ANAD is honored to announce that writer and activist Lindy West will be speaking at ANAD’s one day conference this year!   Lindy is an outspoken advocate for size acceptance for all people.  

She has spoken out against fat shaming and been a role model for people of all sizes to love their bodies  fearlessly.  Lindy is an exciting addition to an already incredible lineup of speakers.

Lindy West is a columnist at The Guardian, a contributor to This American Life, and a freelance writer whose work focuses on feminism, social justice, humor, and body image. Her work has appeared in the New York TimesCosmopolitanGQVultureJezebelThe Stranger, and others. She is the founder of I Believe You, It's Not Your Fault, an advice blog for teens. Her first book, a memoir called Shrill, is out now from Hachette Books.

Lindy famously confronted fat shaming trolls when they bullied her online.  Refusing to be intimidated or shamed, she is a role model for us all to stand up for and protect ourselves and other victims of body hatred. She got rave reviews for her recent story in NPR’s beloved This American Life podcast and recently got married fearlessly.

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See you in September! 
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