Fall 2017
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Upcoming Dates
October 14, 2017
Happy Founder's Day

October 15, 2017
Chapter Update Forms Due

November 1, 2017
Deadline for paying dues
Deadline for chapter delegate fee

December 3-6, 2017
ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting & Exposition in Orlando, Florida

January 15, 2017
LKS Educational Grant Application Deadline
Chapter Birthdays
Alpha Omega: 9/13
Alpha Beta: 9/16
Alpha Xi: 9/26
Alpha: 10/14
Alpha Alpha: 10/16
Alpha Nu:12/6
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Grand VP for Collegiates
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Greetings from your Grand Vice President for Collegiates!

Welcome back to school! Fall is such a busy and exciting time of year. As a student, I loved the excitement of starting a new school year, setting new goals, making new plans and getting motivated to get it all done. Even though I'm not in school anymore, I still use this time of year to get organized and start fresh!

If you missed Convention this year, we wish you were there! We had an amazing meeting with many educational workshops. Our keynote speaker Kim Novak taught us an amazing lesson of how we need to focus on the purpose of our organization and of how we need to live that purpose everyday. Potential New Members (PNMs) do not usually join an organization, they join people. They join YOU. As a member of Lambda Kappa Sigma, you need to live our purpose. 

A good reminder of this purpose is saying our prayer at the beginning of every meeting. This will set the tone and remind everyone of why we are here. During the Collegiate Conference, we talked about our Creed and what it means to us. Why not recite the Creed with your chapter once in a while to remind you of what LKS is truly about!

One of the highlights of convention is always the Final Banquet! A huge congratulations to the following chapters on winning Chapter of the Year:

Chapter of the Year: Alpha Zeta
1st Runner-Up: Alpha Pi
2nd Runner-Up: Alpha Mu

And congratulations to the following chapters on winning Chapter of the Region:

Northern New England: Alpha
Eastern Atlantic: Alpha Beta
Northeastern: Alpha Theta
Mid-Atlantic: Alpha Phi
Midwestern: Nu
Northern Lakes: Omicron
Southern: Alpha Kappa
Western: Lambda

You all worked so hard this past year and should be so proud of yourselves. I look forward to another amazing year and can't wait to see what you do!
I hope you enjoy this edition of LinKS. Keep in touch!


Amanda Higgins, PharmD
Grand Vice President for Collegiates
How to Have a Successful Fall Semster Success
Tracee Abrams Strout, Northern Lakes Region Supervisor
Welcome Back Lambs!!  

Another school year is upon us. For some of you, it's the last year before entering the professional world. For others, it's just the beginning of your pharmacy adventure. Either way, Lambda Kappa Sigma is here for you every step of the way. 

Your future success depends on how you take responsibility to achieve academic excellence. It can be easy to get caught up with all the activities and organizations available on campus. It's important to find that balance between academics and socializing. Set realistic goals for yourself at the beginning of each semester, and you'll be headed in the right direction. Make sure that you prioritize your tasks according to their importance and due dates. 

Utilize your faculty and fraternity advisors because they can help you with the overall balancing of your schoolwork and social life. They can serve as a good reference point for any questions you may have. Don't hesitate to turn to them for help with all aspects of your academic and social life.  

Find study groups. Turn to other Lambs and invite others. Sometimes it is hard for someone to ask for help when they are struggling. Study groups are a great way for everyone to get together, ask questions and share knowledge. 

Being a part of LKS gives you the opportunity to spend time with like-minded students, building relationships that can help you during your academic career as well as giving you a needed social break.

By now I'm sure some of the chapters are full swing into recruitment and have had a meeting or two. But I just wanted to remind you of an important task that should be a part of a meeting at the start of each semester: GOAL SETTING and PLANNING. 

Use this time to set your goals for the year and the semester.  By using SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Timely) goals, you'll be able to identify what it is that you want to achieve, when you need to do it, and what you need to do to get it done. Set the expectations for the year so that both returning members and Potential New Members know what is expected of them.  

Create a visualization board to share with the chapter. Include quotes, articles, titles, pictures, business cards, etc. You might need one board for each of your pillars or it could be a page on Social Media. Use this to prioritize your ideas with the most important on top. Check them off as you go to track your progress.

Have a "lamb-tastic" fall semester!!
Project Guatemala Guatemala
At Convention this summer, I had the amazing opportunity to meet Erika Zarfoss (pictured at right) from Alpha Phi Chapter. She told me of an amazing summer experience she had serving the people of Guatemala. 

Check out how she spent part of her summer using her clinical skills to serve people in need. We are proud to call you a sister, Erika!
LKS Rebranding is HERE! Branding
If you haven't noticed, LKS has a new look. We are so excited to present the new rebranding materials to the entire fraternity! 

Part of that process is a new and improved website. Our new website is easier to navigate and has a whole new Chapter Resources Portal full of information for your chapter. Take some to explore and learn something new! (Sign in with user name "ethelheath@lks.org". Forget the clever password? Email lkshq@lks.org!)

On the website, you will also find links to our new graphics, includi ng a sharper looking crest, our new lamb mascot, a mortar and pestle and l ots of other fun prints for you to use in your promotional materials. Our new color palette is also available. Please remember that all t-shirts, posters, and anything else with LKS on it needs to fall in the color palette. Are you doing a breast cancer walk and want pink t-shirts? Not a problem! Petition Grand Council by sending any member an email asking for approval.

Notice any familiar faces on the website? That's because they're all pictures of YOU! If you want to be featured on our website, you can submit high-quality photos here. Make sure they meet the specifications mentioned or they may not be able to be used. 

We also want to feature chapters in our new Chapter Resources Portal. If your chapter puts on a terrific event in the following categories, please submit a "How-To" article to Amanda at GVPCollegiates@lks.org.

Community Service 
Project HOPE
Recruitment and Orientation
HOPE Brings Hurricane Relief HOPE
Project HOPE's disaster response team is aiding victims of the recent devastating hurricanes in Texas and Florida. HOPE volunteers are providing crucial health services to vulnerable groups who have lost everything. They are also provided tetanus immunizations, mental health services and supplying hygiene kits to help protect against poor sanitation. 

Our hearts go out to the victims in Texas and Florida. If you know of a sister in need, please contact Headquarters at lkshq@lks.org.