Dear Lakeshore Members,

As we reopen, we are aware that some of our members are apprehensive about returning to the health clubs immediately because of concerns for their safety or have had life situations develop over the past four months which necessitate a membership change. Given how we have supported the community and our team members over the past few months and that we need to retain our membership to maintain the high-quality experience and programming you have become accustomed to, we ask that you remain active members using the club as much as possible. 

For those of you who might need to make changes to your membership, we are providing you with three options for your account — please keep in mind that normally, your contract requires one billing cycle to cancel your membership, notice in the month prior to put your membership on hold and there is a downgrade fee. We are waiving these requirements so long as you complete the online form by the end of the day on Wednesday, July 8th

  • You may downgrade your membership: This is great for family memberships in which only certain people are actively using the club. Those who are active can continue to take advantage of the myriad of programming options and great facilities at a rate less than that of the family membership. Please do keep in mind that no guests are allowed in the club at this point. 
  • You may put your membership on hold for July: This is ideal for members who are going to be inactive at the club in July. A hold allows you to return in August without paying any enrollment fees or losing your referral credits! There is a $20 per month hold fee and you are allowed to go on hold for a maximum of 3 months in a calendar year. During this time, you will have access to our virtual studio with an ever-expanding portfolio of great classes you can do at home or on the road. For more information, please contact
  • You may cancel your membership: If you choose to cancel now, we will process your cancellation prior to billing you for July. Please understand that if you choose to cancel now, you will be ineligible for any future promotions or discounts off of our enrollment fees if you choose to rejoin.

To make the change to your account, kindly click on this link to select your option.

You must complete the form linked above to request your downgrade, hold, or cancel as this will not be done automatically based on any previous requests or inquiries.


Your LSF Leadership Team