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According to the North-American Interfraternity Conference, there are 3 types of college students: Always Joiners, Maybe Joiners and Never Joiners. Which group should we be focusing on during informal recruitment?

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Welcome back! I hope you all had a great summer and are excited for fall semester! Back to school season is always exciting for me, it's almost feels like a second New Year, a chance to hit the restart button and accomplish the goals you set out to do. If you haven't already, sit down with your chapter and create some goals for the semester and the year. Creating a vision of where you want to be at the end of the year will help you map out how to get there. 

Over the next 2 years, we are going to focus heavily on Recruitment and Orientation. We have delegated one of our alternate Region Supervisors, Madeline Shurtleff, to work with chapters to refine their existing programs and answer any recruitment and orientation questions. Our collegiate conference at convention was centered around Recruitment and how to approach it in a new way. If you would like a copy of the presentation, please email gvpcollegiates@lks.org. We have challenged each chapter to grow their membership by 10% this year, let's work hard and make this happen!

Our convention in Buffalo this year was very successful! We had amazing workshops and had the chance to bond with our sisters. We also presented awards for the top chapter in each region and our top 3 chapters overall. Congrats to the following winners!!
Chapter of the Year:

First Runner Up:
Alpha Beta

Second Runner Up:
Alpha Zeta

Chapter of the Region:
Alpha Rho- Northern New England
Alpha Pi- Eastern Atlantic
Omicron- Northern Lakes
Alpha Phi- Mid-Atlantic
Delta- Northeastern
Alpha Iota- Midwestern
Alpha Nu- Southern
Alpha Xi- Western

This biennium we're going to try something a little different. In order to keep LinKS interesting and engaging, we're going to have YOU write YOUR newsletter! Each region has an edition and your Region Supervisor will reach out to you when it's your scheduled time. You can write as many articles as you want, about whatever you want! Thank you Northern Lakes for being our first region to try this exciting new adventure! 

I hope you enjoy this edition of LinKS. Keep in touch!


Amanda Higgins, PharmD
Grand Vice President for Collegiates
RegionSupervisorsNew Region Supervisors
As we start this new biennium, we have a new set of Grand Council officers and Region Supervisors! We have such a great group of talent and I can't wait to see what our group will accomplish! Congrats to the following Region Supervisors!
Katelyn Toeniskoetter- Northern New England
Amy Rumanowski- Eastern Atlantic
Samantha Moxie- Mid-Atlantic
Rachel Wylie- Northeastern
Tracee Abrams-Strout- Northern Lakes
Vanessa Carranza- Midwestern
Megan Dishman- Southern
Michael VanLaanen- Western

Madeline Shurtleff
Sara Kolc
Kara Feldhake
Megan Leeds
Martika Martin

SemesterHow to Start the Semester Off Right 
Tracee Abrams-Strout, Northern Lakes Region Supervisor
The start of the fall semester is a very exciting time of year! Check out these tips from Tracee Abrams-Strout, Northern Lakes Region Supervisor!

PlanSemesterHow to Plan out the Semester
Courtney Burgazli, Alpha Omicron Chapter
How do you start off the semester? Here at Alpha Omicron, we start off on the right foot by greeting the semester together. One of the most overwhelming and time-consuming tasks we all dread is getting our planner in order. We found that organizing a schedule of classes, chapter programs, and sporting events is much more enjoyable with good company. My Big's first Christmas gift to me was an organizer kit with a decorative calendar, colored pens, and stickers that kept my life together. Meeting up with my LKS sisters in my class helped me make sure I was not missing any dates from the syllabi, as well as catch up on each other's summer adventures. While together, we can also see which weeks were lighter in schoolwork to identify ideal times for LKS events. This get-together can be a staple event to start off the semester and provide a go-to big-little gift. 
If your chapter's class schedule is anything like WVU's School of Pharmacy - days can vary from being stuck in the same room all day to being sent on a wild goose chase of scattered classrooms. Before classes start, we like to seek out these classrooms, find what water fountains and bathrooms are on the path, and predict if we have time to make it to the coffee shop between classes. It makes for good big-little adventures too!
Lastly, some personal traditions I find myself performing as the semester starts include: preparing my closet for the weather change, trying new meal prep strategies, and sporting a new haircut or nail color. Whatever your game plan is to start the semester right, don't forget to lean on your LKS sisters for a memorable year!

ConventionSpeakersConvention Speakers
Alexis Nieszczur, Alpha Mu Chapter
LKS Conventions are always a great time, full of sisterhood bonding, mentorship building, and leader development.  What makes Convention so unique from other experiences are the abundance of inspiring and entertaining speakers who dazzle us with encouragement and true lamb spirit. These speakers truly emulated our motto of  esse quam videri- to be, rather than to seem to be.
            First, we had Leigh Briscoe-Dwyer speak to us about advocating for the profession of pharmacy.  She made it clear that we should never apologize for not knowing something or wishing to seek more knowledge.  She inspired us to work at the height of our pharmacist license and be flexible to ensure the survival of the profession we love.
            Next, Elizabeth Kukielka spoke to us about skin cancer, the past biennium's women's healthy initiative topic.  Not only did Elizabeth educate us on identifying various types of skin cancer, but she showed us how pharmacists can play a vital role in the care and treatment of a skin cancer patient.  Talk about expanding the boundaries of our profession!
            For our Convention keynote, Jim Ryan taught us the not-so-difficult keys to achieving happiness in life.  Despite being our speaker during a delicious early-morning breakfast, Jim had us beaming at his singing and guitar skills.  His insight on lightening up and letting go was something that everyone could relate to in different ways.  Jim certainly had us approach the rest of Convention with renewed jubilance!
            Timothy Ulbrich next spoke to us about handling our finances in the best possible manner.  Having been in much debt after pharmacy school himself, he set out and made it his mission to teach other young pharmacists on how to achieve financial freedom.  Mr. Ulbrich's talk was raw, real, and useful to all who heard him speak.  Perhaps some lambies felt the financial burden of pharmacy school softened after listening to Timothy's talk!
            Besides these four wonderful speakers, we heard from many other leaders in LKS speak about values-based recruitment (Amanda Higgins), being a well-managed #lambboss (Christine Perry), and even interacted with a panel of top lambies in pharmacy who were so willing to answer any questions we had about post-grad life.  LKS conventions truly are a one-of-a-kind experience and a journey in bettering yourself, and Buffalo was no exception!

ConventionElevatesConvention Elevates the Women of Omicron Chapter
Natalie Brikho, Leanne Olney, Sara Denton, Najifa Choudhury, Omicron Chapter
Check out this article from Omicron Chapter about their experiences at convention!

Congratulations to Dr. Mary Beth O'Connell for winning Advisor of the Year! Start thinking about who you want to nominate for next year!