Spring 2019
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Scholarship is another one of our core values. What is the one award in Lambda Kappa Sigma that is solely based on scholarship?
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Greetings from your Grand Vice President for Collegiates!

I hope you are having a great semester so far! Grand Council recently got back from our Interim Meeting in Charlotte, NC. We had a great weekend planning new and exciting things for the fraternity! Be sure to pay attention to emails and social media posts about the great things we have coming up!

This week, we will be attending APhA Annual Meeting in Seattle! Stop by our booth to meet some alumni and get a special present!

Below are some great articles focused on our Core Values. Our Core Values are the foundation of our organization and are the basis of all of our activities. When we get into the hustle and bustle of real life, we can forget why we are here and what we're working for. It's good to take a step back and remind ourselves of our principles. 

I hope you enjoy this edition of LinKS. Keep in touch!


Amanda Higgins, PharmD
Grand Vice President for Collegiates
Integrity Integrity
Amy Rumanowski, Eastern Atlantic Region Supervisor
Core Values and Beyond...
As sisters of Lambda Kappa Sigma, our core values inspire chapter events, provide guidance for bylaws and help us to find life long friends with similar interests. We pride ourselves by being part of a sisterhood with core values that align with our profession. But, what happens after stepping out of a chapter meeting? How do you conduct yourself outside of LKS events or work? I challenge you to ask yourself, "Am I living out the core values of LKS in my everyday life?" Encompassing the core values in our everyday lives is what makes us outstanding LKS sisters and human beings. For me, living life with integrity means being truthful and dependable. Sisterhood represents an inclusive attitude and having a genuine interest in learning about others. Service is lending a helping hand, regardless of recognition. These are little yet impactful ways I strive to apply the core values day to day in order to grow. Where can you add these changes in your life? What core values do you already apply day to day? Spread your gracious spirit and have pride in being a sister of Lambda Kappa Sigma!
Lambs Love,
Amy Rumanowski, PharmD, RPh

Alpha Beta's Recruitment Embraces Sisterhood AlphaBetaRecruitment
At convention this past summer, we focused on values-based recruitment at the Collegiate Conference. Alpha Beta decided to improve upon their recruitment process, incorporating our Core Values. Check out their story on how they took a leap of faith!

Service at Alpha Eta Chapter ServiceAlphaEta
The Alpha Eta Chapter had a lot of exciting events planned for the Fall of 2018. Our first event was a traditional Breast Cancer walk that took place on October 14, 2018. During this event, sisters came together to donate their time, money, efforts, and energy towards the support of a great cause. The next event that followed a couple of weeks after was a reverse trick or treating at the Brooklyn Hospital Center, which is a walk away from campus. On that blissful day, our sisters wore costumes as per the Halloween tradition and brought candy to the doorsteps of children who could not otherwise go out to trick or treat. Not only did this event foster stronger bonds for sisters, but it brought smiles and maybe even hope to children who might be going through a rough time in their life at the moment. At the beginning of November, a Thanksgiving food drive was held to collect food items that were later donated to those in need. To wrap up the month of November, our sisters along with other fraternities, volunteered at a soup kitchen to help cook and serve meals to the hungry in NY. In honor of Christmas, a Toys for Tots event was held. During this event, other students and faculty were given a chance to take pictures with Santa and a percentage of the proceeds went to the Toys for Tots organization.

Recruiting with Integrity at Beta Beta RecruitBetaBeta Chapter
At Western New England University, the Beta Beta chapter has always been small in size, but big in heart. We strive to accomplish the best for our classmates, for the community, and for our fellow LKS sisters.
However, our smaller size brings many of its own challenges. We strive to recruit individuals embodying the LKS spirit. Sisterhood, leadership, service, scholarship, and integrity; the loftiest valeues we have to describe what an LKS sister exemplifies. While just a component of an overall picture, integrity is an important element of the Beta Beta chapter.
Fall is an important time for recruitment. Seventy-five students, whom are completely new to the college of pharmacy, are faced with stressful curriculum demands, all the while having seemingly countless organizations vying for attention and new members. What can we do to stand out? A small organization. A small campus. Many other great pharmacy organizations. We remain true to ourselves and all of the values that define us.
At this chapter, we do not promise anything that cannot be delivered. We try to be as open as possible, especially when relating to academics. This is our style. In the end, we attract members that want to be a part of LKS for the values we stand for, not for the size of the organization, or "perks" that may be offered elsewhere. We may be small at Western New England University, but our sisters are some of the best there are.

Lead-Her-Ship by Rachel Hollis LeadHerShip
If any of you are a bookworm like me, you've probably heard about Rachel Hollis. She is a phenomenal inspirational author whose in-your-face approach to reaching your full potential has made her books explode in the self-development world. I first learned about her last year when I read "Girl, Wash Your Face". She recently came out with another book titled "Girl, Stop Apologizing". In her chapter entitled "Lead-Her-Ship", she gives some tips on how all of us can embrace bei ng leaders in our own right, even without a leadership position.

1. Embrace the fact that you are made for more. Be confident that you can achieve anything and don't apologize for wanting it!
2. When one of us succeeds, all of us succeed. Being a leader means lifting each other up and supporting others in their pursuit. 
3. Consider who you're including in your circle of leadership. It's a diverse world out there, and we need to make sure we are including everyone when we are inviting people to join our organization, asking people to speak at our events, etc. Representation matters and changing who is invited to the table can change the world.
4. Embrace your calling and refuse to hide your light. You will not only make your world brighter, you will light the way for the women who are coming behind you. Imagine if Ethel didn't form a club for the small group of women at MCP? We wouldn't be here!
5. "Believe in your dang self!" You can do anything you set your mind to.