June 2014

Limoneira In Portal Fruticola


Portal Fruticola.com is the most read fresh produce industry website in Chile, Peru and all of South America with 3 million page views in 2013. The insightful produce content provided by the innovative media channel has broad reach in the industry. Their readers include retailers, food service distributors, growers, wholesalers, importers, exporters, suppliers, trade associations and more.


Limoneira's UNLEASH THE NATURAL POWER OF LEMONS campaign is featured in Portal Fruticola, with clickable advertisements that direct readers to recipe tips, lemon based beauty care solutions, healthy lemon suggestions and fun lemon decorating tips in Spanish and Portuguese.
United Fresh-Chicago And Limoneira Sampling For Progressive Grocer's Retail Dieticians Symposium


In June, more than 5,000 fresh produce industry insiders will descend on Chicago to attend United Fresh, the highest concentration of decision-makers of any trade show in the produce industry.


Limoneira management will be attending to meet with customers and partners, check out new products and innovations in technology, food safety solutions and much more. Progressive Grocer has been the voice of the retail food industry for more than 90 years and its core audience targets top management at headquarters and key decision makers at store-level.


From chain supermarkets to regional and local independent grocers, supercenters, wholesale distributors, manufacturers and other supply chain trading partners, readers rely on PG for its authoritative, comprehensive, relevant, research-based editorial content and need-to-know news.


Limoneira will be distributing samples and information from health, one of Limoneira's five UNLEASH THE NATURAL POWER OF LEMONS benefits, at Progressive Grocers 2014 Progressive Grocer Retail Dietitian Symposium in conjunction with United Fresh. Many of the nation's largest supermarket chains employ dieticians. Progressive Grocer will be targeting information about the health benefits of Limoneira lemons to dieticians employed at:

Whole FoodsSchnucks
Price ChopperRouse
Giant EaglePublix

PG Research reveals that when asking retailers "Which department/services will be at the forefront of your retail merchandising strategies?"


Retailers responded:
35% In-store dietitian-nutrition services 
30% info-based ingredients for healthy choices 
25% Playing up fresh produce 
5% Showcase more seafood 
5% Lean meats


The basic goal of a Retail Dietician is to provide the shopper with nutritional information to manage their health condition: obesity; hypertension; diabetes; high cholesterol and food allergies. Shopper Research confirms that customers are receptive to help in making healthful choices and managing health concerns.


In-market testing validates that shoppers are responsive to programs that help them take simple steps towards health.


Shopper Marketing Research (source www.catalinamarketing.com)
Advantages For Builders, Business Owners And Homeowners Highlighted On Limoneira's New Gateway Website


The Gateway, Limoneira's comprehensively designed master planned community has something for everyone: Builders, Business Owners and Homeowners and located in the heart of one of California's most beautiful regions.


Ventura County has an abundance of riches and offers a stunning 42 miles of coastline and the Los Padres National Forest, which accounts for 46% of the county's land mass in the northern portion of the county. Fertile valleys in the southern half of the county make Ventura County a leading agricultural producer. Together, farming and the Los Padres National Forest occupy half of the county's 1.2 million acres.


A mild year-round climate, along with scenic geography makes the area attractive to the 850,000 culturally and ethnically diverse people who call Ventura County home. Ventura County has a strong economic base that includes major industries such as biotechnology, agriculture, advanced technologies, oil production, military testing and development, and tourism. Port Hueneme is California's smallest but only deep water port between Los Angeles and San Francisco and plays a major role in the local economy.


Home to two universities (California State University Channel Islands and California Lutheran University), and three Community Colleges (Oxnard, Ventura, and Moorpark), multiple university extensions, institutes, and adult schools, the county enjoys a strong structure for workforce development.


Visit www.thegatwaycommunity.com to learn more and to add your name to an interested party list.
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United Fresh-Chicago And Limoneira Sampling For Progressive Grocer's Retail Dieticians Symposium
Advantages For Builders, Business Owners And Homeowners Highlighted On Limoneira's New Gateway Website
Santa Barbara Earth Day Celebration With Limoneira Lifestyles
Limoneira Cabernet Sauvignon Vinyards Planted At Windfall Farms
Limoneira's Peruvian Unleash The Power Of Lemons Opinion Leader Hans Hilburg Nominated
Foxes Love Lemons And Lori Yates Limoneira Lemon Crème Brûlée
Elanco Corporate Management And Customers From Around The United States Visit Limoneira Ranch
Harold Edwards Featured On CNBC - New Normal - No One Escapes Pain In Drought Areas
Limoneira Winner's Block

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Lemon Chicken Soba Salad


Fresh zest and juice from 1 Limoneira lemon

2 Tbs. Light soy sauce

1 Tbs. Toasted sesame oil

1 Tbs. Honey

1 Red chili, chopped

1 Garlic clove, minced

1 Green onion, chopped

2 oz. Soba noodles

1 Head broccoli, cut into bite size

1 Chicken breast, cooked (boiled) and shredded (Can be substitute cooked crab meat or shrimp)

Sesame seeds for garnish





Mix lemon zest, juice and next 6 ingredients in a large mixing bowl and set aside. Bring 8 cups of water to boil in a pot. Cook soba noodles by following the direction of the package you are using. Add broccoli into boiling water when one minute is left with cooking soba noodles. Drain noodles and broccoli and rinse in cold water.

Add noodles, broccoli and chicken into dressing we made earlier and toss until well combined. Transfer to a serving plate and garnish with sesame seeds.

Serve cold and enjoy!







Santa Barbara Earth Day Celebration With Limoneira Lifestyles


This past April, Santa Barbara Earth Day attendees were treated to samples of Limoneira Lifestyles skin care products. Over 37,000 people attended the festival in Alameda Park. Santa Barbara is widely acknowledged as the birthplace of the modern environmental movement and the festival encouraged meaningful actions to help make a global impact. Symbolizing this, 1,020 bikes were valet parked by the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition and an estimated 1,000 more were self-parked. Over, 380 people took a ride in an electric vehicle in the event's Ride & Drive section of the Green Car Show including ride and drives in the widely acclaimed Tesla S, Toyota RAV4 EV (the first electric SUV on the market) and the Nissan Leaf. More than 90% of the waste generated was composted, recycled or otherwise diverted from landfill.


The event was curated and all entrants were screened for inclusion. Limoneira's all natural skin care items and The Company's dedication to sustainability correlated perfectly with the event.
Limoneira Cabernet Sauvignon Vinyards Planted At Windfall Farms


Three phases of cabernet plantings are underway that will total over 400 acres and will enjoy Windfall's rich soil. Windfall Farms is blessed with mild temperatures, significant water and excellent conditions for growing this elegant full bodied wine.


At the 2013 Cabs of Distinction Event held at Windfall Farms, six celebrated wine makers and Wine Enthusiast Magazine discussed the elements that distinguish Paso Robles Cabernet. They described the style of wines made from Cabernet in the Paso Robles AVA (American Viticultural Area) as brighter in flavor, naturally high in acidity and with tamer but rich tannins compared to wines from the state's standard bearer for high quality Cabernet- Napa Valley. The defining characteristics of the Paso Robles terroir are the high diurnal temperature variance (as much as 50�F) and very limited soil nutrients in the generally calcareous, high-pH soil that controls the natural vigor of Cabernet vines. These factors help explain how a region with summer temperatures frequently hitting 100�F can produce vibrant wines that don't need acidification. It was also felt that ripeness could be achieved every year.


These celebrated winemakers noted that when Cabernet Sauvignon achieves ripeness, it is truly fantastic and felt that the soils in Paso Robles are very different compared to much of California. The clay provides richness; the calcareous composition provides natural acidity. Furthermore, it was explained that it was possible to achieve all the ripeness needed without adding acid. A low level of rainfall in Paso compared to Sonoma and Napa counties is also an advantage. The opportunity here is that moisture doesn't need to be dried out of the soil. Some of the wine makers pointed out that Napa's growing conditions are not always ideal, and said that if Robert Mondavi would have built his winery in 1966 in Paso Robles instead of Napa, this would be the most famous wine region in California.
Limoneira's Peruvian Unleash The Power Of Lemons Opinion Leader Hans Hilburg Nominated For Prestigious Gourmond World Cookbook Award


Peru la Tierra del Pisco: La Nueva Cocteleria Peruana by Hans Hilburg has been named best book in Peru in the Cocktail category among the books nominated by Gourmond and is competing for best in the world at the book fair in Beijing. This prestigious award is typically presented in Paris but has been presented during the Beijing Cookbook Fair.


Every year, Gourmand gives awards in a very special location for gastronomy. The Ceremony is always an opportunity to meet every important person in the world of cookbooks and wine books and hundreds of publishers, authors, chefs and journalists take part in the events.
Foxes Love Lemons And Lori Yates Limoneira Lemon Cr�me Br�l�e


Last month we featured Detroit based Lori Yates and her creative blog, Foxes Love Lemons. Lori is a food writer and recipe developer. She created a delicious lemon Cr�me Br�l�e with Limoneira lemons and featured the recipe on her blog. Obviously, there were quite a few fans. The post received 1,436 page views to date and has been pinned to Pinterest 1,683 times. Voil�!
Elanco Corporate Management And Customers From Around The United States Visit Limoneira Ranch


Elanco is a world leader in developing products and services that enhance animal health, wellness and performance. Elanco products contribute to the production of an affordable and abundant supply of food, while also helping to ensure the safety of that food. On a scouting trip in 2013, the Company's marketing team was introduced to Limoneira through representatives of the beautiful Ojai Valley Inn. After a delicious al fresco lunch at Limoneira's bocce courts, Elanco decided that Limoneira's sustainability story needed to be woven into their 4-C Summit. The four Cs stand for a company's Challenges, Connections, Collaboration and Commitment. Over 300 participants from all over the nation toured Limoneira and enjoyed a delicious lunch by Chef Jason Collis. CEO Harold Edwards was featured in Elanco's corporate video and gave a presentation on Limoneira's 4-Cs (Challenges, Connections, Collaboration and Commitment) to the group.


More About Elanco

Innovative new pet products help companion animals live longer, healthier, happier lives. Their half-century of innovative products, services and global partnerships help to fulfill our vision of food and companionship enriching life. Elanco operates from a global headquarters in Greenfield, Indiana, and employs over 2,500 people in more than 40 countries. Elanco is a division of Eli Lilly and Company, a Fortune 500 global pharmaceutical corporation in Indianapolis with a heritage more than 130 years strong.

Harold Edwards Featured On CNBC - New Normal - No One Escapes Pain In Drought Areas


Mark Koba's recent article in US News on the severity of the drought in the Western US featured comments by Limoneira CEO Harold Edwards.


"The dry conditions in the western U.S. are so bad that even many of the companies that are thriving in the drought feel economic pain.


Case in point-Limoneira, of Santa Paula, California, and one of the largest U.S. growers of lemons and avocados: It reached record revenue of $100 million this year thanks to higher prices brought on by a freeze in South America, said president and CEO Harold Edwards.


Despite the higher sales, however, getting through the drought is costly, said Edwards, who noted that his firm constantly monitors its underground wells so as not to overuse them.


"We have to do more water pumping, invest in sprinkler systems, and every extra irrigation costs us," said Edwards, whose company has some 11,000 acres in agricultural production. To read more click here.
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