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August 18, 2020
LHiNC Launches Virtual Speaker Series
On August 12, Linden Hills Neighborhood Council and the
Minneapolis Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs launched a new virtual speaker series entitled Communities in Crisis, In This Together: Immigrants and Refugees. The speaker series helps bring awareness to the issues impacting immigrants and refugees in our community. 

The first talk featured Michelle Rivero, the Director of the Minneapolis Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs (OIRA). In her talk, Ms. Rivero highlighted the challenges immigrants and refugees in our community face in this time of crisis, the organizations that are working to meet their critical needs, and how you can help. Watch her now on LHiNC’s YouTube Channel. 

Next month’s speaker will be Veena Iyer, the executive director of the Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota. Registration for that online talk will begin in early September.
Office of Violence Prevention Survey
The city’s Office of Violence Prevention is conducting a survey to determine what forms of violence are of most concern to residents. The results will be used to guide the office’s first strategic plan. The Office of Violence Prevention uses a community-focused public health approach to address the roots of violence, intervene at the first sign of risk, and lead healing in its aftermath. To help guide the City’s violence prevention priorities for the next three-five years, click here to take this survey.
COVID-19: Linden Hills Neighbors’ Stories
This LiNK series features different Linden Hills residents as they share how they are experiencing COVID-19. If you have a story to share, please email

Quarantine Quotes of the Day:
A Profile of Jenny Schroedel
By Judy Hornbacher, LHiNC Board Member

Our goal in writing these profiles of Linden Hills residents is to introduce us all to our neighbors, the interesting places they come from, their reasons for being here and a bit about them as individuals, particularly as we go through these trying times.
Those goals have been more than met in my conversation with Jennie Schroedel, a relatively new resident in the neighborhood, who is a grief counselor by trade and provides her neighbors with quarantine quotes of the day. Read more.
Parks Update

Park Encampments
Since July 15, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) staff have been working to get encampments temporarily permitted, this includes the encampment at Lake Harriet - and to designate parks capable of accommodating encampments. Over time, the number of encampments in the park system will be reduced to no more than 20 park Refuge Sites, with a limit of 25 tents per site. Last week, the MPRB began removing encampments with documented crime, without temporary permits or in areas that cannot accommodate a temporary permit. For the latest updates, visit:

Parkways Reopened to Motor Traffic
MPRB had reopened all parkways to motor vehicle traffic by August 5. The funds for parkway closures to allow walkers and runners more space for physical distancing during the pandemic ran out August 3. MPRB asks that all park and trail users continue to follow safety guidelines to limit the spread of COVID-19, including social distancing, covering coughs and sneezes and staying home when feeling ill.

No Lifeguards at Lake Harriet
As of July 31, MPRB has reduced lifeguard services from five beaches to three, due to a lifeguard staffing shortage. The three beaches that will continue to have lifeguard services are: Bde Maka Ska Thomas Beach, Lake Nokomis Main Beach, and Wirth Lake Beach. Lifeguards will be on duty from noon to 7 p.m. through Labor Day.
Women’s Right to Vote From a Minneapolis Perspective
Join the Linden Hills History Study Group for the program
Monday, August 24, 7 p.m., presented via Google Meet

In 1919, the Minnesota Legislature recognized women's right to vote in presidential elections. And in 1920, after the U.S. Congress passed the 19th Amendment and two-thirds of the states ratified the amendment, women gained the right to vote.This right to vote took decades of discussion, protest, and persuasion. Historian Linda Lounsbury will examine the women’s suffrage movement, focusing on the local scene and leaders, including Linden Hills’s Clara Ueland.

The Linden Hills Line to be Discontinued
The LHiNC print newsletter,The Linden Hills Line, delivered to residences and businesses in Linden Hills is yet another fall out of COVID-19. Our communication to the neighborhood will be done online in The LiNK E-News monthly digital newsletter, our website and social media.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank the many supporters who volunteered and worked on The Line, those who provided articles plus our delivery crews and printers.

We continue to welcome your participation providing information about events and activities in Linden Hills and/or of particular interest to those living and working in Linden Hills.The LiNK E-News is published the third Tuesday of the month with submissions due five days prior. Please contact: for more information. The LiNK E-News signup here.
LHiNC Environmental Update
Greetings from LHiNC’s Environment & Sustainability Committee! We would like to thank our committee members and neighborhood volunteers for the wonderful work they have been doing this summer.

  • Anne Feicht and Connie Pepin have been working with a small group of volunteers along the historic Trolley Path maintaining the native plant landscape that was started many years ago. The Trolley Path provides a diverse habitat for birds, butterflies and pollinators.
  • The Healthy Soil Project is alive and well under the guidance of Ginny Halloran. Ginny has been educating neighbors on the benefits of healthy soil and regenerative lawn care for the past two years. To learn more about this project, visit the Trolley Path at the corner of 44th and York. 
  • We also held an invasive species pull in the William Berry Woods earlier this month, led by Connie Pepin.Connie will be leading another invasive species pull within the next few weeks. 

Thank you to all committee members and volunteers who have been involved with these ongoing projects. The next Environment & Sustainability Committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 18 at 6:00 p.m. in Linden Hills Park. Please join us if you can. Questions? Please email:
Around the Neighborhood
Thefts at the Streetcar Line
There have been thefts along the Como-Harriet Streetcar Line right-of-way this past month. Historically correct metal STOP signs and the large metal top of one of the switch stands were stolen. They will be costly and time-consuming to replace. The streetcar is not operating this season and there are far fewer people around. If you see any unusual activity please report it to the Park Police or email:

Linden Hills Library Presents Virtual Fun
The Linden Hills Library wants you to know that the library is still here for you. To show their support for the community, the library has put together several fun activities and resources for all ages: Virtual bingo, online storytime, virtual book club and much more. Details here:

National Night Out
Rescheduled to Tuesday, September 15, 2020. Get details here.

Next LHiNC Board Meeting
Due to COVID-19 LHiNC is holding monthly council meetings virtually. The next meeting is Tuesday, September 8 from 7-9 p.m. Everyone is invited to attend: please email to register.

Completing the 2020 Census is a Tool to Combat Homelessness
Another reason why it's important to be counted. The U.S. government uses census numbers to decide how much housing assistance will go to each state.

If people do not complete the Census form or do not list all of the people living in a residence, it could result in:
  • The overall Census count for their community being lower than it should be.
  • An inaccurate count of how many people are living in each type of housing.
  • Their state not receiving their fair share of federal funding to address the housing needs of its people. Complete the Census Online today.

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