Spring is that season that is all the more exhilarating when set in contrast to a cold winter. This is the first winter that I actually fully owned up to the fact that I live in the Midwest and it is cold cold cold! The reality that I have been faking it my entire life, and acting as if I live in a climate where hats and mittens are just a cute accessory, is clear.  This was my year to fully embrace long underwear, gloves paired with mittens and those little warmer packets, snow pants, layers upon layers and of course monstrous boots that keep my feet warm but make it hard to walk ....you get the idea!

As spring approaches the joy of peeling layers off makes me giddy.  Better yet is watching the horses bask in the sunshine with the same sense of relief.  Their faces relaxed with the knowledge that summer will bring lazy days of grazing .  As if that isn't enough.....  there's the croaking of the toads,  turquoise eggs in perfect little twig nests,  asparagus shoots popping out of the ground, and flowers everywhere. Mother nature at her very best breathing life into everything she touches. And yes, us Mid-westerners have this beautiful contrast that makes the awe of spring all the better.  Breathtaking contrast!

Rip off your layers and stop on by to enjoy all that Soulful Prairies has to offer.

Agnes, Lydia, Ping, Delilah, Tess and Tillie! Yup you heard it right! Our six chickens names. We adopted them in the beginning of  April and it has been nothing but fun. Snuggling the soft new babies and watching them grow rather quickly into teenagers has brought a lot of learning and joy to the Bruce's.  Now we wait for the final excitement of having adults to share their eggs with us. We have become very close to our chickens so I  must say I am a little nervous about predators.  At the top of my list is to create a predator tight coop.

The population of horses is growing at Soulful Prairies. We continue to feel honored to have horses that will live out their days of retirement at our farm. We also solute all the families who chose to stand by their equine partners through all the days of their lives.

If you haven't met Cooper the mini donk yet, you are missing out big time. Be sure to come on by and rub his luscious long ears!
*Drawing of Cooper by Cindy.

A brave group of horsewomen stuck it out for a clinic on the coldest weekend in February.  During the clinic, Jennifer Kotylo taught us about body awareness in and out of the saddle. A lot of great insight and learning took place! The clinic was hosted by Soulful Prairies and Latokhin Dressage.

I am officially certified and excited to combine my past experience in social work and counseling with my Equine Gestalt knowledge. The innate abilities of horses to read energy creates the perfect environment for individuals to unearth parts of themselves that have been powered down and pushed aside due to life's stresses and busyness. I offer both phone appointments and experiences in person with the horses and of course the best of both worlds, a combination of phone and in person appointments. Click to learn more about the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method?, or give me a call at #847-366-6743.

The Woodstock School district has been hosting workshops throughout the year to support and promote healthy living amongst the families within the community. In April Soulful Prairies hosted a morning of learning that included: making composts bins out of pallets, a wetland hike, gardening techniques and listening and learning with horses. It turned out to be a fabulous day. For pictures of the event, visit our Photo Gallery.

Lots of great things are happening between our Grow and Share and our new CSA Farmer. We had our first meeting to stake plots on May 9th. For information about our workshops and edible forest project visit Grow and Share on our website.

A friend of our family graduated in May with her Bachelors in Social Work. She hosted a fabulous party to celebrate. We are so proud of you! Congrats!

Four fabulous boys came to Soulful Prairies after a family at Cove bid on the experience at their fund raiser. We visited the Grow and Share gardens, bees and decorated horseshoes. The afternoon was filled EGC activities that taught the kids about leading, communication, energy and self-confidence.

For pictures of the day, visit our Photo Gallery.

We are excited to be hosting our first Soul Jam fundraiser at Soulful Prairies. The Bruce family has come together to create a day of music and food in surroundings that will make your soul sing. The ticket proceeds will benefit Dollars for Scholars/EB211 which is an organization that gives scholarships and support to first generation college students. We have an amazing line up of bands and jammers for the day including: Jypsi featuring Lillie Mae, singer and fiddler from the Jack White Band, Hudson McCoy, opener for Foreigner and Oyster Cult and the Bono Bros, featuring members of the Freddy Jones Band and Bodeans - Poi Dog Pondering. Many other local artists will be joining us also.

Saturday & Sunday, August 1 & 2, 2015

Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute will be joining us and is offering a two day workshop at Soulful Prairies. Tall grass is known world wide for offering highly interactive training programs in the field of acupressure and other fields of Chinese medicine.

Introduction to Equine Acupressure takes you through the entire equine acupressure session protocol along with the concepts and theories of Chinese medicine. People will learn Yin-Yang Theory, Meridian Theory, Assessment Techniques and how to select acupressure points for specific conditions. The class includes demonstrations and extensive hands-on exercises with horses.

Events to watch for at Soulful Prairies.

July 25 - Soul Jam

August 1-2 - Tall Grass Animal Acupressure Workshop

August 22 - Harvest Picnic

August 29-30 - Get Soulful and Return to Youth Weekend Retreat

October 3 - Farm To Table

October 9-11 - Anna Twinney Horsemanship Experience

October 16-18 - Anna Twinney Animal Communication

Check our Calendar at SoulfulPrairies.com  for all the information on upcoming clinics and events.

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