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August 2010

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The ringing of the NASDAQ bell on Wall Street on Wednesday, August 4th, signifies Limoneira's next new phase. Like our founding fathers who pioneered a new age for us in the late nineteenth century, we prospect for tomorrow's success. With rich agricultural and real estate assets, and clean energy investments, we are excited to share our story with those who have yet to know us.

Speaking of stories, we were very fortunate to host Gayle Anderson from KTLA Los Angeles recently. She toured Limoneira Ranch as a part of her "one tank trip" series It was a full day; including an al fresco lunch at our orchard dining site, a tour of our solar and demonstration orchards, a bocce ball game, and a trip though the packinghouse.

On July 30th and 31st, The Citrus Balloon Classic's third annual event brought thousands out for this truly unique spectacle. Glowing balloons, a variety of music, delicious food, and activities framed by the natural beauty of Santa Paula's mountains, and acres of green at the Santa Paula East Area I soccer field, were all part of the magical experience. Rat-a-tat-tat! Put the next great event on your radar. Be sure to mark your calendar for "Moonlight at the Ranch IV: The Roaring Twenties" on September 18th. Tickets are going fast to this always sold-out, swanky event.

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The Limoneira Team

Limoneira Announces New Direct Marketing and Selling Strategy for Its Lemon Agribusiness

- New Direct Strategy Positions Company to Capitalize on Expanding Global Agribusiness Opportunity

- Expected to Improve Operating Efficiencies with New Vertically Integrated Business Model
On August 3, 2010, Limoneira Company announced its strategic decision to increase its brand exposure in agribusiness by marketing and selling its lemons directly to foodservice, wholesale and retail customers globally. Beginning November 1, 2010, the Company will add its commercial lemons to its existing specialty lemon sales completing the chain of tree to customer with a new marketing and selling strategy.

"We believe the decision to market and sell our commercial lemons directly to our customers around the world will enable us to improve efficiencies throughout our distribution channels, resulting in the highest quality and service possible for our customers," commented Harold Edwards, President and Chief Executive Officer. "We believe that our direct sales and marketing will bring greater operational efficiency to our supply efforts which we believe will equate to greater shareholder value."

"Beginning this November, we will market and sell our lemons directly to our foodservice, retail, wholesale, broker, import and export customers around the world. This will enable us to be closer to our customers in order to better respond to their needs and wants through direct service - from our trees to their docks. It is no secret that Limoneira has been growing beautiful lemons for over 117 years and our Limoneira lemon brands (Santa� and Paula� for example) are well known in the global marketplace from Toyko to Hong Kong to New York City."

With over 18 lemon brands owned by Limoneira and the Company's history of growing the highest quality lemons for over a century, Limoneira is well known in the industry, and we look forward to capitalizing on our leading position and expanding our brand recognition for many years to come.
California Educational Instruction. Agriculture for the future

California is the world's fifth largest supplier of food and agriculture commodities, and agriculture accounts for just slightly over 2% of California's $1.85 trillion gross state product. According to the California Department of Food and Agriculture, "California agriculture is nearly a $36.6 billion dollar industry that generates $100 billion in related economic activity," making it more than twice the size of any other state's agriculture industry.

Henry Gonzales, Ventura County's Agricultural Commissioner, recently released the 2009 Ventura County Agriculture Report. The estimated gross value of Ventura County agriculture for calendar year 2009 was $1.6 billion, an increase of 0.7% from 2008. Limoneira is a major provider of Ventura County agricultural products with the production of lemons, avocados and specialty citrus. We also lease land for strawberry, raspberry, celery, and cabbage production.

Education is vital for the future of California agriculture. The California Department of Education, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the State Board of Education have strongly supported a comprehensive program of instruction in agriculture that integrates technical agriculture with strong academic foundations in core subjects. Limoneira is a supporter of local FFA programs and in an earlier edition of this newsletter, we described our partnership with the Ventura County Conservation District called "Home Grown-The Importance of Agriculture in Ventura County," where students learn about nutrition, energy and food production. In addition to this program, we offer sustainability and agriculture tours for all school fieldtrips. If you are a parent or teacher who would like to arrange a school fieldtrip, please call 866-321 8222 or email [email protected].

Agriculture education can be fun. With Limoneira Lifestyle's Children's Grow Your Own Garden Kit you can let your child get a jump start on gardening success with this fun, educational and "sustainable" kit. Each garden kit contains one pack of Lemon Mint Seeds, Lemon Basil Seeds, 2 small eco-friendly biodegradable pots, garden gloves, Agromin soil, small garden shovel, garden rake, garden trowel, and a kid's educational activity book. Children will love watching their own herbs spring to life with this easy- to-plant-and-grow set.

For More Information visit our website and for an introductory discount coupon click here.
Limoneira Hot Air BallooningLimoneira is one of the largest growers of lemons in the United States with approximately 1,839 acres planted throughout Ventura County, on the Central Coast and Tulare County in the San Joaquin Valley in Central California. California's lemon growing area stretches from the Coachella Valley to Fresno and Monterey County. Over fifty varieties of lemons exist with Lisbon, Eureka, and Genoa being the predominant varieties marketed on a worldwide basis. California grown lemons are available 12 months of the year, with peak production periods occurring from January through August. Approximately 92% of our lemon plantings are Lisbon and Eureka varieties, and approximately 8% are other varieties.

With an average annual production of approximately 750,000 tons of lemons, California accounts for approximately 87% of the United States lemon crop, with Arizona producing the vast majority of the rest. 50-70% of the United States lemon crop is utilized in the fresh market, with the remainder being shipped to the processed market for products such as juice, oils, and essences.

Limoneira has been providing lemons to satisfy world palettes for 117 years. Our relationships within the food service and retail sectors ensure that we are able to satisfy global demand with high quality Limoneira lemons anyplace, anytime.
Limoneira's Northern Farming Operations
Limoneira has been practicing the tenets of sustainability since its inception. In the early days of the Company's history, our founding fathers knew that to ensure survival it was essential to carefully monitor the vital resources necessary to produce a profitable crop. Diversification is just as true today as it was in Limoneira's early days. Geography provides one important component to our Company's diversification efforts. Limoneira operates in three different locations in the Southwest United States. Our northern-most operation is based in Porterville, California, in the San Joaquin Valley and is comprised of three ranches totaling 1,797 acres:

Limoneira Hot Air Ballooning
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California Educational Instruction. Agriculture for the future
Limoneira's Northern Farming Operations
Santa Paula's Next New Community, Santa Paula East Area I and East Area II update
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Limoneira Hot Air Ballooning

Asparagus and Lemon Risotto

by: Alice Waters

1 pound asparagus spears
2 stalks of green garlic (or
Waters calls for 1 small yellow
1 1/2 cups Arborio rice
4-5 cups chicken broth
1 lemon
3 tablespoons butter
1/2 cup dry white wine
Chervil or Parsley

Risotto is thoroughly infused with the flavor of whatever broth you use. Try a homemade broth if you can - it makes all the difference.

Wash asparagus and trim off rough ends. Slice spears at a diagonal. Set aside.

Zest one lemon. Squeeze juice. Set aside zest and juice.

Pour broth into sauce pan, heat, and maintain a low simmer.

Thinly slice green garlic. Or if you are using onion, finely chop.

Heat 2 tablespoons butter over medium heat in a heavy-bottomed 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 quart sauce pan. Add garlic/onion and cook until soft, but not browned. Then add Arborio and stir to coat the rice. Cook for a few minutes until the rice becomes slightly translucent.

Add wine and lemon zest. Stir and cook for a few more minutes until the wine is completely absorbed.

Use a ladle to add one cup of warmed broth to the risotto pan. Also add salt (how much salt depends on how salty your broth is already). Stir and bring mixture to a vigorous simmer. Don't let the rice absorb all the broth. Waters suggests letting the rice "thicken" with the broth, then to add another 1/2 cup. Continue to add 1/2 cup of broth at a time and stir rice frequently.

About 10 minutes after you first added broth, toss the asparagus into the cooking rice. Continue to stir and add broth as before until the rice is tender with a slight bite in the center.

When risotto is just done, add 1/2 of the lemon juice, 1/2 cup grated Parmesan, and 1 tablespoon butter. Stir vigorously to incorporate ingredients, then let it rest for a minute or two. At this point add more salt and/or lemon juice if necessary, and freshly ground pepper to taste.

Serve in a heaping mound and top with freshly chopped parsley or chervil. Enjoy!

About Alice Waters:
Alice Louise Waters is an American chef and co-owner of Chez Panisse, the original California cuisine restaurant in Berkeley, California. A champion of locally grown and fresh ingredients, she has been credited with creating and developing California Cuisine and she has written or co-authored several books on the subject, including the influential Chez Panisse Cooking (written with chef Paul Bertolli). She is a champion of fresh ingredients and is an advocate of Edible Education to address childhood obesity.

Santa Paula's Next New Community, Santa Paula East Area I and East Area II update
As real estate markets slowly mend, plans have been moving forward for Santa Paula East Area I and II to become Santa Paula's next new community. A Greenbelt Amendment Ordinance (GAO) was finalized between Santa Paula and Fillmore on June 22nd, and our entitlement partners have been shepherding the plans through the LAFCO (Local Area Formation Commission) in order to meet the scheduled November LAFCO hearing. Concurrently, our entitlement partners have selected a team of consultants to complete a lot study of the proposed East Area I, phase I, Tentative Tract Map. Factors such as Limoneira's design standards and the accommodation of a variety of product types are a part of this analysis.

As mentioned in the April edition of the Limoneira Corporate News, East Area II plans are also moving through the entitlement process. This parcel of 25 prime commercial acres adjacent to heavily traveled State Highway 126, linking US Highway 101 at Ventura to Interstate 5 at Santa Clarita/Valencia, will be the ideal complement for new workers and residents in Santa Paula East Area I. Our entitlement partners are speaking with companies about the opportunity of locating in this new commercial development.

Putting the Pieces together

While trying not to have too many preconceived notions, we believe that new residents of Santa Paula East Area I will come from existing Santa Paula homeowners (either trading up or down to new larger or smaller residences), and renters, as well as those not currently living in Santa Paula. We are surveying individuals and families to determine their preferences within this new community (architectural styles, price points, product types, etc). If you would like to complete a survey, please click here. Each person completing a survey will have a chance to enter into a drawing to receive a year's worth of Limoneira Orchard Fresh gift baskets.
Limoneira Winner's Block
This month our lucky winner is Roger Tabaranza of Valencia, California. As our monthly winner, Roger has won a year's supply of Limoneira Orchard Fresh or Lifestyles Gifts and will be receiving one a month for twelve months.The first gift basket Roger will be receiving is our Orchard Fresh Citrus Cooler. In this gift pack we included our Limoneira prized Meyer and premuim lemons and paired them with Persian limes. Next, we mixed in gourmet drink recipes from some of today's hottest bartenders. Finally, our cocktail swizzle sticks and drink umbrellas are included to garnish these thirst quenching creations.

Congratulations Roger!

For your chance to win, make sure you're on our mailing list to be entered into our monthly drawing. To join click here or visit our website at Be sure to check out our other contests and drawings for additional chances to win prizes.