May 2013

Texas - This Ain't Their First Rodeo


This month in honor of our partners in the Lone-Star-State, we celebrate all things Texas.


As Far As The Eye Can See


Texas is the second-most populous and the second-largest of the 50 states in the United States of America, and the largest state in the 48 contiguous United States. Geographically located in the South Central part of the country, Texas shares an international border with the Mexican states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Le´┐Żn and Tamaulipas to the south, and borders the U.S. states of New Mexico to the west, Oklahoma to the north, Arkansas to the northeast and Louisiana to the east. Texas has an area of 268,820 square miles (696,200 km2), and a growing population of 26.1 million residents.


Houston is the largest city in Texas and the fourth-largest in the United States, while San Antonio is the second-largest in the state and seventh largest in the United States. Dallas-Fort Worth and Greater Houston are the fourth and fifth largest United States metropolitan areas, respectively. Other major cities include El Paso and Austin, the state capital. Texas is nicknamed the Lone Star State to signify Texas as a former independent republic and as a reminder of the state's struggle for independence from Mexico. The "Lone Star" can be found on the Texas state flag and on the Texas state seal today.


Spain was the first European country to claim the area of Texas and France held a short-lived colony in the state. Mexico controlled the territory until 1836 when Texas won its independence, becoming an independent Republic. In 1845 it joined the United States as the 28th state. One Texas industry that thrived after the Civil War was cattle. Due to its long history as a center of the industry, Texas is associated with the image of the cowboy. The state's economic fortunes changed in the early 20th century, when oil discoveries initiated an economic boom in the state. With strong investments in universities, Texas developed a diversified economy and high tech industry in the mid-20th century. As of 2010 it shares the top of the list of the most Fortune 500 companies with California at 57.


With a growing base of industry, the state leads in many industries, including agriculture, petrochemicals, energy, computers and electronics, aerospace, and biomedical sciences. Texas has led the nation in export revenue since 2002 and has the second-highest gross state product.


Historically, the whole of Texas culture comes from a blend of Southern (Dixie), Western (frontier), and Southwestern (Mexican/Anglo fusion) influences, varying in degrees of such from one intrastate region to another. A popular food item, the breakfast burrito, draws from all three, having a soft flour tortilla wrapped around bacon and scrambled eggs or other hot, cooked fillings. Adding to Texas's traditional culture, established in the 18th and 19th centuries, immigration has made Texas a melting pot of cultures from around the world.


Houston is one of only five American cities with permanent professional resident companies in all of the major performing arts disciplines: the Houston Grand Opera, the Houston Symphony Orchestra, the Houston Ballet, and The Alley Theatre known for the vibrancy of its visual and performing arts, the Houston Theater District-a 17-block area in the heart of Downtown Houston- ranks second in the country in the number of theater seats in a concentrated downtown area.


The Deep Ellum district within Dallas became popular during the 1920s and 1930s as the prime jazz and blues hotspot in the Southern United States. The name Deep Ellum comes from local people pronouncing "Deep Elm" as "Deep Ellum". Artists such as Blind Lemon Jefferson, Robert Johnson, Huddie "Lead Belly" Ledbetter, and Bessie Smith played in early Deep Ellum clubs. Austin, The Live Music Capital of the World, boasts "more live music venues per capita than such music hotbeds as Nashville, Memphis, Los Angeles, Las Vegas or New York City." The city's music revolves around the nightclubs on 6th Street; events like the film, music, and multimedia festival South by Southwest; the longest-running concert music program on American television, Austin City Limits; and the Austin City Limits Music Festival held in Zilker Park.


Since 1980, San Antonio has evolved into "The Tejano Music Capital Of The World." The Tejano Music Awards have provided a forum to create greater awareness and appreciation for Tejano music and culture.
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Unleashing The Natural Power Of Lemons In Texas
Limoneira Lemons Featured in Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes Tart and Tangy Month
Unleash Around The World
Holthouse Foundation For Kids
Kelly Railean's Twisted Texas Lemonade
Pucker Up With Limoneira's Latest Promotion
Mark Newman-Kuzel Talks About Limoneira Lemons On The Hallmark Channel
Creating A Limoneira International Intern Network
Texas Sayings
Limoneira Winner's Block

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Kelly Railean's Twisted Texas Lemonade


  •  2 parts Railean Texas White Rum
  • 3-4 parts lemonade (can also use pink lemonade-Limoneira makes pink variegated lemons)
  • 1 part club soda
  • Sprig of Rosemary or Thyme

Fill a tall, sugar rimmed glass with ice; add Railean Texas White Rum, lemonade, and club soda. Garnish with a sprig of Rosemary or Thyme.

Limoneira Unleashes The Natural Power Of Lemons In Texas


In a nod to the lone-star state, Limoneira is linking with Texas health, beauty, green cleaning, lifestyle and recipe experts in May. As you can see below, there is plenty of talent in this diverse state, and we're excited and happy to pair with this great group of professionals.


Michelle Fee and Krista Brewster - Nutrition - Houston


Michelle Fee and Krista Brewster are the inspirational duo behind Taste of Life, a wonderful company that helps their clients take charge of their food choices and lifestyle habits. They offer a wide variety of services including one-on-one nutrition counseling in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. Clients can explore their nutrition and body relationship questions, gain up-to-date nutrition guidance, and set realistic short and long-term wellness goals. They have an individualized approach to nutrition counseling and tailor each session to their customers' unique needs.


Norma Garza - Beauty - Houston


Norma Garza, the founder of Norma's Touch Skin Specialty Spa has been helping Houstonians achieve glowing fresh skin for years. By combining nature and science, the staff at Norma's Touch Skin Specialty Spa provide a comprehensive array of treatments including microdermabrasion, herbal and chemical peels, anti-aging, non-invasive skincare and treatments for men, women and teens. She has a loyal following from her many dedicated customers.


Debby Jewesson - Lifestyle - Dallas


Debby Jewesson is the design inspiration behind Branching Out, a Dallas based company dedicated to providing perfection for their clients dream weddings. Debby and her team have received several media accolades for their talent, comprehensive services and warm southern hospitality. Branching Out's beautiful photos and fanciful descriptions of their fabulous fetes are enticing and enable any-bride -to-be to look forward with confidence to her important day.


Omar Flores - Recipes - Dallas


Chef Omar Flores has been working in restaurants from a young age. Beginning with his father who is a chef, studying Restaurant Management at New Mexico State University, to attending the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, Chef Omar has been cooking for as long as he can remember. Upon graduation, he staged in several restaurants around the country before finally settling in Dallas to work at Abacus. After five years at Abacus and three years as Executive Sous Chef, Omar knew it was time to set off on his own. Driftwood is the culinary culmination of his dream.


Maribel Gonzales - Cleaning - San Antonio


Maribel Gonzales, the owner of innovative cleaning company, Pure Green, was named as one of the San Antonio Business Journal's 2012 Going Green Award Winners. The Company is an independently owned and operated commercial and residential cleaning company that is committed to providing an eco-friendly environment. They are an exclusive green company and only use certified green seal cleaning products.
Limoneira Lemons Featured in Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes Tart and Tangy Month


Delicious Limoneira lemons added the tart and tangy to Souplantations & Sweet Tomatoes recent "Tart and Tangy" promotion at all Texas Sweet Tomatoes restaurants. We love these folks and their dedication to bringing tasty health to the family friendly dining sector.


The very first Souplantation brought delicious, healthy dining to San Diego in March 1978. Industry experts credit them as being the first casual eatery brand to serve fresh, wholesome menu options. With 112 company-owned restaurants in 15 states, over 300 million guests since 1978 have helped them to be #1 in fresh produce and salads, made-from-scratch soups, hot-tossed pastas, freshly baked breads and muffins, fresh fruit, frozen yogurt, and more. They pride ourselves on offering an all-you-care-to-eat dining experience where each of our guests can create a meal tailored to their needs.
Unleash Around The World


It's an increasingly interconnected and fast paced business climate, and Limoneira's customers around the world partner with us on innovative methods to increase lemon category growth. As we roll out marketing efforts globally, we're in the process of providing translated web pages, videos and marketing material for our customers and consumers.

One Glass Of Lemonade At A Time - Holthouse Foundation For Kids


America was built on the back of small business. Entrepreneurs used to take risks believing they could realize their dream if they worked hard, took responsibility and were good stewards of their resources. Today's youth share that optimism, but lack the life skills, mentorship and real-world experience necessary to be successful. In 2007, founder Michael Holthouse had a vision to empower today's youth to become tomorrow's entrepreneurs through helping them start, own and operate their very own business...a lemonade stand. Lemonade Day is a strategic 14-step process that walks youth from a dream to a business plan, while teaching them the same principles required to start any big company. Inspiring kids to work hard and make a profit, they are also taught to spend some, save some and share some by giving back to their community. Launched in Houston, Texas in 2007, Lemonade Day has grown from 2,700 kids in one city to 150,000 kids in 36 cities across America and Canada. To find out how you can participate, please visit
Kelly Railean's Twisted Texas Lemonade


Kelly Railean's dream consisted of owning a distillery and making handcrafted American rum. She says that most Americans don't realize that rum was the "Original" American spirit with over 60 rum distilleries in operation in the 1700's. Her family, friends and co-workers thought she was crazy to quit the rat-race and start-up her own company; especially in a world monopolized by mass-produced spirits companies, where very few woman have ventured. However, her fascination and passion for sailing, tropical islands, pirates, parrots (and of course rum and tequila); determined her destiny. By 2006, her company completed the construction of the first rum distillery in the State of Texas and located it in a sleepy little town along the shores of Galveston Bay in San Leon, Texas. She says that once a stronghold for the swashbuckling pirate Jean Lafitte, today San Leon is a "small drinking community with a large fishing problem". The area is also home to a thriving population of wild parrots called Monk Parakeets, which they have adopted as the official RAILEAN mascot. In 2007, her firm was manufacturing small batches of specialty, handcrafted rum utilizing Grade-A unsulfured molasses, state-of-the-art distillery equipment, unique recipes and manufacturing techniques. Distribution began with the local Houston market and quickly expanded to three other major Texas markets including Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. In 2009, they established a partnership with Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) one of the largest wine & spirits distributors in the US and they picked up additional distribution in Arkansas and California.


Hat's off to Railean. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Texas!

Click here for the recipe!
Pucker Up With Limoneira's Latest Promotion


For years we've seen visitors make the infamous "Pucker Face" at our ranch in Santa Paula and people all over the country are making it too. The Limoneira Pucker Face promotion is a fun way to find the silliest, sourest pucker face out there and we're excited to see all the great photos. The winner with the best puckerface will be announced on National Lemon Juice Day, August 29th, 2013. National Lemon Juice Day celebrates the key ingredient in many fruit juices, cocktail recipes and popular dishes.

Limoneira Opinion Leader Mark Newman-Kuzel Talks About Limoneira Lemons On The Hallmark Channel's Home & Family Show


On April 24th, Maid in the U.S.A. President/CEO Mark Newman-Kuzel demonstrated expert kitchen cleaning tips on the Hallmark Channel's Home & Family Show. including Limoneira lemons to clean the microwave and freshen garbage disposals. The Home and Family Show which airs on The Hallmark Channel is hosted by Cristina Ferrare and Mark Steines. This special "Ask the Experts" segment highlighting House Cleaning is show #145:


Cleaning tips with Limoneira Lemons
Cleaning tips with Limoneira Lemons


Maid in the U.S.A. has been the premier boutique cleaning service in the Los Angeles cleaning industry for 20 years. Maid In the U.S.A. Inc.'s clients range from large, national retailers to premier local restaurants and shops
Creating A Limoneira International Intern Network


In the latest iteration of our globally interconnected social media world, young people from all corners of our planet are engaged and they're sharing. Social responsibility, community, fantastic fashion tips, foodies-unhinged, earth-friendly-focus and much much more are just a few of the topics they're tweeting, facebooking, pinteresting and Linking In with.


At Limoneira, we want to be a part of the dialog in the communities we serve, and we're fortunate to have Melissa Gurvis joining our team as an intern.


Melissa grew up in the beautiful town of Pacific Palisades (Los Angeles), California. She is currently in her second year at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where she is majoring in agricultural business. She is very intrigued by the Ag industry, and she recognizes that global dynamics shape the world of food. When Melissa isn't in class, you can find her at farmer's markets or hiking the seven peaks of San Luis Obispo.
Texas Sayings

Common as cornbread, old as dirt, funny as all get-out-homespun expressions link modern Texans to their rural and agricultural past, conveying the resolute spirit and plainspoken humor of their heroes and pioneers. Some sayings are instantly familiar because their parents or grandparents quoted them; others parallel the indisputable wisdom of biblical proverbs or Poor Richard's Almanac; plenty just make us laugh. Texas Monthly asked twelve renowned artists to illustrate their favorite Texas sayings, and they are presented here as well a sample of other axioms and adages common to the state-a collection of sayings as big as all hell and half of Texas.

Click here to view a list of Texas Sayings.

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