Issue: 104
November 2018
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In this issue:

Holiday Entertaining with Limoneira Citrus

The arrival of November means the holidays are nearly here, and that means family, friends - and food. This month, Limoneira spokesperson Megan Roosevelt is taking the pressure off holiday entertaining with easy and tasty recipes, DIY projects and other great tips all month long on the Limoneira YouTube channel. To kick things off, see below for a deliciously simple recipe for Pumpkin Orange Cranberry Muffins.
For a helpful demonstration, you can watch Megan create the muffins below here on the Limoneira YouTube channel. Don't forget to subscribe - videos with more wonderful recipes, tips, and tricks not detailed in this release will be added to the channel each Friday throughout the month. 
Limoneira has also partnered with additional global chefs and mixologists, nutritionists, and beauty lifestyle and green cleaning experts to share their knowledge with the customers of our grocery and food service partners 
around the world. Their biographies can be found on Limoneira's website.
Pumpkin Orange Cranberry Muffins - This versatile pastry might be the perfect breakfast, but they can also double as a yummy afternoon snack or even a dessert.
Dry Ingredients:
* 1.5 cups gluten-free 1-to-1 baking flour
* ½ cup golden coconut sugar
* 2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
* 1 tsp baking soda
* 1 pinch sea salt
Wet Ingredients:
*¾ cup Limoneira navel orange juice
*2 tbsp Limoneira lemon juice
*½ cup pumpkin puree
*2 eggs (or vegan egg substitute)
*¾ cup dried cranberries
Directions: Add dry ingredients to a medium bowl and whisk together. Add wet ingredients to separate large bowl and whisk together. Add dry ingredients to the large bowl containing the wet ingredients and stir until well combined. Pour into a nonstick muffin baking pan and bake at 350
F for 20-25 minutes

MeyerMeyer Magic-Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

This holiday season Limoneira is executing an exciting promotion for our Grocery Partners that requires no effort operationally to execute and is designed to increase their citrus category sales. This promotion includes:
  • Limoneira Meyer Lemons- With their sweeter flesh and absence of the acidic bite of regular lemons, they have a thin, edible skin, and are sought after by chefs to include in their kitchens.
  • Colorful Retail Secondary Display Units with Famous 1927 colorful citrus Santa label designed by well-known Schmidt lithographers of Los Angeles. Flexible/Adaptable within store produce footprints.
  • Advertising, in-store merchandising, contests and public relations.

makeMake Your Holiday Season Merry with Limoneira Meyer Lemons
We have some wonderful Meyer Recipes for you for this holiday season. We've selected a few of them for you to try:
Roasted Garlic & Meyer Lemon-Rubbed Turkey

Mellow white miso paste is the secret ingredient in this amazing roast turkey rubbed with Meyer lemon and roasted garlic. The miso gives the turkey a mildly salted taste without the hassle of bringing.


Meyer Lemon Cardamom Ice Cream

Rich, creamy, tart, tangy and sweet all at the same time with that hint of cardamom under all of that delicious lemon flavor. 

Meyer Lemon Mini Muffins

Sweet and floral Meyer lemons are the star of the show in these Meyer Lemon Mini Muffins. Greek yogurt keeps them so light and moist.

Tangy and Refreshing Meyer Lemon Dressing

This delicious tart and tangy dressing can be used to dress any combination of mixed greens and provides the perfect accompaniment to the Thanksgiving table. 

Recipe and Prep can be found here.

Crispy Lemon Oven-Roasted Potatoes

These Lemon Oven-Roasted Potatoes are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and have the bright flavor of fresh lemons. Who could have imagined that oven-roasted potatoes could be so delicious?

Award-winning Newspaper Columnist, Chef and Food Stylist, Laura Kurella will feature Limoneira Citrus on a special large, live "Happy Holidays" show in Michigan on November 4th during which she will be demonstrating how to use fresh citrus in holiday foods and beverages.
Laura's recipes, food styling, photography and weekly newspaper column appear in many news outlets, including The Food Channel, which is a part of the USA TODAY Network. She's also a College Instructor which enables her to provide special lectures/hands-on workshops to students in a more one-on-one approach.



 gabriellaSeasons Catering with Chef Gabrielle Mose's Citrus Vinaigrette Featured on LA ABC7

As part of a special In the Neighborhood series from LA ABC7 with Miriam Hernandez, the talented news reporter was back in the hood to discuss the city where she grew up and the one we all love.

The setting of October 24th segment was the Agriculture Museum (part of Ventura County Museum). On hand for the 4 am live episode was the Fillmore and Western Train, the Santa Paula High School Band and a number of local celebrities. Jimmy Stewart in "A Wonderful Life" couldn't have done better.

An important part of the show included a delicious seasonal salad with Citrus Vinaigrette dressing prepared by the Owner/ Chef Gabrielle Mose from Seasons Catering.  Classically trained at the prestigious California Culinary Academy, Gabrielle continued her love for food by creating the vision behind  Seasons Catering with a commitment for excellence and quality in every bite.

Seasons Catering maintain the highest standards in both food and service. They love food and this is reflected in their approach towards the p reparation and presentation of their menus. Their style of cooking uses classic techniques with an updated approach. Because of the wealth and variety of foods in Southern California, they focus on seasonality of produce and prefer to use local and organic products whenever feasible.


haroldLimoneira CEO Harold Edwards Featured in Produce Retailer

Harold Edwards, Limoneira's CEO caught up with Produce Retailer's Susan Sites to provide an update for the Publication's special November December Citrus Marketing Issue. We've provided an early peek for you here.
Coming off the heels of its 125th year anniversary, Limoneira is busy implementing its One World of Citrus model for long-term growth. By creating multiple sourcing points around the world, the company can virtually eliminate seasonality and become a 365-day/year supply chain to the markets it serves around the world. CEO Harold Edwards explains, "Along with our own lemon production in California and Arizona, we source product out of Mexico, we grow, pack and ship in Chile, and we have co-packing relationships in Argentina and South Africa. Putting all those pieces together, we are able to deliver consistently high-quality lemons every day of the year, garnering greater customer loyalty and capturing premium pricing."

Edwards anticipates growing about 50% of their lemons themselves and partnering with like-minded, high-quality growers to produce the remaining 50%. Their global growth strategy target is 15 million cartons per year. "We think we can accomplish our goal within the next 5 to 7 years," says Edwards. Moving towards that goal, Limoneira has recently acquired two new packinghouses in California and is actively working to recruit outside growers.
Since Limoneira was formed, ownership has always had a strong commitment to sustainable business practices. To minimize pesticide use, the company pioneered IPM (integrated pest management), which uses beneficial insects to fight bad bugs and results in a healthier product.

While some companies view its workforce as the first area to cut costs, Limoneira has always viewed employees as its greatest asset. The company invests in them by helping provide housing, education, and healthcare. As a result, Limoneira enjoys very low attrition. "We have generations of families who have worked for us," says Edwards. "Our employees are very loyal, and that creates a very stable work environment." Limoneira's philanthropy also reaches beyond the workforce into the community. Through its donations to local hospitals, schools, and libraries, Limoneira benefits from the support of the community.

Continuing its commitment to clean energy, Limoneira has a goal of generating more kilowatts than it uses daily. Currently, solar power accounts for one-third of the company's electric usage. A new partnership with Tesla batteries will help store the energy captured by the sun. Edwards says, "We want to get off the grid and be more self-sufficient." Water consumption is another area of serious conservation, as the company works to become more efficient in its water usage.

Along with the pride of knowing you are doing the right thing, Edwards appreciates that sustainability has become important for many retail and foodservice customers. "It's become its own market segment," says Edwards. "Many big customers rank their suppliers with a sustainability index. We rank highly, so we get greater patronage because of our initiatives. It's been a key component to our marketing strategy."
Being a publicly traded company makes Limoneira unique in the industry. Historically, the company has focused heavily on production and farming. In the last decade, it has turned the corner to becoming a food business/supplier.

"With the evolution of middle classes all over the world, we feel it's an exciting time to be in this space," says Edwards. "As disposable income increases in other countries, you see more migration towards Western eating so more people are shopping in supermarkets."

While the Limoneira brand is relatively unknown as the consumer level, it is well known to foodservice buyers. 

"Delivering unique promotional programs for our customers remains an important part of our value-added proposition," says Edwards. "Creative displays, merchandising and collaboration with opinion leaders in key markets, enables us to pursue unconventional ways to use and promote lemons. How can lemons be used as a beauty product? What are some health and wellness tips for incorporating lemons into your diet? How are lemons used as a natural cleaning agent?

 "Through the help of social media and bloggers, we are using new ways to promote our lemons," says Edwards. "The impact has been phenomenal, creating new demand for our product.

Limoneira Fresh Focus Lemon Water Featured in New ESPN Commercial

The Oracle Intercollegiate Tennis Association Fall Championships will take place in Phoenix Arizona between November 7-11th at the Surprise Tennis Center. Limoneira's Lemon Water and Lemonade will be on hand for thirsty players and attendees. New 15' and 30' second commercials highlighted the benefits of exercise and refreshing Limoneira Fresh Focus™ will be aired on ESPN during the tournament. You can view them here.
There are many benefits to refreshing Fresh Focus™ Lemon Water including:

  • Balances Ph Levels
  • Adds fresh flavor to water
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Freshens breath
  • Strengthen's Immune System
  • Removes Toxins from the body
  • Rejuvenates Skin
  • Reduces bloating

sebastianSebastian Sundqvist-Stockholm Sweden

Sebastian Sundqvist is mixologist extraordinaire at a number of Stockholm's finer establishments.

His manner is casual and professional as he mixes a steady stream of impressive cocktails for thirsty diners. He's been a featured bartender at Grodan (The Frog), the sophisticated French Brasserie He mixes it up in life too with pursuits in fitness, Thai boxing, golf and travel and has worked for Aquavit, Brasserie Godot in Stockholm, Hugo's Lounge and The Goldfish in Sydney, Australia. "I love fresh lemons and Limoneira, they have a long history", says Sundqvist.

winnerscircleLimoneira's Winner Block

This month our lucky winner is Scott Iberson , from Madison Wisconson.  As our monthly winner, Scott has won a Limoneira Orchard Fresh or Lifestyles Gift.  Congratulations Scott !

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