NEWSLETTER - Volume 4 - Issue 2 - February 20, 2021
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My Perspective on Current Events
by Linda Brady

The retrograding Mercury is going direct on February 21st, 2021. It has been in the sign of Aquarius since January 9th, went retrograde on January 30th, and is now going direct. On a collective level we, the people of the United States, have been experiencing the effects of this transit. Our country has an astrological chart just like we as individuals do. Our date of birth was July 4, 1776 at 5:00 pm in Philadelphia. The 5:00pm time was when the founders signed the Declaration of Independence. Our astrological chart has a Sun in Cancer and a Moon in Aquarius. We were born in a passionate desire for freedom, independence, individuation, and equality, which led to the revolution.  This passion is symbolized by our collective Moon. On that level I have been processing my 3 R’s – review, reflect and resolve on the emotional climate of the United States that the Moon represents. To a great extent I have been dedicated to finding the Aquarian high ground as each day brought more divisiveness, conflict, and anger. Aquarius symbolizes our potential ability to be benignly detached, observant, cooperative, and always in search of the third option. Unfortunately, the emotional climate of our country is not operating on that level. It needs a lot of work. As an Aquarian, I know I have a piece of what is going on “out there”. Where am I being divisive? Conflicted? Angry? Uncooperative? I am not thrilled with those reflective truths. Yet I know if I cannot deal with that, how can I expect anyone else, not to mention our country as a whole, to do that?

Aquarius knows that one person can make a difference and small, like-minded, groups even more. It represents grass roots movements beginning with ourselves. If I want things to change, I need to change first. That is my personal quest. I am asking each of you to reflect on that for yourselves.

On a more individual level, Aquarius rules technology, computers, smart phones, electrical systems, friendships, like-minded groups, and humanistic causes. Under this retrograde, many of us have experienced computer glitches, cars with mysterious electronic ailments, car accidents, problems with travel and misunderstandings with friends. These are daily reminders that we as individuals have not found our serene, balanced space. 
ON MY MIND by Michael Brady

   I have come to believe that the new body we get with each incarnation has a time when we are free of the karma we bring in from past lives. This time can vary from when we are still in the womb to the first few years after we are born. I have drawn this conclusion from all the past-life work and in-womb regressions I have done over the years. I have observed that our wounded inner child is born from some experience(s) we go through in primary childhood, up to the age of seven. The birth of most inner wounded children falls between the age of three and six years old. During the free space, before this happens, we are connected to our body and emotions the way God or providence intended for us to experience life here on the material plane. In modern life, we spend most of our awake time centered in our head. Natural tribal groups, the world over, spend most of their awake time centered in their heart or heart chakra. Before the wounded child is born in us, we are heart centered and as a result connected to and aware of our emotions. Our natural connection to our emotions Is such that our emotions are not contaminated. Feeling glad, mad, sad, scared, and ashamed is designed to be a reaction to what is occurring right here and right now. In this context they are designed to enhance our adaptive response to life circumstances and instill meaning to our life experiences. A life lived without emotion is meaningless regardless of what we do with it. In modern culture, by the time we reach the age of reason (7 years old), we have learned to live in our head and be out of touch with our hearts and emotions, most of the time. Both cultural training and early emotional trauma leave us cut off from our feelings. When we do connect with our feelings, they are toxic. They are old unresolved feelings from the past that we ruminate on. Or they are toxic feelings generated by anticipating possible future scenarios that may never occur. The past toxic feelings include the unresolved emotions we bring in from past lives as well. When our inner wounded child is created by some in-life experience these karmic feelings get woke up. ..Read more 
by Carol Thigpen

I'm taking steps
all the time
every day
toward healing.

I put
a little red heart
on my hollow, vacant
human picture.
It's little (the heart)
and displaced
but at least
it's there
that's a huge step
it wasn't there before
not at all.

Only love
will fill that void
love of self
love of life
and time.

The other major stop
was cutting up
the address labels
the “Mr. and Mrs.” ones
they no longer apply
so sadly
that's the past
I cried
it was so difficult
46 years
of we
of us
of Mr. and Mrs.
it's just me
that's the reality
it was time
but I cried
for what was.
and maybe
for what will be
it's a little scary.
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