Issue: 110
May 2019
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In this issue:

Limoneira Receives Sustainability Award from Ventura Board of Supervisors Merion Upper Middle School in Marion Pennsylvania Win Prize with Limoneira Lemons

It's May and spring is definitely in the air. This month we celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Mother's Day-two important events that bring friends and family together to enjoy life. May is also Mediterranean Diet Month when we shine an extra spotlight on the fabulous flavors and accessible and affordable foods of the Mediterranean Diet. The Mediterranean Diet is a lifestyle approach to easy, healthy eating.

It reflects a way of eating that is traditional in the countries that surround the Mediterranean, but we don't need to travel any farther than our local supermarkets to discover its delicious flavors and fresh foods.

Scientific evidence shows that it can help with weight loss, reduce risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, fight certain cancers, and more. Embracing the Med Diet is all about making some simple but profound changes in the way you eat today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life. Limoneira citrus and avocados are a staple of the Mediterranean diet and we have a number of delicious recipes at Limoneira that can incorporate health and great taste into your lives. 

Source: Oldways Mediterranean Foods Alliance


celebrateCelebrate Moms with Limoneira Citrus

The arrival of May means spring has really and truly sprung, and for Limoneira that means it's time to celebrate all the great moms in the world. As an endlessly versatile fruit, lemons a key part of any great breakfast. This month, Limoneira Spokesperson Megan Roosevelt is here to show how to celebrate Mom in a simple, yummy way - with breakfast in bed. 
Don't forget to subscribe - videos with more wonderful recipes, tips, and tricks not detailed in this release will be added to the channel weekly. For more details on the tips below, watch this video on the Limoneira channel here.

Lemon Mango Chia Pudding
A simple, nourishing, and tasty start to any mom's day!

*1  Limoneira classic
*1 mango
*1.5 cups non-dairy milk
*1 frozen banana
*¼ cup chia seeds
Directions: Add chia seeds to non-dairy milk and whisk together. Let sit for at least four hours in the refrigerator. Then, slice and peel a mango. Add mango slices, frozen banana and juice from the lemon to a small blender or food processor and blend until smooth. Add chia pudding to a small glass, and top with mango-lemon puree.
Want to step up the mom-appreciation game? Pair the freshly homemade pudding with a beautiful spread of her favorite treats - coffee, lemon water, croissants! Every mom is different.
Limoneira has also partnered with additional global chefs and mixologists, nutritionists, and beauty lifestyle and green cleaning experts to share their knowledge with the customers of our grocery and food service partners around the world. Their biographies can be found on Limoneira's website.
Each month, Megan will be featuring another wonderful facet of citrus living, with weekly videos full of recipes, DIY tips and other ways to use Limoneira citrus. Subscribe to Limoneira's Youtube channel for more information on the many ways this endlessly versatile fruit can improve life inside the home and beyond.



Cinco De Mayo-Limoneira Lemons Promoted in Produce Business 

(Produce Retailer)
Has or how has Cinco de Mayo evolved as a potential produce-selling holiday at retailers nationwide? How have you seen demand for your produce change in the run-up to and for this holiday?

Limoneira has an editorial calendar which features great citrus tips for our retail and food service partners for each month of the year. Cinco de Mayo is no exception and we've seen demand for our citrus around this great holiday increase yearly.
(Produce Retailer)
Is this holiday primarily targeted to Hispanic customers and their food tastes? Has this holiday become 'Americanized' and how has this impacted what produce items are most popular?
Everyone enjoys this holiday. We're seeing the cross-pollination of cultural trends from all around the world as chefs bring great new ingredients into the mainstream. This is also true for Cinco de Mayo. Chefs and mixologists are also using their creativity to add a twist to traditional enchilada, margarita and flan recipes. The Hispanic demographic continues to grow in the US and avocado per capita consumption has been steadily increasing. Limoneira grows a lot of avocados and Limoneira lemons and limes add great zip to guacamole recipes.
(Produce Retailer)
Which of your produce items are most popular to promote for Cinco de Mayo - and why?
Limoneria lemons and limes are the obvious choices, but we also feature Limoneira grapefruit and oranges for this important holiday.
(Produce Retailer)
What is the best timing to maximize produce sales for Cinco de Mayo? How many weeks ahead of May 5 should displays and promotions start? May 5 is a Sunday this year; how does this impact timing and promotional strategy?
We find that many of our retailers start advertising and promotions at the beginning of April and can continue through the middle of May. Signage/displays should be set at the front of the store and in the produce department.
(Produce Retailer)
Could you suggest a couple of tried-and-true and out-of-the-box strategies retailers can use to sell more of your citrus items for this holiday? For example, display, cross-merchandising/recipe ideas, etc.?

We like to do cross-promotional in-store sampling and we use peel-off recipe cards so that shoppers can easily locate recipe items that may be in different areas of the store (produce/bakery/spices/confection for example). Colorful Cinco de Mayo shelf talkers are also important to catch shopper attention and to educate.

We have some mouth-watering recipes for the holiday:
*    Coconut Lime Black Beans
*    Pink Lemon gelatin shots 
*    Spanish horchata with cinnamon and lemon
*    Pulled Pork Tacos with Citrus Salsa
*    Fresh citrus Flan
Pink Lemon Avocado Salsa
2 Limoneira pink lemons
1 avocado
1/2 cucumber
1 serrano pepper
1/4 cup cilantro
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1/4 teaspoon cumin
Remove peel and segment pink lemons into a medium bowl.
Cut serrano peppers into thin slices, cube cucumber, and chop cilantro. Add into bowl with lemon segments.
Cube avocado and add into bowl with seasonings.
Mix together and enjoy!
(Produce Retailer)
What is the best way to promote your citrus for Cinco de Mayo? Is it price? Other types of promotional efforts? What tools does your company have to help retailers be successful in selling more produce for Cinco de Mayo?

Megan Roosevelt aka The Healthy Grocery Girl and our Limoneira "One World Of Citrus™ spokesperson is a registered dietician and nutritionist has some wonderful tips and recipes for Cinco de Mayo and also does easy, short and to the point videos that shoppers can find on the Limoneira YouTube Channel, Instagram and, Facebook. We also share this information in a geo-targeted shopper footprint with our retail partners


harvestHarvest at Limoneira Grand Opening June 1st

Harvest at Limoneira was the featured Cover of the April/May 2019 issue of New Homes Magazine. This new sustainable community has been thoughtfully planned and new homes by Lenar and KB Homes are underway.

We invite you to the Grand Opening on June 1st   At Harvest at Limoneira, amenities, and activities enrich daily life by bringing kindred spirits together over nutrition, fitness, and relaxation. Here, shared experiences and mindful dining are natural parts of the everyday experience.

Since the beginning, historic Santa Paula has been known for its natural beauty and ideal climate. Today, it's just minutes from fantastic shopping, dining, and entertainment destinations. And, for those looking to explore, it's only a short drive to iconic nearby beaches and the Los Padres National Forest.

Residents here will enjoy over 225 acres of open space, parks, bike paths, and hiking trails, while a trip downtown offers cultural attractions, museums, and schools.
  • Clubhouse Fitness Center Pool & Spa Yoga Studio
  • 2 Acre Neighborhood Park
  • 5.5 Acre Soccer Park
  • 225 Acres of Open Space


deloiteeDeloitte Lemon Ad

Like us, our friends at Deloitte have tasted the lemonade! Take a look at this clever commercial that this historic (150 years young) financial and accounting firm has created.

Look again: Lemons
Look again: Lemons

About Deloitte
With more than 150 years of hard work and commitment to making a real difference, Deloitte has grown in scale and diversity-approximately 245,000 people in 150 countries and territories, providing audit & assurance, tax, legal, risk, and financial advisory and consulting services-yet their shared culture remains the same.
The firm aims to be the best at all that they do-to help clients realize their ambitions, to make a positive difference in society, and to maximize the success of their people. This drive fuels the commitment and humanity that run deep through their every action.

awardLimoneira Receives Sustainability Award From Ventura Board of Supervisors
The Ventura County Board of Supervisors presented Harold Edwards, Limoneira CEO with an award for the work the Company does to integrate sustainability into operations.  A press release sent on April 23rd stated Limoneira's  "Sustainability Stories" series promotes solar energy use, water efficiency, organic recycling, and integrated pest management.

Limoneira has seven solar installations across its portfolio, including one in Santa Paula. These installations produce a total of 7M KW annually and will reduce 86,150 tons of CO2 over a 25-year period and allow the company to be 50 percent off the grid.

For Limoneira, efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to water management. They're able to maintain this efficiency by leveraging technology to measure volumetric water content using soil moisture probes. The data obtained is shared with a main controller and managed expertly by Limoneira.

In 2004, Limoneira partnered with Agromin to develop a 10-acre facility on Limoneira land to receive green materials from throughout Ventura County. The material is converted into mulch that is then spread in Limoneira orchards to reduce curb erosion, improve water efficiency and moderate soil temperatures. They are a founding member of the Integrated Pest Management program in Ventura County that sought to minimize the use of pesticides by releasing beneficial insects into the orchards. Limoneira maintains a complete Integrated Pest Management system to bring sustainably-grown products to market.
dieticianRetail Dieticians Help Us Lead Healthier Lives
The inroads that supermarket dietitians are making in community nutrition today-from starting community-supported agriculture (CSA) to hosting cooking demonstrations on local news stations is significant. 

They all clearly share the common goal to help Americans make better food choices every day.

These creative, energetic dietitians, located in the very place where people make decisions about what they feed their families day in and day out, is perfectly situated to help the public in ways that other dietitians may not. 

What people hear at the doctor's office and do in real life is a big disconnect say a number of the dieticians. There are lots of misunderstandings and patients leave and actually don't know how to get started. Here are just a few of the ways that these talented individuals help families make smart and healthy choices.

Grocery Retail Dieticians

Teach people how to cook. Nobody knows better how important it is to get people cooking than supermarket dietitians.

Supermarket dietitians are involved with cooking demonstrations, cooking classes, developing recipes, and providing website resources. The level of sophistication might surprise you; at PCC Natural Markets in Washington state, the cooking class brochure reads like something you'd find at the Culinary Institute of America.
Educate about reading labels. Supermarket dietitians help people understand nutrition labels through in-store education, brochures, articles, website resources, and shelf labeling systems. And many have pushed their stores to adopt nutrition scoring systems.
Increase fruit and vegetable consumption. The produce section is probably most supermarket dietitians' favorite part of the grocery store, and they'll do anything to get their customers to try more fruits and vegetables. These efforts include special educational or promotional campaigns, visual store displays, and cooking programs that push produce.
Manage food allergies. With the rise in celiac disease and food allergies, one of the most crucial services supermarket dietitians provide is guidance on food sensitivities. They are involved with educating supermarket staff about food allergies, creating clearly labeled sections of supermarkets with gluten-free foods, and publishing allergen product lists for their customers.
Media wellness coverage. Many supermarket dietitians are media savvy; they are well trained for appearances on radio and television spots as well as prolific authors on the social media front, engaging people through blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Teach kids about nutrition. There's an emphasis on child nutrition among supermarket dietitians.   Many dietitians host supermarket tours, especially for kids. 

Promote wellness programs. Many supermarket dietitians have created wellness programs-fully packaged and ready to go, often in use by the employees of the supermarket as well as other local corporations. 

May Spotlight on 
Meijer Nutritionists

Limoneira customer Meijer Inc. is an American supercenter chain throughout the Midwest, with its corporate headquarters in Walker, Michigan. Founded in 1934 as a supermarket chain, Meijer is credited with pioneering the modern supercenter concept in 1962. About half of the company's 242 stores are located in Michigan, with the other half in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

The chain is consistently in the top ranks of America's largest private companies. Meijer has a number of innovative programs and teaching their shoppers about wellness and nutrition is the responsibility of Beth Eggleston and Emily Joseph, Meijer's talented nutritionists.
Beth Eggleston, MS, RDN

Nutrition Education Specialist
Beth's experience as a registered dietitian spans across a variety of job sectors. She began her career working in public health as a WIC dietitian on the south side of Chicago. From there she moved to state government as the Nutrition and Breastfeeding Coordinator for the Michigan Department of Community Health's Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity (NPAO) Program. Beth also served as a Health Promotion Educator at Holland Hospital's Center for Good Health in Michigan. Beth received her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Michigan State University, and earned her Master's degree in Public Health Nutrition from Case Western Reserve University.
Emily Joseph, RDN

Emily is a Nutrition Education Specialist, and registered dietitian, at Meijer Specialty Pharmacy. She creates nutrition education materials to help make managing chronic illnesses straightforward and easy to integrate into everyday living. Emily's experience includes program management for nutrition and wellness sectors, nutrition counseling on various topics including weight management, heart disease, diabetes, and sports performance. Emily's prior experience includes writing, public speaking, and leading the development of a healthy living website.
She earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Dietetics from Central Michigan University, and completed her Dietetic Internship with Western Michigan University. Currently, she's pursuing her Master's Degree of Nutrition and Dietetics from Central Michigan University.

strideLimoneira Supports California Citrus Mutual Citrus Stride May 15th

Each year, California Citrus Mutual invites legislators and policymakers to participate in the "Citrus Stride", a one-mile walk around the California State Capital benefitting community food banks throughout the state. For every registered participant, CCM pledges to donate 1,000 pounds of citrus to the food banks during the following season.

Citrus Stride was initiated as a way to connect with legislators and policymakers in Sacramento around a shared interest-ensuring people in our communities have access to fresh, nutritious food. Limoneira is helping with this important goal by supplying citrus and cartons for the Citrus Stride Carton Wall.

arianaWe Love Ariana Grande

We were very upset to see that someone had thrown a lemon at Ariana during her headlining Coachella performance on Sunday, April 21st during her "Right There"/"Break Your Heart Right Back" segment of her set.  She wasn't hurt and just shrugged off the incident.

We love her and thought that she handled the incident with class. We wanted her to know that we haven't heard of lemons being used like this before and hope that people that attend her concerts won't do this again.

If Ariana wants to make lemonade out of this thoughtless situation, we sent some of our yellow gems to her. 

About Coachella

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (commonly called Coachella or the Coachella Festival) is an annual music and arts festival held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, in the Inland Empire's Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert of California.

Coachella showcases popular and established musical artists as well as emerging artists and reunited groups. It is one of the largest, most famous, and most profitable music festivals in the United States and the world. Each Coachella staged from 2013 to 2018 set new records for festival attendance and gross revenues. 

Upper Merion Middle School in Marion Pennsylvania Win Prize With Limoneira Lemons

Jason Quenzer, the 8th-grade science teacher at Upper Merion Middle School in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania wanted to teach his class about entrepreneurship and sustainability. He asked his students to search the web and they found Limoneira. The kids wanted to build a business model to teach kids about starting a business and they brushed off and revamped the idea of a lemonade stand with sustainability as the focus.

They requested lemons from us which we were only too happy to deliver. It's not easy for most people, let alone 13-14 year old's to cold call businesses around the country, but Mr. Quenzer felt that this was an important part of the lesson plan. The kids won the award for the best business plan in the first round. Additional Limoneira lemons are making their way to the finals.

Great job kids, you and Mr. Quenzer are superstars!

Jason Quenzer graduated with a B.S. Degree in Secondary Education, with a focus in Earth and Space Sciences from Penn State University.  He also has a Masters Degree in 21st Century Teaching and Learning from Wilkes University. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, he's the Head Varsity Basketball Coach and the Viking Video Coordinator.

winnersLimoneira's Winner Block

This month our lucky winner is Eleana Gomez , from Houston, Texas.  As our monthly winner, Eleana has won a Limoneira Orchard Fresh or Lifestyles Gift.  Congratulations Eleana !

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