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San Miguel Literary Sala Presents

Two Programs with Celebrated Singer/Songwriter Linda Allen

House concert at a beautiful home in Centro

 One hour concert followed by refreshments

Monday, March 20 | 5:00 PM | $15 usd

“Here’s to the Women”

Multi-media Presentation

Wednesday, March 22 | 3:00 PM | Casa Europa, San Francisco #23 | $15 usd

Package ticket to both events: $25 usd

Celebrated Singer/Songwriter to Appear in San Miguel

Beloved singer Linda Allen is celebrating fifty years as a singer/songwriter and activist. She has written more than 100 songs on topics like the environment, women, hope and healing, racial justice, peace, history, whimsy, and more. She has recorded thirteen CDs and has toured extensively throughout the US and beyond.


An outstanding quality of Linda’s music is her vocal interpretation. The expressiveness of her voice is always spot on. Whether tender or strident, lyrical or percussive, her vocal eloquence adds to the power of her lyrics and music. 

Singers like Linda Allen keep folk music from becoming a relic of the past. Linda hears a story, reads a headline, observes a confrontation, senses a broken heart and then turns it into song. Her music invites us to stay human.

– Holly Near 

According to Linda: “Folk music has always been the voice of ordinary working people, the very people who are often at the front lines of the social injustices that confront us today. Folk music brings us joy, pulls us together as a community, and can move us to action.”

“Here’s to the Women” is a multi-media presentation about the history of women’s suffrage that brings to life the women, both famous and unknown who made it happen. Both the silencing of women’s experience and the empowering of women’s voices are showcased — featuring songs, stories, readings and images.

Linda Allen breathes life into the 19th Amendment story through song and story that is totally charming as well as instructive. Goose bumps and joy were the response of the day.

– Muffy Francke, Co-Chair, The 19th Amendment Centennial Committee

Dr. Linda Allen is a songwriter, performer and educator who has been a voice for women since the late 1960s through songs, concerts and workshops. She has done research and presentations for multiple museums, schools, libraries and other venues. Her songs, workshops and multi-media presentations on women’s work, history, spirituality and current challenges span thirteen CDs of original songs, and tours throughout the U.S. and beyond.

Proceeds benefit the San Miguel Writers’ Conference

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