July 2015

Limoneira's One World Of Lemons Featured In The Packer's Food Service Issue

Limoneira has made significant investments to ensure that our food service and retail customers receive a consistent supply of high quality lemons year round that meet our specifications with respect to quality, food safety and carton labels. In addition to our own production on our ranches in California and Arizona, we supply our lemons from Chile and Argentina and participate in lemon programs in Mexico and New Zealand.

We create flexible marketing programs for our food service customers that are tailored to their needs and shopper footprints. We have linked with LIMONEIRA GLOBAL OPINION LEADERS to promote the many benefits of Limoneira Lemons for our customers and their guests. We also have a year round calendar of promotions: WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER, and FALL - EACH SEASON IS THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY TO UNLEASH THE NATURAL POWER OF LEMONS. These programs are tied to specific promotions tailored for each season. Social marketing programs, in store displays and contests promote our food service customers.

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Limoneira Relaxes With The Company's Lemon Customers At ROOF at theWit In Chicago


To kick of United Fresh, an important industry trade show, The Phoenix Lounge and ROOF at theWit in Chicago became party central for UNLEASH THE NATURAL POWER OF LEMONS on Monday June 8th. Limoneira lemon customers feasted on delectable lemon goodies such as Citrus Cured Duck Confit with an Herb Crema and Chopped Sugar Snap Pea atop a dehydrated lemon chip and imbibed on thirst quenching lemon libations such as the Limoneira Lemon Ricky high atop the glittering Chicago Nightline in Chicago's Loop. At the Phoenix Lounge while Limoneira's photographer snapped guests in front of the Limoneira Step and Repeat, guests could sample a delicious Ginny Switch made with Up Mountain Switchel and lemon.  


About Switchel  


In Colonial days, New England farmhands pitched hay in the summer sun and slaked their thirst with a concoction called switchel, a mixture of vinegar, water and a sweetener, often molasses. Now it's back. Ely Key and Garrett Riffle started brewing switchel in South Londonderry, Vt., then moved production to Bushwick, Brooklyn. The vinegar is derived from apple cider, and fresh ginger adds a kick. Over ice it's a superb quencher. Mixed with gin and Limoneira lemon juice it makes a thirst quenching summer time cocktail. www.drinkswitchel.com.  


Ginny Switch

2 ounces Gin

4 ounces Up Mountain Switchel

squeeze of lemon



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Limoneira Relaxes With The Company's Lemon Customers At ROOF at theWit In Chicago
Sebastian Sundqvist - Stockholm, Sweden
Vitaalli Maleshv - St. Petersburg Russia
Limoneira Global Intern Brianne Schwabauer
In 2014 Over 217 Million Beneficial Organisms Released On Limoneira Properties
Limoneira Cadiz - Part Of Limoneira's One World Of Lemons
Cultivating Cabernet At Windfall Farms
Limoneira Japan Facebook Page Reaches Over 13,000 Likes!
Santa Barbara's Anne Wilder Appreciates The Natural Beauty Benefits That Limoneira Skin Care Products Provide
Winner Souplantation And Sweet Tomatoes Limoneira Promotion
Limoneira Winner's Block

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Anne Wilder's avocado and lemon toast


One of the things that I enjoy for breakfast or a snack is toasted bread (sourdough works perfectly) with mashed avocado. Then sprinkle with sea salt, red pepper flakes and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. It's  an easy, delicious and healthy treat. 

Sebastian Sundqvist - Stockholm, Sweden


Sebastian Sundqvist is mixologist extraordinaire at Grodan (The Frog), a sophisticated French Brasserie in Stockholm. With white linen table cloths, a menu that invites both gourmands and gourmets and a history that dates back to 1892, it's Stockholm sophistication at its best and original paintings from the late 19th century adorn the walls just above the heads of the always stylish guests.


Sundqvist's manner is casual and professional as he mixes a steady stream of impressive cocktails for thirsty dinners. He mixes it up in life too with pursuits in fitness, Thai boxing, golf and travel and has worked for Aquavit, Brasserie Godot in Stockholm, Hugo's Lounge and The Goldfish in Sydney, Australia.
Vitalli Maleshv - St. Petersburg Russia


Vitalli Maleshv is the principal bartender at the Demetra Art Hotel in St. Petersburg Russia. In addition to crafting his delightful cocktails, he is a successful DJ and loves to travel. He's also a history buff and says that the hotel has a wonderful history. It's on the historical heritage list of the Russian Federation.


It was built in 1913 by architect, Wilhelm Van Der Gjuht known for his eclecticism and modern architectural style at the beginning of the 20th century and stands at 44 Vostanija Street. Prior to the Russian revolution of 1917 the street was called Znamenskaja after the Znamenskaja Church which had been built in the end of the eighteen century according to the will of the Empress Elizabeth Petrovna.


The Znamenskaja Church no longer exists. It is now the location of the Vosstanija Square station on the St. Petersburg Metro. The historical building from Neva river to Kirochnaja Street still remain and provide a fascinating walk to the Demetra Art Hotel.
Limoneira Global Intern Brianne Schwabauer


Brianne Schwabauer has extensive roots in agriculture in Ventura County. Her Grandmother is Mary Leavens Schwabauer, a dedicated and selfless volunteer for a number of entities that have made Ventura County the wonderful place that it is.


Brianne has received a number of awards and scholarships including the Ventura County Cattlemen's Association Scholarship, the United Agricultural Business Trust scholarship, The California Women for Agriculture Ventura County Scholar¬ship, The Milton Teague Mckevitt Scholar¬ship, the Voss Berryhill Scholarship and the Stanisluas County Farm Bureau Scholarship. She currently attends Oklahoma State University and is studying for her Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. She's majoring in Agricultural Communications.


Brianne will be working on Limoneira's Global Internship program and will be helping refine coursework and solidifying links with global universities and colleges.
In 2014 Over 217 Million Beneficial Organisms Released On Limoneira Properties


In 1917, Limoneira built the first private insectary in California to grow beneficial insects to combat to control infestations while lowering the use of pesticides and preserving the environment. The Company was one of the founders of Associates Insectary based in Santa Paula, California. This grower-owned cooperative, formed in 1928, is dedicated to providing complete pest control services to commercial citrus and avocado farmers. Limoneira maintains a complete Integrated Pest Management system to bring our sustainably-grown products to market. In 2014, Associates Insectary released over 217 million beneficial organisms on Limoneira's ranches.
Limoneira Cadiz - Part Of Limoneira's One World Of Lemons


Supplying lemons to Limoneira grocery and food service customers around the clock, year round is an important advantage that sets Limoneira apart from the competition. No other company provides the same degree of consistency with respect to quality, carton labels and food safety controls.


The addition of acreage in the Cadiz Valley is an important component of year round supply. Under Limoneira's lease agreement, the Company has the right to plant up to 1,480 acres at the Cadiz Ranch operations in the Cadiz Valley. The arrangement provides a growing, packing, and marketing opportunity that is complementary to Limoneira's existing production.


This past February, the Company announced the purchase of an additional 200 acres of lemon trees at Cadiz. The planted lemon trees are expected to be productive beginning in fiscal year 2017. In the press release announcing the acquisition, Harold Edwards, President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, "We are excited to expand our agreement with Cadiz and increase our lemon tree acreage in California. This acquisition complements recent investments we have made in Chile and Arizona and is in line with our long-term growth strategy to add productive agricultural properties to our portfolio and leverage our core competencies."


"We are pleased that we have the opportunity to expand our relationship with Limoneira as part of our commitment to cultivating sustainable agriculture practices in the Cadiz Valley," said Tim Shaheen, CEO of Cadiz Real Estate LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cadiz. "With its longstanding history in the California market, Limoneira has tremendous expertise in growing and marketing lemons and shares our commitment to best agricultural practices."
Cultivating Cabernet At Windfall Farms


Currently 160 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes have been planted at Limoneira's Windfall Farms and will produce fruit for next year's harvest. An additional 40 acres of Petite Sirah-Durif and 20 acres of Grenache Blanc have been planted on the property.


Windfall Farms, is a spectacular 724 acre estate near Paso Robles California, an emerging wine growing region whose brands from this region resonate with consumers. The Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance highlights the quality of wine from what has become California's 3rd largest and fastest growing wine region.


At a 2013 Cabs of Distinction Event held at Windfall Farms, six celebrated wine makers and Wine Enthusiast Magazine discussed the elements that distinguish Paso Robles Cabernet. They described the style of wines made from Cabernet in the Paso Robles AVA (American Viticultural Area) as brighter in flavor, naturally high in acidity and with tamer but rich tannins compared to wines from the state's standard bearer for high quality Cabernet- Napa Valley.


The defining characteristics of the Paso Robles terroir are the high diurnal temperature variance (as much as 50°F) and very limited soil nutrients in the generally calcareous, high-pH soil that controls the natural vigor of Cabernet vines. These factors help explain how a region with summer temperatures frequently hitting 100°F can produce vibrant wines that don't need acidification.


These celebrated winemakers noted that when Cabernet Sauvignon achieves ripeness, it is truly fantastic and felt that the soils in Paso Robles are very different compared to much of California. The clay provides richness; the calcareous composition provides natural acidity. Furthermore, it was explained that it was possible to achieve all the ripeness needed without adding acid.
Limoneira Japan Facebook Page Reaches Over 13,000 Likes!


Limoneira has important retail and food service customers in Japan, and Facebook provides a great way to reach their shoppers/guests with UNLEASH recipe, beauty, health and lifestyle tips. Japanese language posts are made several times a week, and it's been fun to interact with Limoneira's Japanese friends and customers.


According to Megumi Hirai from Intead Educational Advantage LLC, the number of active Facebook users in Japan has reached 22 million. Many people in Japan were hesitant to join Facebook due to "the real name registration policy," but Facebook is well known because of the movie "The Social Network" and the increased use of smart phones. The Japanese also became more aware of being able to easily connect with friends and family after The Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011. This factor is considered to be the cause of the increase in Facebook usage.


About Intead Educational Advantage LLC


Intead's management believes that global education fosters cross-cultural understanding which, in turn, builds stronger economies and more peaceful times. With two imperatives in mind, they employ strategic analytics and interactive technology, to deliver customized recruiting tools that meet the unique goals of academic institutions.
Santa Barbara's Anne Wilder Appreciates The Natural Beauty Benefits That Limoneira Skin Care Products Provide


Anne Wilder is the personification of elegance and she's a time traveler to an earlier age of grace. She often hosts intimate salons at her Montecito home (a la Gertrude Stein) and some of her style icons include Babe Paley and Mary Quant (from London's swinging 60s). She's also the queen of credit and arranges financing for various property types (specializing on agriculture and ranch properties as well as raw land). She studied English and Literature at Humbolt and UCLA and her personal interests include cooking, wine, the arts, reading, film, history and architecture.


"Maintaining a good complexion is important to me. I'm pretty busy, and I don't like things that are overly complicated. I appreciate Limoneira's natural skin care products. Lemons purify and avocado's natural oils make it a nourishing moisturizer for dry skin. They are both excellent skin care ingredients so I appreciate that Limoneira recognizes the benefits of these two wonderful fruits".
Winner Souplantation And Sweet Tomatoes Limoneira Promotion


This past spring, Limoneira produced a promotion to support Souplantation and Sweet Tomato, a loyal Limoneira customer.


Contestants had an opportunity to win an Apple iPad Air 2 by visiting their local Souplantation or Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant and ordering the buffet. They then needed to take a picture of their receipt and let Limoneira know why they love Souplantation and/or Sweet Tomatoes.


Leticia Elias from Lombard, Illinois was our lucky winner. She is a single parent and enjoys spending time with her 10 year old daughter, Danielle. She has 2 sisters and a brother and is the proud aunt of 2 nephews and a niece. She loves being outdoors and enjoys camping. She also likes dining out and going to the movies.


She loves Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes for their variety of fresh salad choices and the selection of soups. She also really enjoyed the lemon muffins and lava cake.


Congratulations Leticia. We hope you enjoy your iPad Air 2!

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Congratulations Allie!!!


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