April 2016

All Things Sustainable To Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd


April 22nd has been officially designated as Earth Day, and it's celebrated in more than 192 countries each year. It all began 47 years ago in 1969 when peace activist John McConnell proposed a day to honor the earth and the concept of peace. McConnell subsequently created a proclamation for the day which was sanctioned by The United Nations. United States Senator Gaylord Nelson and Denis Hayes, the original national coordinator were also significant contributors to the celebration's international legacy. Communities around the world observe Earth Week-an entire week of activities focused on environmental issues.
10 Easy Tricks to Green-ify Your Life with Lemons


This Earth Day, Limoneira is bringing you ten ways to use our sustainably produced lemons to leave a greener footprint behind.


It's no secret that lemons are a boon to any kitchen or DIY beauty routine - but did you know they're a handy sustainability tool as well? With Earth Day around the corner, our springtime focus is all about making life simpler without investing in potentially toxic chemicals or overpriced tools. We've conferred with our stellar team of opinion leaders to bring you ten great ways you can make your home life a bit more sustainable - with lemons!


  1. No Pesticides: Keep ants out of your kitchen without putting harmful pesticides or chemicals near your food and appliances! Apply lemon juice to thresholds, windowsills, and any cracks where ants might get in - and then follow up with small bits of lemon peels scattered outside any outdoor entrances. Got roaches? Wash your floors with lemon water and watch them run in disgust.
  2. Cleaner Produce: You can use your lemons, which are a natural disinfectant, to clean any lurking pesticides from the skins of your other fruits and veggies. Plus, your produce will smell lovely.
  3. Garbage Freshener: If your garbage can is getting too rank before it's full enough to justify changing the bag, there's a way to fight back! Save leftover lemon peels and toss them in the base of every fresh bag. Repeat every couple of weeks for best results.
  4. DIY Humidifier Cleaner: You can easily clean your home humidifier! Simply pour 3 to 4 capfuls of fresh lemon juice in the water in your humidifier - plus, the air will smell like lemons!
  5. No More Dry Cleaning: Leave your pricy dry-cleaners and harsh chemicals in the past! Scrub the stained areas on your shirts with equal parts lemon juice and water for a fresh and easy fix. (Hint: You can also soak your delicates in lemon juice & baking soda for 30 minutes before washing as a natural alternative to chlorine bleach.)
  6. Revitalize Wilting Produce: Don't toss that soggy lettuce! Add lemon juice to a bowl of cold water. Add the soggy lettuce and refrigerate for one hour. Dry the leaves completely and use as desired! Lemon juice can also be used to keep cauliflower white during cooking, and to keep guacamole from going brown.
  7. Fresher Fridge-Air: If your fridge is retaining too many smells, lemons can help. Simply dab lemon juice on a re-usable sponge and leave it in the fridge overnight. (Note: You may also want to ditch the food that's causing the unpleasant odors to maximize effectiveness.)
  8. Weeds Be Gone: Banish weeds from your garden (sans pesticides) with simple lemon juice. Fill a spray bottle with 5 parts lemon, 2 parts water and douse the offending plants until they're well-coated. The weeds should shrivel within days.
  9. Litter Box Woes: Don't invest in pricey deodorizers for your cat's litter box. Just put lemon halves in a bowl (flesh side up) and leave the bowl in the same box as your litter room (or bathroom)! Your guests will thank you and you'll save a bundle on store-bought air fresheners.
  10. Household Cleaner: Don't use harmful chemicals to clean your home. Create a useful all-purpose cleaner for your kitchen and bathroom by combining equal parts lemon juice and water in a spray bottle. Lemons are a natural disinfectant and your house will smell fresh for spring! (Note: do not use on wood. For wood polish, mix 1 cup olive oil and ½ a cup of lemon juice. Test spot first.)
These are just a handful of the wonderful ways you can make your life greener with just a few lemons. For more tips, tricks, recipes and other ways to incorporate citrus into your everyday life, visit Lemons For Life and our company Pinterest page. Whether to celebrate Earth Day, to tackle spring cleaning, or just to spice up the dinner table, lemons are one of nature's most useful tools. Limoneira can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
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10 Easy Tricks to Green-ify Your Life with Lemons
Megan Roosevelt Aka Healthy Grocery Girl® Shares Limoneira Sustainability Practices In New Video
Highlighting Local Sustainability Professionals
Limoneira Pink Lemons Pack a Pink Punch at Blue Apron
Positive Moms Magazine Interview with Limoneira Green Cleaning Opinion Leader Saudia Davis
Harvest at Limoneira
Limoneira Featured In 805 Living
Ventura County Ag Museum's Agriculture Career Fair Builds on Success on March 3rd
Limoneira Winner's Block

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Blue Apron's Za'atar Chicken & Pearl Couscous with Asparagus & Pink Lemon Compote

2 Servings

About 700 Per Serving

Cooking Time:
20 to 30 minutes

Though it looks like a grain, pearl couscous¬, known as "ptitim" in Israel, is actually a special type of pasta. Semolina and wheat flour are rolled into little balls (or pearls), which are then toasted for nutty flavor and chewy texture. In this Middle Eastern-style recipe, we're tossing pearl couscous with spring asparagus and serving it under our zesty chicken, seasoned with za'atar and Aleppo pepper. The dish gets a refreshing pop of brightness from gorgeous pink-tinged lemon marinated in sweet agave nectar.

Megan Roosevelt Aka Healthy Grocery Girl® Shares Limoneira Sustainability Practices In New Video


Megan Roosevelt is the face for Limoneira's Lemons for Life™ campaign and is the founder of Healthy Grocery Girl®. She's an internationally published author, cooking show host and producer and nutrition expert for regional and national television and magazines. In April she shares Limoneira's many sustainability practices with her extensive audience.

Highlighting Global Sustainability Professionals


Sustainability and Stewardship are increasingly important issues around the world and Food Service Operators and Grocery Retailers are progressively building and reinforcing these important concepts into their business models. Important work is being done by dedicated professionals everywhere and this month we highlight several of them here.


Lea Cullen Boyer - New York

Managing Director, Green Guru Network Lea is perhaps most widely-known for pioneering green social media in Westchester County in creating Green Guru Network: Helping people build Green Empires since 2009.


Behind the scenes, she develops municipal and regional climate action plans, spearheads large scale biofuel and environmentally preferred procurement programs, and consults for recycling and waste reduction projects, energy efficiency policy and local agriculture systems for governments, non-profits and private entities. She's served as the Sustainability Coordinator for The County of Westchester. She also writes a mean grant application and has brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars for projects across the Hudson Valley.


She was named one of Westchester County's most influential women by 914INC magazine.


Beumsoo Lee - Seoul Korea

Beumsoo Lee is the Deputy Secretary General at ISGAN (International SmartGrid Action Network) which is part of the Korea Smart Grid Institute. He has extensive experience in the field of international business, energy & environment industry and finance. In his role as Deputy Secretary General of ISGAN, he helps facilitate international collaboration for Smart Grid business among member countries. He is currently facilitating international collaboration for economic growth, Smart Grid business, environmental protection and climate change.






Lena Ander - Stockholm

Lena Ander is The Senior Sustainability Advisor at ÃF, a leader in technical consulting. ÅF offers highly qualified services and solutions for industrial processes, infrastructure projects and the development of products and IT systems in Europe and internationally. She is also the Secretary-General at NMC The Swedish Association for Sustainable Business, a professional association for companies and organizations that want to be in the forefront and continuously advance their work in sustainable development. The association was founded in 1994 and has over 260 members from various industries in the private sector, as well as from municipalities and counties in Sweden. Lena is a talented professional with specialties in Sustainable Business Development, Strategic Marketing Communications, CSR/Sustainability Strategy, International Relations, Emerging Markets and Management Consulting.



Garrett Wong - Los Angeles

Garrett Wong (MA, LEED, AP BD+C) is a Sustainability Analyst, Climate & Energy at City of Santa Monica, Office of Sustainability and the Environment (www.smgov.net). He is a Sustainability strategist and has significant experience in the non-profit, corporate and government arenas committed to engaging communities, challenging conventional thought and promoting innovative solutions. His specialties include, but are not limited to LEED certification, resource efficiency and conservation, green gas inventories and climate action plans.






Noriko Sakamoto - Tokyo

Noriko Sakamoto is the Communications Director at Japan for Sustainability. Her work centers around research on global trends regarding post growth, localization, happiness studies, local economy movements and more. She also worked on the Local Well-Being Project, funded by the Hitachi Environment Foundation, with an emphasis on local activities -- the core of sustainability and introduced new indicator-making activities used by municipalities at home and abroad.







Ruskin Hartley - San Francisco

Ruskin Hartley is a volunteer commissioner for the City of Albany in the East Bay of San Francisco, working with the city to develop and implement policies and programs that promote environmental sustainability including the city's Climate Action Plan. He was previously the President and Chief Executive Officer of Heal the Bay, Southern California's leading environmental group dedicated to protecting the region's iconic beaches and ocean through sound science, advocacy, education and community engagement. He is an influential environmentalist with experience in land conservation, public land advocacy, forest conservation, water quality advocacy, environmental policy and marine conservation.


Juan Ramón Candia Jorquera - Santiago Chile

Mr. Candia is currently the Head of the Water & Environment Department at Fundación Chile. This Department is one of the leading groups in the country dealing with applied environmental projects on topics such as: mining and environment, water treatment from industry, mine closure, water management at basin level, water efficiency, risk assessment, environmental remediation, environmental monitoring, acid mine drainage, geochemistry, among others.


He has 20 years of professional experience in environmental projects, including issues of mining & environment, management and remediation of contaminated sites, spill management from mining operations, risk assessment, clean production, sustainable development, water management, co-existence between agriculture and mining projects, among others. Mr. Candia has worked in Chile and overseas in both private companies and public agencies. Mr. Candia has traveled extensively, visiting nearly 80 countries.


Alex Michalko - Seattle

Alex Michalko is the Sustainability Program Manager at Amazon. She's a sustainability expert with 10+ years of experience in the public and private sectors across a range of industries: tech, retail, outdoor recreation, media/entertainment, and real estate. She has an undergraduate degree in International Relations from Stanford and MBA and Master of Environmental Management degrees from Duke with concentrations in strategy, environmental economics, and social entrepreneurship. Her interests include sustainable business strategy, corporate social responsibility reporting and metrics, strategy consulting, carbon and water footprinting, social entrepreneurship, and green venture capital.





Claus Mattheis - Munich

Claus Mattheis is the General Manager for the German operations of Insolpark. Mr Mattheis is a renewable energy expert and has developed and managed renewable energy projects and constructed large scale PV power plants. InSolPark GmbH expands the reach of InSolPark's innovative SOAR Program to underperforming PV Plants in the European Solar Market delivering higher ROI and asset values. Mr. Mattheis was a founder of SURE Energies AG and worked for Deutsche Bahn AG, Colexon Energy AG and Solarhybrid AG.


Susan Sheehan - Toronto

Susan Sheehan is the VP Sustainability at Cleantech financing. Susan's career spans 25 years in environmental business, Cleantech and corporate sustainability. Susan also supports the industry overall through her roles on expert and judging panels such as the Canadian Networks of Centres of Excellence in Research and Commercialization, the Corporate Reporting Awards, Earth Day Community Funds Program, the Climate Reality Institute, and Cleantech Canada.


Her passion is to expand opportunities where technology innovation and sustainability-driven industries intersect. She's a self-starter with a focus on executing big ideas.
Limoneira Pink Lemons Pack a Pink Punch at Blue Apron


Blue Apron, a meal delivery service was founded in 2012 by Wadiak along with Matt Salzberg, a Harvard M.B.A. with venture capital experience, and Ilia Papas, an engineer and former consultant. Ingredients that the Company orders from farmers goes into the company's meal kits, boxes of precisely portioned ingredients and instructions needed to cook exactly three dinners a week and sold on a subscription basis in serving sizes for couples or families of four. Blue Apron now delivers 5 million meals a month, up from 500,000 just 18 months ago. Last November, FORBES estimates, sales crossed an annualized rate of $100 million; this year they'll more than triple. In 2016 the company should top half a billion. Blue Apron is tapping a rich vein. Americans spend $1 trillion each year on food, about $400 billion of that on dinner, but they're not spending as much time as they used to cooking the food themselves. Less than 60% of dinners eaten at home are cooked there, according to a recent study by market research firm NPD Group, down from 71% in 1985 ( Read more about Blue Aprons great story here). Blue Aprons has begun purchasing Limonera's pink lemons for a number of their delicious recipes.


Limoneira's pink lemons are a special hybrid varietal with interior flesh that is light to medium pink that becomes more intense as the fruit ripens. The lemons offer a tangy taste that adds just the right zip to great recipes and beverages. Green and cream stripes cover the exterior of younger pinks that fade to a rose blush as the fruit matures. Limoneira's pink lemons are grown on the Company's Orchards in Ventura County, California next to the Pacific Ocean.


"Our pink lemons have been a big hit with chefs and mixologists in the United States because they add artistic flair to their creations says John Carter, Limoneira's Director of Global Sales. "One of our customers, Shanghai Riverside Fruit, is now importing them for the local Chinese market, and they will appear at high-end supermarkets and other locations." Mr. Wang Zhizhe, general director of Riverstone fruits said "We are different from other importers...Riverstone always positions itself as an industry leader." The Company, established in 2000, has a reputation for brand building, marketing development experience and sales of new fruit varieties.


Limoneira, working with their chef and mixologist opinion leader global network has developed a number of delicious Limoneira Pink lemon recipes such as Grilled Salmon with Pink Lemon Cilantro Marinade and The Pink Lemon Blueberry Sage Granita. Recipes can be viewed at Limoneira Pinks

Positive Moms Magazine Interview with Limoneira Green Cleaning Opinion Leader Saudia Davis 

Jill Sullivan Grueter is the creative dynamo behind Positive Moms Magazine. She's an award-winning writer and graphic designer. Positive Mom's Magazine is a leading lifestyle publication in New Hampshire. 

Award-winning writer and graphic designer with over 18 years of experience and has written for, managed, and has been published in several magazines during her career and consistently increased readership month over month. Most recently, she was awarded as a member of the 40 Under 40 Class of 2015 by the New Hampshire Union Leader for raising over a quarter of a million dollars for her nonprofit, The Project Pawsitive Foundation. She's been awarded with an iHAF award, NESHCo Lamplighter's Award, and recognized as a "Top 25 Seacoast Young Professional"  for her professional excellence. It is Jill's goal to continue to make Positive Moms Magazine one of the top lifestyle resources for New Hampshire moms, which in return helps her nonprofit to continue its mission.

Jill contacted Limoneira after reading about February's Cleaning with Lemons press release. She asked interview one of our Green Cleaning Professionals, and we put her in touch with Saudia Davis the CEO of GreenHouse Eco Cleaning in New York City. 

Saudia is a dynamo in her own right. 

She is the Founder and CEO of GreenHouse Eco-Cleaning, a green office, buildings and homes cleaning company servicing the New York Metro area. A graduate of Bowdoin College, Saudia first honed her customer service expertise working as a movie publicist alongside such celebrities as Reese Witherspoon, Matt Dillon, Daniel Day Lewis and others. When her grandmother -- a professional cleaner -- passed away likely due to her lifelong exposure to toxic cleaning chemicals, Saudia was inspired to create an eco-friendly cleaning company that would provide her clients and cleaning specialists with a service and profession that was safe and healthy for the environment.

The early success of her venture was assured as the 2011 winner of the American Express OPEN Make Mine A Million $ business program. She is a graduate of the Kauffman Foundation's Fast Trac program and Goldman Sachs' 10,000 Small Businesses.

Politically, Saudia sits on New York State Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's Small Business and MWBE Subcommittees, and is an active member of the White House Business Council. Saudia is also a member of New York's Young Entrepreneur Council, and The Entrepreneurs Organization, an international group of leading entrepreneurs. She also volunteers for the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE).

Creatively, she contributes to HGTV Magazine and pens monthly blogs for the Huffington Post Small Business and Home sections and her cleaning expertise and sustainable business practices have been featured in a variety of publications, including The New York Times, Martha Stewart's Whole Living, Creative Living, The Wall Street Journal, Crain's NY, Bloomberg Business, The Economist, Fortune Magazine, NY 1 and ABC World News with Diane Sawyer.

GreenHouse Eco-Cleaning is the proud recipient of the 2012 Black Enterprise Small Business People's Choice Award, New York Magazine's "Best of NY" award, and Angie's List Super Service award.
Harvest at Limoneira


Following the LAFCO vote in 2011 to annex the recently entitled Teague McKevett Ranch into the City of Santa Paula, communication was limited as work was undertaken to identify and review a responsible development partner for the EA1 project. After a great deal of due diligence, Limoneira selected The Lewis Group to help create improved lots to sell to builders that will build the residential housing in Harvest at Limoneira. The Lewis Group is nationally recognized for their integrity and excellence in not just providing housing, but helping to create communities. We're proud that they decided to work together with Limoneira after completing extensive due diligence on our Company.


Limoneira Lewis Community Builders is now at a point where on-going updates can take place, and we look forward to regular communications through the new Harvest at Limoneira website (www.harvest@limoneira.com), periodic email communications to community members, frequent reporting at City Council meetings, updating Santa Paula's many service organizations and holding mixers at the Limoneira Pavilion. We believe that there are many exciting enhancements for our entire community that will benefit all of us, and we're looking forward to sharing them.


If there are any questions that anyone has about the ongoing development at Harvest at Limoneira please feel free to contact jchamberlain@limoneira.com, and we will try to respond promptly.


As work on Harvest at Limoneira takes place, questions occasionally arise, and we've taken the opportunity to address them on the new Harvest at Limoneira website. Below is an excerpt:

What are the benefits to the Santa Paula Community with Harvest at Limoneira?


Limoneira worked extensively with the Santa Paula City Council and citizens of Santa Paula to develop a sustainable plan that met the current and future needs of the community. As a result, the project was approved by 83% of Santa Paula's voters in the 2008 SOAR vote. Harvest at Limoneira (Formerly known at The Gateway and EA I) delivers a number of benefits for all Santa Paulans:


A recurring surplus to the City General Fund is projected for all years of development and after build out of the Harvest at Limoneira project. The total net City benefit over the 7-Year period is projected at about $7.0 million in undiscounted dollars.


40% of the land is being preserved as agriculture and open space. The hilltops north of the neighborhoods and the hilltops most visible from the highway will remain in agricultural production and a recreational trail will run alongside Harvest's edge. This is defined further below:


View the full detailed response and more at Harvest at Limoneira FAQ's.

Limoneira Featured In 805 Living


An estimated 210,000 readers turn to 805 Living for the inside scoop on living the good life in western Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties from Calabasas to Santa Barbara and beyond. 805 living readers are powerful, well-heeled consumers.


Limoneira's sustainably produced lemons are happy to make an appearance in this beautiful publication.

Ventura County Ag Museum's Agriculture Career Fair Builds on Success on March 3rd


Building on the success of the inaugural event, the Museum of Ventura County's Agriculture Museum hosted its 3rd annual agriculture career fair.


There are plenty of careers in agriculture and high school students learned all about many of them at the 3rd Annual Agriculture Career Fair.


The fair was held March 3 at the Museum of Ventura County's Agriculture Museum where the students were surrounded not only by exhibits highlighting the county's rich ag heritage but also by the same companies that make the county ground zero for growers and support industries.


Ventura County's agriculture industry was valued at more than $2 billion last year.


"We need people to feed the world," Ventura Community College President Dr. Greg Gillespie told the crowd.


He noted his own background in crop sciences and research and said he is "excited" about schools developing agriculture-related curriculum.


Gillespie said Ventura County is the perfect resource for the next generation who will be charged to keep the industry vital.


Gene Caulfield of Limoneira was offering the personal touch, telling students of numerous summer jobs and other opportunities and urging them to come out to the ranch where he would give them a tour.


"Big ag companies need scientists and secretaries and everything in between," Caulfield told students, some of who stopped next at a table staffed by a farming heavy equipment operator.

Source: Santa Paula Times
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