March 2014

Limoneira Water Strategy


News about water supply has had a very high profile in the news over the past few months, and it is clear that its supply faces continual pressure from growing populations, economic activities and the increasing need for agricultural food production.


Whether land is under active farming or being readied for urban development, the availability and cost of water are crucial to business plans and economic success. Water is often called a public resource, but it is also subject to private ownership, which comes with a responsibility of stewardship. Limoneira's land use practices are efficient, and our water use history is long and exemplary. We take our stewardship responsibility seriously and fully understand that our use of an important public natural resource is not only the essence of a public private partnership, but it is also our legacy.


Limoneira takes important steps to protect this valuable resource. Water quality and supply is maintained through rigorous lab testing, filtration systems, and a network of micro sprinklers. As both a leading provider of agricultural products and a community builder, Limoneira recognizes that balance is essential to ensuring that demand is served. We work with a variety of stakeholders including governmental agencies, grower partners and community leaders on this important issue.


Through our land position, historic water use, sustainable land use practices and by making investments in infrastructure, Limoneira has developed long-term, firm and reliable rights to water sufficient to meet any of our land use objectives. The Company maintains a comprehensive water strategy to deliver on our Company's business objectives. You can learn more about this by clicking here.
The Gateway


On February 18th, Limoneira CEO, Harold Edwards updated the Santa Paula City Council on progress of Limoneira's new Gateway project. The Gateway consists of 537 Master Planned acres that will provide our community with much needed housing, business opportunities, educational, medical and athletic facilities.


This community project is expected to provide a surplus to the city of Santa Paula's general fund of $9,560,000 over the project's first ten years and is expected to contribute $6,500,000 to city of Santa Paula's affordable housing trust fund. Lots are anticipated to be sold to home builders and home prices are anticipated to begin at the mid $300k price point. Limoneira will be involved in the management through build-out.


Complete revisions to the specific plan are being submitted to Santa Paula's Planning Department and complete tentative tract map (ttm) with backbone infrastructure is expected to be completed soon.


A supplemental environmental impact review (SEIR) is being prepared and grading and backbone infrastructure plans to the City of Santa Paula are expected this autumn. Permits are anticipated in December with construction of infrastructure and grading planned for January 2015. This will depend upon having contracts in place with home builders prior to commencing construction.


In addition to the revenue that will flow to the City of Santa Paula outlined above, the project has many benefits:


  • An annual grant for three years from Limoneira of $250,000 to assist the police department with staffing and equipment issues.
  • A new fire station will be built which will include a police substation.
  • A new elementary school will be built (including new furniture, fixtures and equipment).
  • The school district will conduct a junior high school facilities assessment study in which the project will contribute the development's fair share.
  • A high school site has been reserved and the project will contribute to school fees.
  • Ongoing discussions with post secondary educational institutions for participation in a community learning center.
  • At various levels of Certificate of Occupancy permit issuance, a number of infrastructure improvements are also planned.
    • $500,000 will be contributed to Santa Paula street and 12th Street to help with the current flooding.
    • A new traffic signal and lane reconfiguration at Santa Paula street and 12th Street.
    • Ojai Road and 10th Street will be widened and reconfigured.
    • Santa Paula Street and 8th Street will be widened and reconfigured.
    • Palm Drive and Santa Paula Street will be reconfigured.
    • Steckel Drive and Santa Paula Street will be reconfigured.
    • Santa Paula Street improvements.
    • Widening and reconfiguring Hallock Drive and hwy 126 will occur-before completion of 500th unit.
    • A new at grade crossing will be installed at Hallock to enter The Gateway North.
    • A new bridge will be constructed along Santa Paula Street to cross Santa Paula Street.
    • A new sewer lift station will be built to accommodate all of The Gateway.
    • New water and sewer lines will be installed that will also accommodate the existing residents in The Gateway South should they be required to connect to the city of Santa Paula's system.
    • $5.5 million will be paid to the City of Santa Paula as a contribution towards the waste water treatment facility.
    • 3 million gallon tank will be constructed to service The Gateway An additional 2 million gallon water tank will be constructed to provide the City of Santa Paula with additional water capacity, better water quality and improved water pressure.
    • With the annexation of The Gateway South, commercial property in The Gateway North will be scaled back to balance commercial needs in the project as well as with Santa Paula as a whole.
    • The Gateway North will contain 20,000 sf. of commercial space, 100,000 sf of office space and 25,000 sf of light industrial space. The Gateway South will contain 360,000 sf of retail/industrial space. We anticipate a regional retail center will be built within the first two phases of The Gateway.
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The Gateway
Limoneira's Lemons 400 Ranch
CNBC Business News Reporter Jane Wells Interviews Harold Edwards
Unleash Profiles - Melodee Morita, Minsoo Go And Zenkimchi
Zenkimchi - Limoneira Lemon Dish Contest
Midwest Based Meijers Stores Films At Limoneira Ranch
Limoneira Winner's Block

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Irvin Lin - Matcha Green Tea and Lemon Honey Castella (kasutera) Japanese Sponge Cake

Irvin Lin- Matcha Green Tea and Lemon Honey Castella (kasutera) Japanese Sponge Cake Irvin Lin is a writer, recipe developer, designer, photographer and self-taught baker. He lives in San Francisco and on one of his trips back to Japan (his father is a chemist in Tokyo), he discovered snacks that look too cute to eat and a honey sponge cake that nearly everybody in the country eats as a snack called castella (kasutera) . It's a simple recipe really, almost like a chiffon cake, but without the oil or leavening. It's a popular cake in Japan, and often eaten during their oyatsu (snack time, a fourth meal that the Japanese eat around 3pm. Irvin's delicious recipe can be found here.

Limoneira's Lemons 400 Ranch


Limoneira's global lemon sales and marketing strategy requires year-round supply for our customers. It's important to have acreage that produces lemons. From August to November, Limoneira lemons come from our facilities in Yuma Arizona, then production shifts to our ranches in the San Joaquin Valley from November to March. Supply then shifts to Limoneira Ranches near the California coast where production from March to August supplies our customers. Limoneira's management continues to explore acquisitions to optimize production levels. Last fall, the Company completed the acquisition of approximately 760 acres of agricultural property in the town of Porterville in Tulare county, California.This property consists of approximately 400 acres of productive lemon orchards and 360 acres primarily utilized for cattle grazing. The acquisition includes water assets and agricultural equipment and supplies. The addition of this property brings Limoneira's owned and leased lemon holdings to over 1,000 acres in the San Joaquin Valley, total lemon acreage to approximately 3,400 acres in California and Arizona and over 10,000 acres of owned, leased or managed property in the two states.


The acquired lemon orchards are typically harvested and sold from November through March. Limoneira expects production of approximately 200,000 cartons of lemons for fiscal year 2014 and expects to produce in excess of 100,000 additional cartons of lemons in future years after certain orchard redevelopment on the property. Limoneira expects to achieve annual production of approximately 300,000 to 350,000 cartons subsequent to orchard redevelopment.
CNBC Business News Reporter Jane Wells Interviews Harold Edwards


This past month, CNBC business news reporter Jane Wells is based in Los Angeles, where she covers retail, agriculture and defense as well as reports on California's economy, West Coast real estate and Las Vegas. She visited Limoneira in February to interview Harold Edwards about Limoneira's avocado and citrus. Her interview with Harold can be seen by clicking here.


Wells came from CNBC's "Upfront Tonight," where she served as a senior correspondent. She joined CNBC in 1996, providing special coverage of the O.J. Simpson civil case for "Rivera Live." Prior to joining CNBC, she was a correspondent for the Fox News Channel and Los Angeles reporter for NBC's flagship television station, WNBC, in New York. Her television news career includes reporter positions with KTTV, Los Angeles; WTVJ, Miami; and KOB, Albuquerque. She has also contributed international reports for CNN.


Wells has received numerous honors for her work, including a 1992 Peabody Award and duPont Award for her role in the live coverage of the Rodney King Trial. That same year, she earned a Los Angeles Emmy Award for her investigative reporting. She also has received UPI, Press Club and Emmy Awards for feature reporting; three Florida Emmy Awards for news reporting; and the Investigative Reporters and Editors Award for team reporting.
Unleash Profiles - Melodee Morita, Minsoo Go And Zenkimchi


Melodee Morita is a YouTube Artist, and FCI (Fujisankei Communications International) Reporter. She offers her thousands of followers a wide variety of tips on beauty and healthy lifestyle and suggests delicious recipes. Her 2014 Best Skin Tighteners offered an unbiased review of top performers for the year. She's fun and informative and very popular and offers great content in both English and Japanese. She offers a wide variety of beauty and skin care tips on her YOUTUBE Channel:


Minsoo Go loves lemons. She is a fitness specialist based in Seoul Korea and has written for HiDoc, one of the largest medical source web page and Monsterzym, one of Korea's most popular fitness forum sites. She's very interested in helping people lead healthier lives. As a young girl the only expectation was to study. Young people were not taught that physical activity helps to keep one's mind healthy. Minsoo has been sharing her personal story with others to raise people's awareness that it's important to lead a healthy and balanced life. Minsoo can be reached at www.facebook.come/OfficialMinsoo,


ZenKimchi-Joe McPerson, founder of ZenKimchi has been featured and sourced in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, CNN, KBS, MBC, SBS, Le Figaro, Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia, Harper's Bazaar Korea, The Chosun Weekly, and other Korean and international media.


He has consulted for The Travel Channel's "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern," Lonely Planet, and the PBS documentary series "Kimchi Chronicles." Mr. McPherson has written for multiple Korean and international publications, including SEOUL Magazine, JoongAng Daily, The Korea Herald, Newsweek Korea and wrote the feature article for U.S. National publication Plate magazine's all-Korean food issue. He has acted as dining editor for 10 Magazine and was on the judging panel for Korea for the Miele Guide. He spoke at TEDx Seoul on Korean food globalization, at TED Worldwide Talent Search on the rise of Korean cuisine, and in New York City on Korean Buddhist temple cuisine. His company organizes food tours for tourists and corporations and acts as a media liaison for foreign and Korean media and local restaurants and producers.
Zenkimchi - Limoneira Lemon Dish Contest


Zenkimchi is running a lemon dish contest. Contestants are encouraged to send in their recipes for their favorite dishes using lemons and enterprising chefs can offer up their favorite Korean dishes with a lemon twist. Entrants can also submit their own photos to give their submissions a little extra flavor! Click here to view contest.

Midwest Based Meijers Stores Films At Limoneira Ranch


Limoneira's Meyer lemons are shipped to Meijers stores in the continental US Midwest. The company's film producers recently visited Limoneira ranch to shoot a new commercial.


Privately held Meijer, Inc. is a regional American hypermarket chain with its corporate headquarters in Walker, Michigan, in the Grand Rapids metropolitan area. It is one of the country's largest private company (2011 revenues were $14.6 billion) Founded in 1934 as a supermarket chain, Meijer is credited with pioneering the modern supercenter concept in 1962. The company has 190 stores in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky.
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