November 2012

Unleash The Power Of Lemons At Albertsons


This holiday season, you'll be able to see new Limoneira Santa Displays in Albertson's stores.  Artwork for the new displaysthat will be in the Albertson's stores was based on Limoneira's historic Santa label.  The Limoneira Lemon sales team has worked diligently on the UNLEASH THE POWER OF LEMONS campaign with Albertsons and their customers.  These new displays will feature Limoneira Meyer lemons in new stand-up zip-lock 1 lb. recyclable pouches.  Ho-Ho-Ho!


Joe Albertson opened his first  grocery store in  Boise, Idaho, in 1939 and newspaper advertising for the grand opening proclaimed it as "Idaho's largest and finest food store."  It promised customers benefits that have been standard ever since - convenient parking, top quality, and a money-back guarantee.


"You've got to give the customer the merchandise they want, at a price they can afford, complete with lots of tender, loving care."  Joe Albertson


Source: SuperValu




Around The World With Limoneira On American Airlines And On CNN


To reach the broader business and investment community, from November 2012 to April 2013, Limoneira Corporate advertisements will appear on 8,000 American Airlines Flights in First and Business Class, and on CNN in 46 airports at 46 departure gates.  Programming is part of Best Practices in Corporate Social Responsibility. The program was developed to spotlight the social good and purpose that is being achieved by successful companies, leading innovators, and thought leaders.


Programming includes content from former President Jimmy Carter from the Carter Center, former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, the U.S. Department of Energy, the American Heart Association, City of Hope, and a number of leading corporations.



Garagiste Artisan Wine Producers At Windfall Farms


The Garagiste Festival is the first and only festival dedicated to promoting artisan 'garagiste' winemakers.  There will be four days of events during the Garagiste Festival weekend of November 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th in Paso Robles.  The Garagiste Grand Tasting event, seminars, and after-party will again be held at beautiful Windfall Farms, while specialized events will take place at other Paso Robles venues.


The Garagiste Festival showcases high-quality, cutting-edge, small production wineries that produce fewer than 1,200 cases of wine a year.  Last year's sold-out festival presented 45 outstanding artisan winemakers to over 700 passionate wine consumers, members of the trade, and media, raising the profiles of many of the winemakers nationally for the first time.  The event also raised $10,000 for the Cal Poly Wine and Viticulture Program.


About The Garagiste Festival


The Garagiste Festival ( is the first and only wine festival dedicated to the undiscovered and under-recognized artisan 'garagiste' producers who are making some of the best, most exciting, handcrafted, small-lot production wines in the world.  The Garagiste Festival was named one of the Top Nine Incredible Epicurean Vacations by ABC News.  Founded by fellow garagistes Stewart McLennan and Douglas Minnick, the Garagiste Festival is committed to fostering the spirit of a free exchange of ideas and encouragement that has made Paso Robles one of the friendliest, most successful, and innovative wine-making communities in the world.  The festival is produced by Garagiste Events, a non-profit dedicated to furthering the education of future winemakers and those training for employment within the wine industry.  Proceeds from 2011's sold-out festival were donated to the Cal Poly Wine and Viticulture Program.


Festival tickets are available at

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Around The World With Limoneira On American Airlines And On CNN
Garagiste Artisan Wine Producers At Windfall Farms
Give The Gift Of Great Taste This Holiday Season
Unleash The Power Of Lemons - Los Angeles And Chicago
Unleash Advertising on Chicago and Los Angeles
Limoneira Winner's Block


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Limoneira Lifestyles 

Orchard Fresh Gifts 





Green Beans with Hazelnuts & Lemon



  • 1 1/2 pounds fresh green beans, washed and trimmed
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil 
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons lemon zest  
  • 1/3 cup chopped toasted hazelnuts  
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. In a large pot of salted boiling water, cook beans 3 to 8 minutes or until tender. Drain and place in a large bowl.

  2. Add olive oil, lemon zest, hazelnuts, salt and pepper. Beans may be made 1 day ahead, chilled and covered. Reheat beans, preferably in a microwave.





Give The Gift Of Great Taste This Holiday Season With Orchard Fresh Gift Packs And Limoneira Lifestyle Gifts


With its rich soil and bountiful sunshine, California is recognized as a leading agricultural producer and with approximately 8,000 acres in production Limoneira grows, harvests, and packs the highest quality citrus and avocados available. In addition to Limoneira products are found in the world's leading restaurants and grocery stores. We make our products available directly to consumers through our Orchard Fresh Gift Baskets.  Heritage and sustainability are packed into every mouthwatering gift for you, your friends, or business associates.  Corporate programs are also available.


Limoneira Lifestyles has a number of great gifts for family, friends, and business associates. Our apparel, skin care items, and general merchandise reflect our company's core principles.

Our skin care collection contains products that are lemon and avocado based.  They are natural and dermatologist tested.  Most contain a new avocado-based compound, discovered during ethno-botanical research, which is a natural promoter of skin metabolism. We're sure you'll experience the many wonderful benefits from this fine assortment of products.


To place an order please visit or or call 1-866-321-8222.

Unleash The Power Of Lemons - Los Angeles And Chicago


A number of passionate, local opinion leaders are joining Limoneira to promote the power of lemons in health, recipes, lifestyle, cleaning and nutrition.  Here's the line-up for Los Angeles and Chicago:


Los Angeles      


Susan B. Dopart - Nutrition


Susan B. Dopart, MS, RD, CDE, is a nutrition and fitness consultant who has been in private practice for more than 20 years.  She specializes in child and adult medical nutrition-related issues.  Before establishing her own practice, Susan worked at UCLA as a medical, and kidney, dietitian.  As a consultant, Susan has worked for UCLA Medical Center, UCLA Extension, the Beverly Hills Country Club, Sebastian International, and Procter & Gamble.  She has written and contributed to multiple publications, including The Huffington Post, SELF Magazine, UCLA Medicine, Best Life, Men's Health, and Diabetes Health. Susan knows how beneficial lemons are nutritious, and loves Limoneira's sustainably produced lemons.  We invite you to watch her video to learn more.



Billy Yamaguchi - Beauty


Celebrity stylist Billy Yamaguchi and his team of designers balance and harmonize their client's hair, makeup, and personal style by applying the ancient principles of Feng Shui. Yamaguchi was the first to integrate Feng Shui into modern beauty techniques. The Yamaguchi salons stress sustainable principles and they try to partner with those who share the same philosophy. Billy and his team use Limoneira Lemons for their Lemon Cooler Pedicure at the Yamaguchi salon at the Four Seasons in Westlake Village.



Gregorio Stephenson - Recipes


Nobu Malibu is known for exquisite cuisine featuring Nobu Matsuhisa's signature dishes. Chef Gregororio Stephenson has added some delicious touches of his own.  Prior to becoming the executive chef of this beautiful culinary bastion in Malibu, Gregorio was at Coco Pazzo in Chicago and Ago in West Hollywood. Gregorio loves sustainably grown produce and uses Limoneira Lemons in a number of his delicious recipes.




Lisa Keating - Lifestyle


Lisa Keating is creativity personified and is the inspiration behind - California Lifestyle New Media Magazine. Lisa and her team believe every day is something to celebrate. With family friendly recipes that make their viewers look like rock stars in their own kitchens, to videos that let them preview something before investing their precious time, energy, and money. When Lisa visited Limoneira Ranch, it got her creative juices flowing about the things that we all can do with Lemons. Take a look at the video to see more.



Mark Newman-Kuzel - Cleaning


Maid in the U.S.A. is the premier boutique cleaning service in the Los Angeles cleaning industry.  Maid In the U.S.A. Inc.'s clients range from large, national retailers to premier local restaurants and shops. The company also cleans many film production and post-production facilities in L.A.  Residential clients include some of the biggest names in Hollywood as well as Fortune 500 captains of industry.  No job is too big or too small for them. Mark Newman-Kuzel, began the business over 19 years ago and is proud of his team of professionals.  There is growing consumer interest in natural and green, cleaning products and methods, and in Mark's video he describes how Limoneira lemons are a great natural cleaning aid.





Mike Thomson - Nutrition 


Mike Thomson is a personal trainer and USA Triathlon coach who works predominantly with runners and triathletes.  Coach Mike focuses on designing customized programs, for each of his athletes, that is based on their individual needs and athletic goals. Mike not only trains athletes at a high level, he competes at a high level himself and practices what he preaches.  Mike has competed in a number of diverse races and has reached elite levels in both triathlon and run-only races. Coach Mike says that nutrition and eating right is especially important during training. Lemons provide a great source of energy. He was very happy to have discovered Limoneira and their sustainably produced lemons.



Kristin Akins - Beauty


Kristin Akins is a professional, passionate, and dedicated Skin Therapist, a healthy skin enthusiast and owner of Pelle Sana (Italian for healthy skin) Salon. Drawing on an affinity for natural elements, knowledge of medical esthetics, and a dash of Southern charm (she was trained in Nashville); Kristin works diligently to find the perfect treatment for her clients.  Kristin says that her clients receive the best in products and techniques, and their detailed consultations provide customers with a renewed sense of understanding about their skin. She notes that she's always looking for ways to improve one's appearance.  Take a look at hervideo that offers a very simple suggestion to soften cuticles.  



Erin Hayes - Recipes


Overlooking Lincoln Park in Chicago is the new Hotel Lincoln, a window to the most dynamic part of city's north side.  Like the neighborhood, the hotel is historic, yet fresh and fun. Sitting proudly above the Hotel Lincoln, is the J. Parker, a dynamic new cocktail lounge offering the most spectacular views in all of Chicago. Recently, we caught up with J. Parker's celebrated mixologist Erin Hayes. Erin handles the drink menu, which features "destination cocktails."  Her ever-changing list of spirits highlights various countries.  Erin said, "It's great to be with the Limoneira team. Limoneira lemons are wonderful and grown on their sustainable ranches in California. When I found out the Limoneira was Portuguese 'place of the lemons,' I decided to create a delicious lemon cocktail with them in mind."


Julia Buckingham Edelmann - Lifestyle


Julia Buckingham Edelmann's passion for antiques, artifacts, and found objects translates into beautiful and exuberantly youthful homes with a timeless quality. From the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Los Angeles to the famous Parisian market, Clignancourt - and all points in between - Julia developed an educated eye for only the best and most unique pieces. Julia's passion is mixing styles and eras to create surprising, whimsical, and unique environments.  In that vein, Julia suggests, that a glass vase filled with lemons can provide a simple decorative element for tables or �tag�res. They provide a touch of natural beauty and a delightful scent. She notes that Limoneira has been growing beautiful lemons since 1893, and at their ranch in California, vases filled with lemons grace tables outside among their bocce courts.  Beautiful!



Lucie Zakova - Cleaning


Lucie's Natural Cleaning is a small, green cleaning service that brings a touch of nature into their client's homes.  Their goal is to protect the environment and everyone in their client households.  Lucie Zakova is the power behind this clean machine and, judging from Lucy's great testimonials, there are quite a few people who agree that natural cleaning is important. Lucy says that her clients are responding positively to the whole concept of natural cleaning. After all, their homes are the last place they should have to worry about the air their families breathe or the chemicals that appear on their freshly cleaned counter tops. Lucy said that she is so happy to have discovered Limoneira and their beautiful lemons. The company is almost 120 years old and their sustainable growing methods have existed since their inception.

Unleash Advertising on Chicago and Los Angeles


UNLEASH THE NATURAL POWER OF LEMONS advertising will be appearing in November on Chicago and Los Angeles These two lifestyle publications are leaders in their respective markets and resonate with consumers that cook, entertain, dine out and are interested in health and keeping in shape. Their readers also shop in major grocery outlets in each city.


Chicago Magazine


Produced by Chicago's best magazine editors and writers, Chicago magazine offers an award-winning combination of smart service journalism and provocative narrative stories, Chicago helps readers get the most out of the city and nearby suburbs, capturing the lifestyle and spirit of the area.


The website provides rich, up-to-the-minute content and helpful information aimed at residents and visitors to the Chicago area.  In addition to stories from the print magazine, the site provides readers with searchable databases of places to dine and shop, as well as blogs on topics such as real estate and nightlife. also features multimedia pieces that enhance articles from the magazine, as well as photo galleries, video, and coverage of breaking news and events around town.


Los Angeles Magazine


Los Angeles is a regional magazine of national stature.  Produced monthly since the spring of 1961, with a combination of award-winning feature writing, investigative reporting, service journalism, and design, Los Angeles is the definitive resource and indispensable guide for Angelenos.  The magazine and its website cover the people, lifestyle, culture, entertainment, fashion, art and architecture, and news that define Southern California.


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