This evening, the Bais Yaakov parent body was privileged to hear from Mrs. Faigy Zelcer, a renowned educator and Director of Penimi which raises awareness about technology. For those who were able to attend, we hope you gained from the message and tips relayed. A recording of the speech will be sent out.

While much of the information about technology and its affects were presented this evening, there is still so much more to learn. In an attempt to raise awareness and strengthen ourselves and our homes, there are Link Up groups (under the direction of the Penimi organization) being formed to continue the conversation about technology awareness. Link Up groups will be coordinated based on location, availability and other factors. These groups are not mandatory to join, but those who have previously joined Link Up have found the groups to be extremely informative, engaging, and practical.  

If you would like to join a Link Up group, please fill out your information below. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any of us.  

Thank you! 
Mrs. Stephanie Casper
Mrs. Shushie Ehrenfeld
Mrs. Gila Ely
Mrs. Shoshana Krupp
Mrs. Chana Lavi
Mrs. Aviva Librowicz
Mrs. Yocheved Lieder
Mrs. Laya Rosenbaum
Mrs. Shani Wolfish
Mrs. Tamar Zelcer
Mrs. Raizel Zweig