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Happy New Year! I hope you all are having a great start to the semester! 

As I reflected on this past year, one thing stood out to me more than anything else, sisterhood.  Sisterhood is probably my favorite core value. I love my sisters and what they bring to my life.

I was talking with some friends about LKS one day. We've been friends since elementary school and see each other pretty frequently. They didn't understand how I could have such  a close bond with people all over the country who I only see once a year, if I'm lucky! 

Sisterhood is such a special bond, it's hard to explain. It's a kinship that is built on a power that is bigger than all of us. We all come together for one common goal and purpose, to elevate women in pharmacy. Each sister comes from different backgrounds, states, professions, we even have men that join us! But despite our differences, we share the vision that is Lambda Kappa Sigma. 

Getting close with your sisters can take some time. It requires effort and patience. But once you open yourself up to the bonds of sisterhood, you will know you've found your tribe. 

Last year after we had completed our photoshoot, Emilie Levine of Alpha Pi posted a photo on Facebook with the quote "Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back." This quote could not be more true! I know I have found my tribe and I know my sisters have my back forever and always.  My sisters will be there to help  pull me up when I'm down, to encourage me to be better than who I am, to laugh hysterically until we cry. We are bonded for life. 

Not everyone is going to have the same feelings as I do, but you have the opportunity to! If you are struggling with sisterhood in your chapter, reach out to your Region Supervisor or myself. We are here to help! Every chapter will go through their ups and downs, but there is always an opportunity to grow stronger!
I hope you enjoy this edition of LinKS. Keep in touch!


Amanda Higgins, PharmD
Grand Vice President for Collegiates
ConventionSisterhood at Convention
Stephanie Mrozek, Mid-Atlantic Region Supervisor
 Everyone can experience sisterhood within their chapter. But convention is the place to experience sisterhood on a national level. Check out this article by Mid-Atlantic Region Supervisor Stephanie Mrozek on how sisterhood affected her experience at convention!
Putting "Sister" Back in "Sisterhood"
As I was doing research for this edition of LinKS, I came across a great article in the Huffington Post. If you get the chance, I highly recommend reading the entire article here!

The article starts off with an amazing quote by Bindu that made my heart so full:
"Women who understand how powerful they are do not give into envy over meaningless things, instead they fight to maintain the beautiful bond of the sisterhood. These are the real women who know that we need each other's love and support to survive in this world. Love is the essence of being a woman. We must be that light of love that seals the bond and unique beat of our sisterhood."

After I wiped away a few tears and read on, Sophia Nelson really hit home that sisterhood is not something to take lightly. We may not be close with all of our sisters, but they all deserve our support and respect. She also says that "being our sister's keeper should be a reflex" and we should treat our sisters how we would want to be treated. 

Sophia goes on to say that it's not about your success, but the success of all women. This is true within our chapters as well, you may be a successful leader or student, but if your other sisters are struggling, you should help them be successful as well. She asks everyone to make a pledge to the following 5 things:

1. Be kind. Pretty simple but sometimes people forget. Just be kind to each other. 
2. Be patient. Treat other women and you want to be treated, not as you may have been treated. 
3. Communicate. Communication is key! Communicate what you need, people aren't mind readers. Talk directly with the person you need to, don't talk behind people's back. This violates the "woman code of life". 
4. Be empathetic. Empathy is the most important leadership skill you can have. "If you cannot find it in your heart to act like a human being before you act like a supervisor, boss, executive, colleague or friend than you have failed leadership 101."
5. Operate by a Code of Conduct and don't be a hypocrite. Let's set an example of what it means to be a sister so the ones that come after us will know. Don't live by "do what I say, but not what I do". Esse Quam Videri. 

Above all things, to be a great sister you need to be LOYAL. Help your sisters when they need it, smile at them, say hello, be kind and forgiving. All of these things will help change sisterhood and it all started with YOU!

One simple way to improve sisterhood in your chapter is to increase morale! Sisters with higher morale will be more willing to participate in activities and work hard for your chapter. Try some of these easy steps to boost morale in your chapter!

1. Give your sisters a reason to believe!
Everyone is looking for something bigger than themselves to believe in. Constantly remind your sisters of our Creed, motto, vision, purpose and core values. These are the things that bond us together and give us purpose. Esse Quam Videri!

2. Recognize your sisters accomplishments!
Recognize your sisters' accomplishments, big or small! Celebrate birthdays, good grades, end of midterms, etc. Use social media to show what your sisters are doing. Honor sisters regularly with awards such as Sister of the Month. Some chapters give a blue and gold rock called "Ewe Rock" to a sister who helped someone that week. Sisters who feel appreciated will be motivated to reciprocate. 

3. Give everyone a chance to be heard!
Morale sinks when sisters feel they have no input or control. Offer discussion time or have a suggestion box to allow members a chance to be heard. Delegate tasks to members who do not hold a leadership position to keep them involved. By allowing sisters more input, they will feel more invested in the chapter!

4. Don't forget the fun!
Sisters who play together, stay together! Balance meetings and other professional activities with fun activities to keep sisters attention. Even a simple movie night or spa night to unwind from a crazy week will help increase sisterhood!

5. Little things help!
Even the smallest thing can change morale in a big way. Consider adding a weekly inspiration quote at the beginning of each meeting, order pizza once in a while, bake cupcakes to celebrate all sisters birthdays that month. Listen to sisters when they're upset, tell them they are valued and you appreciate them. These may seem like small acts but they will have a lasting impact on your sisters!
Activities for Sisterhood Bonding
Sisterhood activities are a great way to improve the bond between sisters. Check out these great ideas from chapters on what you can do!

Sister Circle- Alpha Zeta Chapter
Alpha Zeta planned a sisterhood retreat and did an awesome activity to show how the bonds of sisterhood can be broken and how to put them back together. All sisters stood in a circle holding hands and one person read something that could break sisterhood or trust. After each thin was read, everyone took a step back from the circle until they could not hold each theres hands anymore. Then sisters read things that could encourage sisterhood and loyalty and took a step closer together until they were holding hands again. This is a great way to build trust among sisters!

Lamb Pals- Nu Chapter
When you have a large chapter, it can be hard for everyone to have a close relationship. Nu chapter created Lamb Pals to help! Sisters are paired up each month and are encouraged to meet up for coffee, study together, or attend an LKS event. This is a great way to form bonds with sisters you normally wouldn't have!

Lamb Lights- Alpha Beta Chapter
Using social media to highlight your sisters is a great opportunity to brag how amazing your members are! Alpha Beta chapter highlights sisters on Instagram with "Lamb Lights" posts. This is a great way to make your sisters feel appreciated and special!

Meeting Energizers- Alpha Chapter
Let's face it, pharmacy school is rough! It can be hard to get participation from sisters if they're stressed with school. Alpha chapter incorporated energizers and games into each meeting to boost morale and get sisters ready to participate in activities!

Monthly Dinners with E-Board and Advisor- Alpha Kappa Chapter
To help bridge the gap between membership and the E-Board, Alpha Kappa chapter started hosting monthly dinners at their advisors house. Each month a different class was invited to share dinner and conversation. This is a great way to give sisters the chance to be heard!

There are lots of other team building exercises you can do with your chapter. Check out some great ideas here to get started!

YOUSisterhood Starts with YOU
There are many things we can do within the chapter to increase sisterhood, but what can you do individually to form stronger bonds with your sisters? Here are some tips!

1. Connect over similarities
If there's one thing you have in common with your sisters, it's pharmacy classes! Talk to sisters in your class about your pharmacology exam. Ask your older sisters if they have any tips on how to survive lab. Reaching out for help will open you up to relationships outside of LKS activities and form stronger bonds. 

2. Be approachable
We expect our sisters to make us feel welcome, especially when we're new. But are you putting in the effort to be open and friendly? It can be scary, but take the risk and say "hi" to someone you don't know very well. Make sure you are approachable and ready to have fun! Radiate positivity and you will be surprised how quickly sisters will want to follow you!

3. Be a good listener
Everyone needs someone to talk to. If you see someone struggling, ask them if they need someone to talk to. Listen and be supportive. Show your sister they're not alone and you will always be there. The bonds of sisterhood become stronger when you show your vulnerability and sincerity. 

4. Be involved in chapter events
If you're feeling isolated from your sisters, take the initiative and get involved! Volunteer at HOPE WaLKS, offer to help your fundraising chair set up for an event, sign up for an extra professional event when you've already fulfilled your requirements. Show that you are willing to go the extra mile and your sisters will notice!

5. See the best in your sisters
Let's face it, all chapters will run into their problems. Instead of focusing on the negative and criticizing your sisters, focus on the positive! Sisterhood should be treasured and valued. Focus on how amazing your sisters are and what they contribute to the chapter. Your sisters are a blessing in your life!