July 2014

Ello Gov'na - Limoneira Links With London Mixologists

Walter Pintus-Head Bartender - The Ritz London
Following extensive experience at some of the world's best hotels and resorts such as One Aldwych and the Grand Hotel Villa D'Este, Walter Pintus became head bartender at the Rivoli Bar at the Ritz in London where he captivates customers with extraordinary creations. His recent "The Tallulah" commemorates a moment in Ritz history back in 1951 when American actress Tallulah Bankhead sipped champagne from her slipper during a press conference to celebrate her arrival in London. With its luxurious, late 1920's design, the interior of The Rivoli Bar has been likened by TATLER magazine to a 'gorgeous little jewel box'. Murano glass chandeliers are suspended from gilded ceiling domes, whilst paneled walls in polished camphor wood veneer are decorated with delicate Lalique glass insets originally made for the Orient Express trains.

In April 2014, Pintus was selected from over 60 entrants to win one of the most intrepid prizes in cocktailing history. As one of the winners of the WanderlustColombia challenge, he will go to live and work in the vibrant and exotic capital of Colombia and the fashionable city of Cartagena. (www.theritzlondon.com)

About the Ritz-London
The world's greatest hotel, as conceived by the world's greatest hotelier. For over a century The Ritz London has been the benchmark by which other hotels are measured. A London landmark at 150 Piccadilly, The Ritz has been home to the great and the good, the intelligentsia, the glitterati and thousands of discerning guests since 1906. Juxtaposed between the bustling metropolitan areas of Mayfair and St. James, which abound with luxury boutiques, art galleries and iconic attractions; and the tranquil emerald green expanse of Green Park, The Ritz provides the ultimate destination to enjoy the quintessential London experience.

Ania Kijewska - Hutong/Aqua Shard London
High above London at Hutong at The Shard, bartender Ania Kijewska works her mixology magic. A well dressed crowd mingles and crowds the bar surrounded by multiple story clean glass walls offering dazzling vistas over the metropolis below. Just below the horizon, a faint meniscus of lights marking the Arsenal stadium and boats on the Thames glide gracefully under London Bridge. It's the usual mayhem at the bar but Anna in her professional manner generates cocktail paroxysm-whipping, cutting, chopping and creating liquid libations that keep the crowd clamoring for more. She's a dedicated professional and a delight to watch in action. Visit her at Hutong and the Shard the-shard.com/restaurants/hutong.

The Shard
54 million people a year travel through London Bridge Quarter. Renzo Piano, the project's architect, designed the Shard as a spire-like sculpture emerging from the River Thames. He was inspired by the railway lines next to the site, the London spires depicted by the 18th-century Venetian painter Canaletto, and the masts of sailing ships. Piano's design met criticism from English Heritage, who claimed the building would be "a shard of glass through the heart of historic London", giving the building its name, The Shard. Piano considered the slender, spire-like form of the tower a positive addition to the London skyline, recalling the church steeples featured in historic engravings of the city, and believed that its presence would be far more delicate than opponents of the project alleged. He proposed a sophisticated use of glazing, with expressive fa�ades of angled glass panes intended to reflect sunlight and the sky above, so that the appearance of the building will change according to the weather and seasons.[32] The building features 11,000 panes of glass, with a total surface area of 56,000 square meters (600,000 sq ft).

Aqua shard, located on level 31 of The Shard serves innovative contemporary British cuisine. The restaurant boasts breath-taking views from its main dining room, private dining room and a spectacular three-story. high all-day atrium bar. Dishes feature carefully-selected fine British produce and combine the staple ingredients of British cooking with innovative techniques. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.
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United Fresh-Chicago And Limoneira Sampling For Progressive Grocer's Retail Dieticians Symposium
Santa Barbara Earth Day Celebration With Limoneira Lifestyles
Advantages For Builders, Business Owners And Homeowners Highlighted On Limoneira's New Gateway Website
Limoneira's Peruvian Unleash The Power Of Lemons Opinion Leader Hans Hilburg Nominated
Foxes Love Lemons And Lori Yates Limoneira Lemon Crème Brûlée
Elanco Corporate Management And Customers From Around The United States Visit Limoneira Ranch
Harold Edwards Featured On CNBC - New Normal - No One Escapes Pain In Drought Areas
Limoneira Supports Rolling For Pink
Harold Edwards Featured On CNBC - New Normal - No One Escapes Pain In Drought Areas
Limoneira Winner's Block

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Summer Grilling
Grilled Lemons, Baby Artichokes, And Eggplant


If you're grilling these delectable veggies and lemons as an accompaniment to chicken, fish or other entr�e, you'll want to start them just as the meat/fish is finishing its cooking cycle. If this is your entr�e, then you'll love that it takes only minutes on the grill to create a dish that's flavorful and chock full of nutrients. 


(For recipe, click here)



The Gateway - Take The Survey

Limoneira's new Gateway residential and commercial project continues on the path to ground breaking. This exciting new undertaking has something for everyone-homeowners, business owners and builders. Add your name to the growing interested parties list, and let us know your preferences. The link to a short survey is available on The Gateway Website.

Windfall Farms Cabernet

Three phases of cabernet plantings in Windfall Farms rich soil are taking place that will eventually total more than 400 acres. Windfall Farms is blessed with mild temperature, significant water and great conditions for growing this elegant full bodied wine.

At the 2013 Cabs of Distinction Event held at Windfall Farms, six celebrated wine makers and Wine Enthusiast Magazine discussed the elements that distinguish Paso Robles Cabernet. They described the style of wines made from Cabernet in the Paso Robles AVA (American Viticultural Area) as brighter in flavor, naturally high in acidity and with tamer but rich tannins compared to wines from the state's standard bearer for high quality Cabernet- Napa Valley. The defining characteristics of the Paso Robles terroir are the high diurnal temperature variance (as much as 50�F) and very limited soil nutrients in the generally calcareous, high-pH soil that controls the natural vigor of Cabernet vines. These factors help explain how a region with summer temperatures frequently hitting 100�F can produce vibrant wines that don't need acidification. It was also felt that ripeness could be achieved every year.

The winemakers noted that when Cabernet Sauvignon achieves ripeness, it is truly fantastic and they felt that Paso Robles soil is quite different compared with soil from most of California as the clay provides richness and the calcareous composition provides natural acidity. It is also possible to achieve all the ripeness needed without adding acid. A low level of rainfall in Paso Robles compared with Sonoma and Napa counties is also advantageous because moisture doesn't need to be removed from the soil. Some of the wine makers pointed out that Napa's growing conditions are not always ideal and said that had Robert Mondavi built his winery in 1966 in Paso Robles rather than Napa, it would be the most famous wine region in California. � votre sant�!
Unleash The Natural Power Of Lemons Targeted To Asia Fruit Logistica Attendees

Limoneira's Unleash the Natural Power Of Lemons advertising will appear in Asia Fruit Magazine's Asia Fruit Logistica Edition-the largest of the year as it's distributed not only to their global readership but to the thousands of attendees at the Hong Kong show in September. ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA is Asia's leading trade show for the international fresh fruit and vegetable business. ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA 2013 attracted more than 6,500 top decision-makers from 64 countries to Hong Kong.

Limoneira Unleash Korean Opinion Leader, Joe McPherson, In NY Times


This past June, Limoneira Unleash Korean Opinion Leader Joe McPherson was again referenced in the New York Times.  This American blogger started his site ZenKimchi a decade ago  and  the popular site (zenkimchi.com) recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, confirming its status as a mainstay of Korea's rapidly evolving culinary scene. In step with the cuisine's growing popularity abroad, the blog has evolved into a public relations firm, ZenKimchi International. He's appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and CNN, and rubbed elbows with famous foodies such as French chef and television personality Eric Ripert.


His first blog entries were about life as a fresh-off-the-plane newbie. He soon took interest in food blogs, but noticed a dearth of sites about Korean cuisine. He began using ZenKimchi as a place to keep track of recipes, food "discoveries" and restaurants. In 2007 the New York Times contacted him for a story on Korean fried chicken and the blog went through the roof in traffic. A pivotal year for Korean cuisine came in 2008, with developments such as the viral popularity of L.A.-based food truck company Kogi Korean BBQ, which fused Korean and Mexican food. McPherson found himself in the middle of the excitement, consulting for "Bizarre Foods," a popular show on The Travel Channel and the PBS documentary series, "Kimchi Chronicles." Today, in addition to consulting, the company offers walking tours such as the "BBQ tour" and the "Dark Side of Seoul" tour, which tells of the city's macabre past.

Lemons From A Higher Perspective

Visitors to this July's 7th Annual Citrus Classic Balloon Festival will experience majestic hot air balloons and lemons from a fresh and unique perspective. Situated on 8 acres surrounded by Limoneira orchards, the Citrus Classic offers an assortment of family-friendly activities. Younger guests can hop on a hay wagon for a Working Ranch Tour to learn about the history and cultivation of lemons. The adventurous - young and old - may opt to take a tethered balloon ride, ascending up to 100' feet above the festival lawns with views stretching from the Limoneira orchards to the Pacific Ocean and Channel Islands. Full-flight balloon rides are also available, with pilots so skilled they have been known to hover between rows of citrus trees and let passengers pick a lemon. And as the sun begins to set over the lemon fields, the al fresco Sunset Wine Dinner and Firestone Walker Brewing Co. Craft Beer Dinner bring the interplay of lemons and hot air balloons full circle, with tastings of local, hand-crafted limoncello, lemon notes in the gourmet cuisine, and luscious lemon bars as the hot air balloons inflate and illuminate the evening skies.

So mark your calendars on July 25th and 26th for the 7th Annual Citrus Classic Balloon Festival, and come out to view Limoneira lemons from this higher, and memorable, perspective. www.citrusclassicballoons.com
Young Talented Interns Join The Limoneira Team This Summer

Limoneira is tapping into some energetic brain power this summer. A group of young talented folks from UCSB, Oregon University, Cal Poly, Ventura College and Bakersfield University are learning about all aspects of growing, harvesting, marketing and selling lemons. They are also learning about Limoneira's sustainability practices first hand (Solar, Integrated Pest Management, Organic Recycling and Water Conservation Methods). An international internship network is also being created. Exciting stuff!

It's a two-way street and Limoneira is learning from these talented students too. Welcome to Taylor Wallace, Allisen Hansen, Michael Hernandez, Jaymee McInerney, Adrianna Nunez and Brittnee Carter.

Harold Edwards On CNBC Squawk Box

On June 18th, Harold Edwards, Limoneira CEO was interviewed by Andrew Ross Sorkin on CNBC's top rated Squawk program. The segment was part of the program's "Summer Kick-off" feature and Harold discussed the early summer lime shortage and what it meant for lemon sales, consumption, lemons as an alternative to limes and Limoneira's business. Limoneira is also one of the Country's largest avocado producers and this fruit was discussed at length on the segment. You can view the segment by clicking the image below.

Andrew Ross Sorkin
Andrew Ross Sorkin is co-anchor of "Squawk Box," CNBC's signature morning program. Sorkin is also a financial columnist for The New York Times. Sorkin is the author of the best-selling book, "Too Big to Fail: The Inside Story of How Wall Street and Washington Fought to Save the Financial System-and Themselves," which chronicled the events of the 2008 financial crisis. The book won the 2010 Gerald Loeb Award for Best Business Book, and was shortlisted for the 2010 Samuel Johnson Prize and the 2010 Financial Times Business Book of the Year Award. The book was adapted as a movie by HBO Films in 2011. Sorkin was a co-producer of the film, which was nominated for 11 Emmy Awards.
Limoneira Supports Rolling For Pink

When Wendy Reed, one of the original Rolling for Pink board members heard about Limoneira's Think Pink and Win Bunco contest to support Limoneira's pink lemons, she made a call and Limoneira was happy to answer.

This great group of women and their families has raised $150,000 since 2009 to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The BCRF has raised over $440 million to support clinical and translational research at medical institutions across the globe conducting the most advanced and promising breast cancer research that will help lead to prevention and a cure in our lifetime. BCRF support for promising yet untried ideas is a crucial component of this research.

Limoneira lemons were provided for the RFP's lemonade stand. Pictures of the women and a few of their "bunco boys" provide ample evidence that not only is this a worthwhile event, a fun time was had by everyone! (www.rollingforpink.org).
All Things Lemon Gift Pack - Perfect Summer Complement For Your Sun Filled Days

Lemons contain important sources of vitamins and minerals. No wonder lemon extracts are often found in many skin and beauty products. This gift pack features three of nature's finest lemons, Limoneira Lifestyle's Lemon Avocado Body Butter and our Organic Lemon Balm Moisturizer. Our new Lemon Avocado Body Butter is a rich moisturizing skin softener that immediately sooths and hydrates. Natural and organic ingredients derived from lemon and avocado provide the essential touch of tone and freshening. Rounding out this lemon themed pack is a customer favorite-our Organic Lemon Balm Moisturizer. A light, elegant, acid-free skin softening formula is used daily to help soothe and repair visible signs of dryness. It combines the antioxidant power from green tea and vitamin C. Essential extracts from avocado, lemon and rosemary with just a hint of lavender and camphor gives the lotion a wonderful aroma. Click here to view gift pack.
Limoneira Winner's Block


This month our lucky winners are Jeanine Donofrio & Jack Mathews of Austin, Texas. As our monthly winners, Jeanine & Jack have won a Limoneira Orchard Fresh or Lifestlyes Gift.


Congratulations Jeanine & Jack!!!


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