The best lesson I've learned this summer is to make promises to myself and keep them! I found that working in the place of my dreams is a bit tricky. The point of the dream can so easily get lost in the murky waters of the day-to-day.

I can drive myself crazy with the lists and lose everything I've worked hard for. The first promise I made was to enjoy, spend time with and ride my horse. The weeds, the garbage, the manure - - they could all wait. If I didn't take that time for us I would be missing the point completely.

The other day I was caught up in the hustle of Soulful Prairies and I made another promise: "I will make time to lie in the new hammock in the pasture." A warm horsey nose and shared breath brought new energy that could not be found any other way.

Promises to sit on the front porch of the cabin and enjoy conversation, friends and sunsets have proven to bring peace and after all, that truly is the point! Set aside busy and create moments of peace as we enter this spectacular season of fall!


It is with great honor that I step into a partnership with horses. As my client base gradually increases I see the beauty in the blend of nature, horses and humans. With honesty and a humble heart I collect my talents up to find the way to be me and in return give back with a genuine spirit. 

Days get busy. Feelings and emotions get pushed into a place for "safe keeping" in order to survive. I believe that the "safe keeping" keeps us functional on a day to day basis but in the end is a trap. A trap that keeps us stuck in cyclical patterns that are detrimental to our health. In order to live fully we need to take the time to hear our own voice and learn to speak it with clarity.

If you are interested in talking with me we can take some time to see if what I have to offer is a fit. I am available for phone appointments and in-person appointments with the horses. Often times a combination of the two can be a beautiful blend.

It's always fun to watch the interaction between humans, critters and nature. There is some sort of magic that always takes place.

Camp I Am Me is an annual event where kids of all ages who have faced some type of burn injury, come together to find support in a non-judgmental environment. Soulful Prairies feels honored to have been chosen for a second year as a day trip location for fifteen young adults and counselors in training.

The day began with Wes Nelson, our local beekeeper. The life of a bee, the jobs involved and the delicate balance of a hive were discussed with the highlight being the a hike to the Soulful Prairies hives.

Coillin McConnell of McConnell environmental talked about prairies, wetlands and native plants flowers and wildlife as the kids hiked through the conservation areas.

A fabulous lunch with live music and a little chill out time was followed by an afternoon of horses, chickens, a donkey named Cooper and some optional crafts.

It was a day of truly beautiful people coming together to share a moment in time of growth and exploration.

A big piece of Soulful Prairies is about making the world a better place. This year the Bruces put on their first family fund raiser and I am extremely proud of what we accomplished. It was fun to watch my family struggle with the ups and downs of putting together an event of this magnitude. We made some mistakes and did a lot of things really well. 

After two weeks of weather reports showing rain in the forecast, we ended up with a beautiful day! Fabulous food, eight hours of non-stop music and surroundings that force you to take a deep breath and just relax all made for a magnificent event.

Soul Jam brought in over 250 people and we were able to write a check to Dollars For Scholars/ EB211 for $13,000. 

A huge Thanks goes out to all of those who donated, volunteered or just came out to support us in our effort! An extra BIG Thanks goes out to Tish and Bill from California who came in to support our little shop and buy half our t-shirt supply!! 

Stay tuned for the exciting details on Soul Jam 2016!

A two day corporate team meeting, strategizing and learning event has more meaning when sprinkled with a little Soulful Prairies.

A team of ten spent time between their meetings exploring the property, watching the sunset, enjoying a gourmet dinner, roasting marshmallows and spending time getting to know one another. Team meetings are not just about the content of the meeting but also about getting to know our co-workers on a different level, finding strengths in each other and creating a true sense of team. On the second day the group was brought together in the indoor arena to spend time observing and experiencing exercises that help to create an awareness in the workplace and bring the team closer together. As always the horses showed up in their pure, simple and always present way.

If you are interested in customizing a corporate event give me a call. We have lots of great ideas!

In August, we hosted a two day Introduction to Equine Acupressure workshop . The goal of practicing acupressure is to restore, replenish, and maintain the natural harmony and balance needed in a horse or other living being to create optimal health and well being. 

One of the primary goals at Soulful Prairies is to look at the horses physical, emotional and spiritual needs. These needs are not more important or less important than our own human needs but they are equally important.

Partnering with Tallgrass is in keeping with all we work for here at Soulful Prairies.

We look forward to their return in 2016

As year three of our Grow and Share winds down I am grateful to have the opportunity to feel connected to local people who have values that connect with Soulful Prairies. We have bumped along on this journey of gardening in an area of land that has not been worked in a long time and there are many obstacles that come with that. With obstacles come learning and growth.

Our Second Annual Harvest picnic was about learning, sharing and of course pizza. We had a beautiful day and Farmer Dan taught the group about composting and cover crops and we had the opportunity to plant rye grass in areas to help suppress the weeds for years to come. We also harvested produce to donate to the local food pantry. My husband was working hard getting the pizza oven heated up on a windy day so when we returned from the gardens we were able to make home made pizzas with fresh vegetables and other yummy ingredients.

A huge Thanks goes out to Farmer Dan who has breathed new life and energy into this project with his expertise and enthusiasm.  We have lots of great ideas in store for 2016.

And  a special thanks to all who shared the day with us.

Fabulous Opportunity Coming To Soulful Prairies Grow and Share in 2016

Next year we will be offering the regular option of your own 30x30 garden or the chance to share a large garden with one group. This opportunity will open up the chance for learning while being extremely successful and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Yup, our adorable fuzzy little chicks are all grown up! We are getting about three eggs a day from our six chickens. From all my reading, it sounds like soon here we will be getting about an egg a day per chicken. We definitely have no interest in being chicken farmers but for now having fresh eggs for our family and friends is a blast.

I have wanted a kitty since I was one year old. Ok - I might be exaggerating a little bit. My favorite book was called Scat Scat Go Away Little Cat and it was about this kitten that everyone was mean to. One day Rosie Runabout finds this adorable little kitten and she bathes it and loves it and pushes it around in a stroller and.....well you get the idea. Yes, I was desperate for a kitty! Well my mother was allergic to them! She destroyed my hopes and dreams with her stupid little sneezes. Yet at some point I became allergic and I fully understood. They made me so allergic I couldn't breath, see, or for that matter function. Then I had kids and the cycle repeated itself. Kid wants kitty, Mom says no way and.... 

Recently it occurred to me that we may be able to have a cat out at the barn. I thought if I just stayed clear and left the love and attention of the cat to others I'd probably be all right. My daughters and I visited a few rescues and I was reminded that there was no way. Each time I left sick and spent the day trying to get my puffy eyes , breathing ability and itchiness under control.

As we continued our search we found a breed that was known to be much more hypoallergenic, the Bengal. 

The Bruce's are now the proud owners of two Bengal sisters, Leelo and Marlee. I have single handedly brought the childhood trauma of growing up without a cat to a screeching halt and my childhood dream has finally come true.

* As far as the allergies - I would tell you that for me my reactions are 90% better. This is my most allergic time of year with all that fall has to bring. When my system is on overload I seem to notice more symptoms.

Nine Happy Horses Reside At Soulful Prairies.

A fabulous fundraiser was organized by our good friends, the Rubino's and the Mountain's. The event was a smashing success with cocktails and food donated by local Park Ridge businesses. The crisp fall weather gave people the chance to wander the property, visit the critters and watch the sunset. Following dinner and drinks a five piece band played in our indoor arena with music and lights bouncing off the fabric ceiling. People finished off their night with dessert, dancing and a bonfire! A good time was had by all.

Soulful Prairies planted apple trees three years ago and we produced our first five apples this year. The bugs beat me to all but one. Keebler, my horse, and I were wandering around on the property and saw the last apple laying on the ground. I hopped  down and took two bites and gave him the rest. It was a rewarding first crop!

Volunteers will bring extra love to the horses and added working hands to the farm. We are rolling out a volunteer program at Soulful Prairies within the next few months. A variety of opportunities will be available. More information will be coming shortly and if you have questions or are interested feel free to call or email me.  Linda #847-366-6743 or

We are very excited to have Anna Twinney return to Soulful Prairies. Beginning October 12, 2015, Anna will be presenting workshops in Animal Communication and Natural Horsemanship. We hope to see you at one or more of these great workshops.
3 day Natural Horsemanship Clinic - Oct. 10-12
Private Experience With Anna - Oct. 13
Introduction to Animal Communication - Oct.r 16
Two Day Animal Communication Workshop - Oct. 17 - 18

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