St Paul's Anti-Racist Awareness (SPARA) Book Club
Just Mercy, by Bryan Stevenson - the Newburyport High School Community Read

Here's the link for our meeting this Wednesday, January 27 at 7pm: (please note: a Google platform, not Zoom)

Questions? Click here. Everyone is invited, whether you've completed the reading or not; newcomers always welcome!

**Please take a moment to read this letter & respond ASAP to link (in red, below)**

Dear Community Member,

Thank you for being a part of the Community Read: Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. Together with Newburyport High School, Nock Middle School, parents and at least 9 different community groups, we have come together to read this book and reflect on what it means to us and our community.

As a way of bringing this experience to a close, reflecting on its impact, and envisioning next steps, we would like to invite you to a community dialogue during the week of Feb 8th-11th. You may know that Newburyport has been working with Essential Partners to equip our school community with the skills to lead dialogues that provide spaces for reflection, connection, and understanding within communities.

The purpose of this dialogue is to invite you to a facilitated conversation in your reading group to share your experience with the book, what it is prompting you to think about, and what you would like your community group to explore as a result of this experience.

If you would like to be a part of a dialogue to close out this Just Mercy Community Read experience, please take 3 minutes to fill out this form and indicate a few windows of time that a dialogue would work best with your schedule during the week of Feb 8th -11th. We’ll compile this information next week and get back to you with next steps, so please let us know by Wednesday, January 27th.

Thank you!

Tom, Nadiya and Lynne

Dr. Tom Abrams, Newburyport High School English Teacher, Instructional Leadership Team
Ms. Nadiya Brock, Associate and Program Development Coordinator, Essential Partners
Ms. Lynne Cote, Newburyport High School Library Media Specialist, Instructional Leadership Team
We're reading Just Mercy, by Bryan Stevenson - the Newburyport High School Community Read. Please email Linda with your interest!

On our agenda: reading through Chapter 10; any news from our NHS students (hope you can come!) about their experiences so far; discussion of current events & more. Please come!

Linda is in contact with the NHS coordinator. See the letter above - please respond to the NHS team via the link about best meeting times, as we've entered the next exciting stage: a community-wide time of sharing, leading to action.

Come to our book club even if you haven't done the reading,
we love to hear your thoughts and experiences!
Some links of interest, submitted by our book club members:

A 60 Minutes broadcast on "The True Story Behind 'Just Mercy'"

Explore the origins of the images used in our MA state flag & seal: Here's an exciting update: Governor Baker signed a bill on 1/11/21, creating a "commission (that) must complete its work by October 1st of this year, and recommend changes to the seal and motto that will 'faithfully reflect and embody the historic and contemporary commitments of the Commonwealth to peace, justice, liberty and equality and to spreading the opportunities and advantages of education.' ”

A Wild Goose Community event on "how white American Christianity has aided and abetted the Trump presidency, and how courageous Christians must chart a new course in its aftermath."

Click here for many ideas and resources, some especially for children - our recent mailing on Martin Luther King Day.