NEWSLETTER - Volume 4 - Issue 1 - January 27, 2021
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Stay Tuned...
by Linda Brady

You are receiving our newsletter on the day the Sun journeys into the sign of Aquarius. It shines its bright light onto Saturn and Jupiter to bring conscious awareness to a new month, a new year, and the new age. In a time when we have absolutely no control over what is happening in our outer world, we need to discover what we are able to control. Few of us are in touch with our inner joy. We are, instead, experiencing fear and anger as we watch the extreme diversity being acted out in our government. I gave up being anxious and angry about that. I am taking the high ground and seeing the serendipity of all that is going on. I am concentrating on what I can control within myself. I want to become a spiritual adult and a good Aquarian leader. I believe the maturity that is necessary to becoming an Aquarian comes from being a good Mother and Father to our inner child. This powerful divine family triangle represents wholeness and awareness of the Aquarian symbol of mind, body and soul.

In the last chapter of Discovering Your Soul Mission-New Rules for a New Age, I wrote “There will be a time when we are the “man” and the “woman” to our inner family and good parents to our younger selves. There will be a time when we honor and respect ourselves as much as we do others. There will be a time when we claim our gift from God -our soul – to strengthen and empower us to greatness. There will be a time when we and our souls are the foundations of our spiritual lives and that our religious community is sourced by that knowledge. There will be a time when security is measured by our will to succeed and to pursue our spiritual missions. I believe that spiritual adulthood is also predicated on understanding the incredible diversity of our inner lives. To me, one of the most important parts we need to investigate, welcome and nurture, is the child who lives within.”


I have spent the last few months writing a new book, Through the Eyes of a Child - The Ultimate Guide to Parenting Our Inner Child. I have had many clients, in their confusion and frustration, say, “Where is the guide to how I can become a better parent to my inner child?” I promised them that I would provide that guidance to them in our sessions and now in my book. Look at some of the pertinent questions that I will answer:

  • Have you claimed the little child within you?
  • If so, do you have a daily relationship with your inner child?
  • Do you know how to physically nurture your inner child?
  • Do you love physical movement and exercise?
  • Have you created opportunities for child-like creativity?
  • Are you able to label, embrace and express your emotions?
  • Are you in touch with the unconscious behaviors that feel child-like?
  • Do you remember dreams of children?
  • Do you know how to play?
  • Are you in connection with your inner mother?
  • Are you in connection with your inner father?
  • Do you experience spontaneity and joyful wonder?

The Ultimate Guide to Parenting Your Inner Child
If you answered no to most of the questions above, this upcoming inner child guide book will definitely help you find and embrace your inner child. It will teach you how to listen to, protect and nurture them. I hope you will enjoy this exciting journey in claiming this wonderful precious part of yourself. My husband Michael and I have been doing inner child work with our clients for many years. This book is a culmination of that work. Between us we bring over eighty years of education and experience in helping our clients develop a relationship with their inner divine family. Michael has provided four powerful meditations to connect you to the unconscious places where your inner child lives. In this guide book I have shared my personal journey to finding and parenting my inner child, Lynnie. It is filled with strategies, tools and astrological insights. We hope you enjoy the journey to discovering the true joy of parenting your inner child.

Ways to Say Goodbye
by Lisa Palley

The last visit I had with my dad was in late October of 2019. He was much the same, living in a nursing home with full care, wheelchair bound and with ever worsening dementia. He was 92, still mostly recognized people, and thankfully, always recognized me on my twice a year visits from Los Angeles to Worcester, Mass. He had his loving and appreciative moments as well as his embarrassingly belligerent ones but most of the time he was lost in a web of ramblings that you just had to follow along with, no matter where they took you. My personal favorite was his story about having lunch with Senator Elizabeth Warren to whom he imparted sound career advice. Given the choice between that and “the night nurse is in the Russian mafia,” I was delighted to go with the Elizabeth Warren story.

The best day of that fall visit was Halloween. The staff wore costumes and brought most of the residents down to the large auditorium on the first floor for a special holiday program. My dad stayed behind, uninterested. “Time for some covert operations,” I whispered to my husband René, and motioned for him to follow me. Read more...
New Outlook
by Carol Thigpen

I have a new outlook
on my life
and how perfectionism
can be so detrimental.

It relates to training
and lessons and riding
and horses.

Let's say you're already at
and that's awesome,
when the push is to achieve 100%
things often fall apart,
it's overwhelming,
the stress the intensity,
it's too much.
And often you lose
the beauty of the 95%.

That's what it's feels like
to be a perfectionist –
not good
not good enough.

Not that you should give up
trying a little harder.
learn to celebrate
the 95%
and all it took
to get there.

Celebrate the excellence.
ON MY MIND by Michael Brady

My wife, Linda Brady, is currently completing her signature work on the inner child titled Through the Eyes of a Child -The Ultimate Guide to Parenting Our Inner Child. So, I decided it was time I wrote about my own experience with my inner child.
In 1985 I was working part time in Psychiatry as a psychotherapist and part time at home as a past life regressionist/wholistic coach. Linda was tuning into wounded inner child work and started to talk to me about it. When I began to tune into this with her, I held it as an interesting and useful “construct” like the psychological constructs I studied in school. I conceived of my inner little boy as a creation of my imagination in my own unconscious mind. I thought this was a useful way to tap into inner emotions from childhood. And a useful way to create a separation of unresolved emotions from childhood from my current emotions as an adult. I held what I was doing this way for a few years as I developed my little boy and my relationship with him. Brother was I wrong!...Read more 
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