shelby and Kyle Worley from High Springs, FL, brought in a few nice trout.


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Jake Hilderbrand from Dallas, GA, landed one the biggest trout on his boat.

Nita Chester from Gainesville, FL, won the Honu Hotties tournament bringing in 7 different types of fish.

Greg Moseley, Bill Edge, Larry Sullivan with Scott Peters loaded the cooler full with fish. 

Stephanie Scarbrough and Angela Alviolette from Ocala, FL, came to Sea Hag for another successful fishing trip.

Jay Hoyt, Shawn Holbrook and Bill Carlson from Gainesville, GA, complied a nice board of trout.

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Courtesy of  Florida Adventure Quest
Beth Wise, Sandra Hall, Mary Burns, Donna Connell and  Sandy Glickman had the pleasure of visiting Sea Hag Marina to do a little fishing with Capt. Dechow.
Jake, Jerry, Scott and Joshua Hilderbrand from Dallas, GA, raked in a load of trout and seabass.
Tommy Roe from McDonough, GA, hooked a baby trout that he released.
John Fuller spend his birthday out fishing with Capt. Graham.
Sea Hag's Chaeli Norwood guest starred on the "Reel Time Florida Sportsman" TV show with DJ Staub, president of the Salty Gator Fishing Club at University of Florida.
Austin Hunt from Cross City, FL, displays a healthy gator trout.
Randal Meadows, Randy Price, Bob Wheeler and Brett Molzen reeled a good variety of fish.

Ron landed this monster redfish with the help of Steve Rassel. 

Stephanie Mobley from Alachua, FL, put two redfish in the boat while fishing with her husband, Adam.

Pat McMillen, Jim Forester and Mickey Haddock from Ringgold, GA, and Billy Bice from Saint Simons, GA, hauled in a mess of fish with Steve Rassel.

Dylan Snyder, Brad Snyder, Derek Snyder, Brittany Snyder and Mitch from Indiana hit the jack pot of reds.

Here's a pic of Sea Hag Marina before the sun came up.

The Shands Tournament gives away rod & reel combos to the kids participating in the event.
Photo of the Week
May 02 , 2018 
Sage Pridemore was accompanied by his mom and dad, Bryan and Candi, at the Shands Fishin' for Kids Fishing Tournament. Sage had enjoyed fishing off Sea Hag's docks during the tournament this year catching a few gar, but next we will get him out on the water fishing!  
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