June 2012

Convenience and Health Important. Center For Disease Control's Weight Of The Nation Conference Predicts 42% Of The U.S. Population Will Be Obese By 2030

At the Weight of the Nation Conference held May 7-9 in Washington D.C., Duke University researchers predicted that 42% of the U.S. population will be obese by 2030, up from about 35% in 2010. This translates to 32 million more obese people on top of the current 78 million. (The CDC considers a person obese if their body mass index, which factors in height and weight, is 30 or higher.) The recent HBO mini-series "The Weight of the Nation," which aired on May 14th and 15th, discussed how we, as a nation, got to this point, macro trends which have contributed to the problem, and solutions to help get back on track.  


In Diane Boyd's May 21st Packer (a produce Industry publication) article, she referenced a recent RaboBank Food and Agribusiness Research and Advisory Group Report that sees both health and convenience as the two main drivers for the next five years of category growth in the vegetable and produce industry as consumers, already time-constrained, become increasingly aware of weight problems.  


This information isn't too surprising and comes at a time when more women than ever are working outside the home. Although many of these women say they want to make healthy meals for their families, they're pressed for time. Marrying convenience, new flavors, and healthy foods together will provide solutions for today's consumers. Limoneira remains committed to our history of providing healthy, fresh citrus. We continue to communicate that Limoneira lemons provide nutritious "zing" for simple, convenient recipes. The Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie and Lemon Chicken Scaloppine with Artichoke recipes in this newsletter provide two great examples.

Sustainable Agriculture Lifestyle - New Windfall Marketing Piece

A new marketing piece has been produced for Windfall Farms, Limoneira's spectacular 724-acre horse farm with one of the finest equestrian facilities in the western United States. Windfall Farms is located in Paso Robles, which is rapidly becoming one California's most attractive wine regions. Over the past 10 years, California retail wine value has increased 48%. While this has been occurring, changes have been taking place that impact agricultural land. Coastal California has significant restrictions on the development of agricultural land. Over the last 10 years water availability for agriculture has decreased significantly. All of these factors underscore the potential of Windfall Farms as an attractive investment opportunity.  


Underlying Windfall Farms is a subdivision consisting of 76 lots of approximately 10 acres each. This subdivision was recorded in 1921 with unconditional certificates of compliance in place. This offers a variety of development possibilities. Lots between 10 and 40 acres are currently available, and in January of 2013, improved lots with home sites, utilities, roads, and amenities will be allowed for sale. The breathtaking setting combined with the world class facilities have the potential to become an exclusive agricultural, or wine estate, community in the heart of the Central Coast wine country.  


Consumer trends towards agrarian lifestyles and improving market conditions are expected to make Windfall Farms one of the California Central Coast's premiere wineries or lifestyle developments. For more information please visit: www.windfallfarms.net  



The Growth Of Paso Robles Wine

Paso Robles has emerged as an important wine-growing region. Brands from this region resonate with consumers. There are now over 120 wineries in Paso Robles, and 26,000 vineyard acres. The Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance has established a $2.5 million national branding campaign to highlight the quality of wine from California's 3rd largest and fastest growing wine region. Most of the varieties are red, which thrive in warm summer temperatures. Much of the production relates to Cabernet and Merlot. AC Nielson supermarket data shows more consumers are drinking red wines than white or blush. Red wines now account for 43% of wines sold at retail, whites 42%, and blush 15%. Ten years ago, red wines accounted for only 25% of sales.

Limoneira Hot Air Ballooning
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Sustainable Agriculture Lifestyle - New Windfall Marketing Piece
The Growth Of Paso Robles Wine
New Lemon Shopper Web Pages Launch
Paso Glow: A Culinary Experience At Windfall Farms
200 Chefs Tour Limoneira Ranch
Ag Education At Limoneira
Encinomom.com- The California Lifestyle New Media Magazine Made With You In Mind
Magical Media Tour
Totally Local VC Dinner At Limoneira Hilltop Orchard Site
Save The Dates
Limoneira Winner's Block


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Pitching the Pith

Although it has a pungent taste, many cooks recommend using part, if not all, of the pith, the white substance between the skin and the inside of the fruit. The pith contains limonene, a powerful cancer-fighting nutrient. As a suggestion in your recipes using lemons, when starting out try some pith. Too bitter? Scale it back a little. If you decide that you don't like the pith, you are still receiving terrific health benefits by using the whole lemon instead of the just the juice.  





Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie



- 1 lemon, peeled and  


- 1 c. strawberries, frozen

- 1/2 banana, frozen

- 1 tsp. Stevia

- 3/4 cup water

- 3 ice cubes  



Blend the lemon with the water. Add the strawberries, banana, Stevia, and ice and blend until smooth.  


Serves 1


Source: Smoothie Handbook












New Lemon Shopper Web Pages Launch

You probably didn't realize the versatility of the lovely lemon. Naturally delicious lemon recipes, great health benefits, the ability to enhance natural beauty, a nifty natural way to clean around the home, and creative uses for lifestyle d�cor all come from the little yellow wonder. Yes, the beautiful lemon has amazing properties.  


Learn about these many creative uses by visiting our new shopping web page: www.limoneira.com/Agribusiness/Lemons/Customers/Shopper

Saturday, September 29, 2012: Paso Glow: A Culinary Experience At Windfall Farms - 6:00 P.M. To 10:00 P.M.

Nothing beats a warm fall evening in one of the Central Coast's acclaimed wine and food epicenters, Paso Robles Wine Country. Guests are invited to the alluring Windfall Farms, nestled among the rolling hills of Paso Robles, for an evening filled with ranch-inspired delicacies, wines, and radiance. Taste how barbecue comes to the forefront in a variety of styles featuring lamb, Harris Ranch Beef, and other creations. Sunset-developed recipes will be paired alongside Sunset-selected Paso Robles wines. Hot air balloons will illuminate the horse ranch. The evening brings together chefs, winemakers, and farmers who all call Paso Robles home at this special location. For more information please visit: http://www.sunset.com/marketplace/sunset-events-00400000036178/  

200 Chefs Tour Limoneira Ranch

On Tuesday, May 8th, Limoneira Ranch hosted 200 chefs as part of an LA and SF Specialty Produce Tour. Chefs from DreamWorks Animation, The Regent Beverly Wilshire, Hotel Bel Air, the Queen Mary, and the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas were just a few of the epicurean artists who learned about sustainable agricultural programs at Limoneira. Tours of Limoneira's historic packing plant, solar orchard, demonstration orchard, and citrus and avocado groves took place, followed by lunch in Limoneira Park accompanied by jazz singer Kristen Lee (www.myspace.com/kristinleejazz). After lunch, those who wanted to work off a few calories played bocce among the lemon groves and volley ball in Limoneira Park.  


L.A. & San Francisco Specialty is a wholesale produce and dairy distributor serving the finest dining establishments in California, Arizona, Las Vegas, and Hawaii. Since its inception over twenty years ago, their goal has been to provide their distinguished customers with the finest line of produce and related items. Their vision has allowed them to develop long-lasting relationships that have grown the company to become one of the largest produce and related item distributors in the country.



Ag Education At Limoneira

Mary Maranville's Ag education program was created to meet the California Content Standard Based Science Curriculum for field trips. Among the many topics students learn about are the functions of each part of a lemon tree including photosynthesis and the pollination of flowers, the role of plants as a source of matter and energy in the food chain, the benefits of the local geography in agricultural production, the role of solar energy in the agricultural production process, and the invention of refrigeration and its impact on citrus production. Limoneira contributes to this program through financial support of the project coordinator, covers student transportation costs, and provides in-house staff support.  


A short video from a recent tour of the Ranch by Mesa Union students showcases two future female lemon talents showcasing their ode to the Lemon ("When I close my sour eyes, I'll see my name in Lemon Lights!"). American Idol, watch out!

Encinomom.com- The California Lifestyle New Media Magazine Made With You In Mind

We were very happy that Ann Flower brought us to the attention of Lisa Keating and Encino Mom. Recently Lisa visited Limoneira Ranch. A product of the tour is her creative and informative Pucker Power video (part of Encino Mom's California Living Series). Pull up a chair, grab that refreshing glass of Lavender Lemonade (or Lavender Palmer as Keating does) and take a look. Zing!  


Encino Mom believes every day is something to celebrate! With family-friendly recipes that make you look like a super star in your own kitchen, videos that are like trailers to your life - allowing you to preview places and events in your own backyard - or farther afield - before investing your precious time, energy and money, and tons of ideas for celebrating the special people and days of your life.  


Before Lisa was a mom, she was an actor and singer, traveling the world, performing, perfecting her craft, and staying out until all hours of the night. With the birth of her daughter came changes; expected and unexpected. She say's, "My figure changed, but so has my desire to hang out in clubs, chatting up side men! Suddenly and without warning, my sense of connection to everything and everyone around me became palpable. The beauty in my child's eyes spilled into every nook and cranny of my life. So, here I am. The passion, creativity, attention, and care I used to spend developing entertainments have flowed into my home life. Motherhood brought my creativity to bear on all things domestic. Whether planting a garden, designing a new kitchen, or planning a party for Halloween, it's got to have style and it'd better be fun!"  


Encino Mom is definitely fun and fabulous! www.encinomom.com 

Limoneira Hot Air BallooningMagical Media Tour

On May 18th, writers for Westways, Saveur, Tour & Tasting Magazine, Orange County Magazine, Southern California Meetings & Events, and the Carat Diet joined us for a tour of the Ranch and a delicious dinner in our Fireside Hall (inspired menu by Chef Jason Collis). Our thanks go to the Glen Tavern for providing rooms for our guests. The following morning (early), everyone enjoyed a serene and beautiful hot air balloon ride over the orchards followed by a champagne toast (a tradition instituted by French balloonists to prevent French farmers from destroying the balloons).


It was delightful and we were very happy to meet our wonderful new media friends.

Dinner Among The Groves And Under The Stars - Totally Local VC Dinner At Limoneira Hilltop Orchard Site

Limoneira Hot Air BallooningOn May 24th, Totally Local VC held their first of the season dinner at Limoneira with Chef Jason Collis, wines were provided by Four Brix Winery, and complemented by the beers of Surf Brewery. Volunteer servers from Food Share ensured a smooth transition.  


Twelve months ago, Totally Local VC's Kat Merrick and her allies unveiled an ambitious notion - to create an alliance of local farmers and chefs in a series of spectacular one-time-only dining events for a discriminating subset of the Gold Coast community. Dubbed "Dinner At the . . ." because of the ever-changing location, the series became an overnight sensation.  


While farm-to-plate fetes are hardly a new idea, TLVC's mission added just the right spice to the recipe, emphasizing community as the unequivocal centerpiece to each event. Just as TLVC's mission is dedicated to local living across a wide spectrum, so the events are meant to express a broad experience of community, of "living local" with high intention: honoring the community by staging the events in high-profile, imagination-catching venues; honoring the farmer by sourcing the food from local, organic growers; honoring the craft by engaging some of the area's most celebrated chefs to create the meals; and honoring local vintners and brewers by offering the finest local wines and ales. Truly, the county's cup runneth over, and nowhere is the fact more evident than at the "Dinner At the . . ." king's table, where neighbors and strangers come together to pass the platter and celebrate, in a word, community. For more information visit: www.totallylocalvc.com  

Save The Dates

5th Annual Citrus Classic Balloon Festival: Friday & Saturday July 27 & 28, 2012

Let your summer take flight . . . with hot air balloons inflated over scenic citrus orchards and rolling hills. The fifth annual Citrus Classic Balloon Festival is the best backdrop for the balloon event closest to Los Angeles and beaches. Mingle with balloon pilots, enjoy outdoor dining, wine and beer tastings, a car show, browse arts and crafts vendors, and connect kids with interactive, fun discovery of agriculture and balloons. It's the perfect day trip, family summer weekend, or romantic getaway. For more information please visit: www.citrusclassicballoons.com.  


Moonlight At The Ranch Vi: Creatures Of The Night-Monsters Ball, September 22, 2012

Get your Ghoul on at Moonlight at the Ranch on Saturday September 22nd for Moonlight at the Ranch VI: Creatures of the Night- Monsters Ball at Limoneira Ranch's main ranch property. Tickets go fast to what has become one of Ventura County's most festive and fun events. This popular fund raiser benefits Santa Paula's Police and Fire Foundation and the Chamber of Commerce. Over 40 of the County's best restaurants will be on hand, with themed skits and dancing under the starts. Not sure how to dress and still be pretty. Think sexy vampires a la Twilight! It's sure to be a howling good time! For more information please visit: www.moonlightattheranch.com   

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Congratulations Matt!!!   


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