Nov. 27, 2018
A System of Supports for Districts
From building leadership capacity to providing support in the areas of data, high-leverage instructional strategies, and developing implementation and evaluation processes, the Learning and Leadership Services division is focused on supporting continuous improvement of school systems for all students through an integrated approach.

There are many opportunities this winter and through spring to grow your knowledge and skills to better support all students.
Section header Assessment for Link Up with LLS
For teachers, instructional leaders, and site and district teams: Network with others on promising practices and collective expertise around the LCAP process. Putting It All Together is a four-day series that supports the LCAP process by connecting it to key actions and strategies for student success and improvement. 
  • Putting It All Together - Promoting Student Success (Dec. 5, Feb. 20, April 24, and May 19)
  • LCAP Quarterly Network Meeting (Dec. 13, Feb. 14, and May 2)
For teachers, instructional leaders, site and district teams: Learn more about the formative assessment process, how to implement it, deepen assessment literacy, and connect with others across the county.
  • Introduction to Formative Assessment (Dec. 6)
  • Data and Visualization Network (Nov. 29, Jan. 24, March 28, and May 23)
  • Data Visualization Network (Jan. 23 and April 17)
Section header Instructional and Leadership Development for Link Up with LLS
For charter school leaders and teachers: Gain the tools, knowledge, and resources your charter school needs to support high-quality teaching and learning.
  • California Dashboard and Accountability for Charter Schools (Dec. 18)
  • Curriculum and Instruction Network for Public Charter Schools Mini-Conference (Jan. 11)
For teachers, instructional leaders, site and district teams: This one-day conference celebrates and focuses on school counselors. Breakout sessions support the work of K-12 school counselors by providing best practices, updated research and networking. 
  • School Counselor Leadership Conference (Feb. 14) 
For district and site leaders, teachers, and counselors: Gain strategies for your district and school leaders, teachers, and counselors to make equity a reality in your district or school. Build leadership excellence and the capacity to lead for equity across systems. 
  • Passion, Purpose, Potential and Pathways: How Educators Leverage Middle Schooler Interests (Feb. 19, March 12, and April 25)
  • Excellence in Equity Leadership (March 13, 14, and April 26) 
For district and school leaders and leadership teams: Develop expertise around high-leverage instructional strategies that increase student agency, accelerate student achievement, and create coherence around an instructional focus.
  • Targeted Feedback Institute (March 7 and 8)
Section header Subject Areas for Link Up with LLS
For site and instructional leaders, teachers, and site and district teams: Gain tools to support dual language programs and students who are English learners during the annual conference, which features a special focus on the immigrant experience, assets-based learning, and binational projects.
  • School Site Visits and Institutes (Jan. 16)
  • Dual Language and English Learner Conference (Jan. 17 and 18)
For ELA and English language development (ELD) teachers and administrators, teachers on special assignment and coaches, and site and district leaders: Build on your understanding of best practices in supporting all students in literacy and learning.
  • Observation and Assessment of Early Literacy Achievement (Nov. 29)
  • Best New Children's Books (Dec. 4)
  • ELA/Literacy District Leaders Network (Dec. 6, Jan. 16, March 7, and April 2)
  • Literacy Intervention Professional Learning Network (Jan. 15, Feb. 19, March 12, April 9 and May 7)
  • Powerful Small Group Practices: Scaffolding All Students to Read Complex Texts by Teaching for Transfer (Jan. 16)
For teachers, administrators, English learner coordinators, and ELD-integrated teachers: Gain valuable insight into integrated and designated ELD and become knowledgeable about guided language acquisition and design (GLAD).
  • Bringing Integrated and Designated ELD to Life, grades K-5 (Nov. 29)
  • Integrated and Designated ELD, grades 6-12 (April 4) 
  • Project GLAD Research and Theory Workshop (May 14 and 15)
For teachers and instructional leaders: Maximize opportunities to use technology and social media; share and develop practical tools for assessments; and select a focus area to conduct inquiry, plan innovation, and implement changes.
  • Three-Day Physical Literacy Institute (Jan. 17, Feb. 8, and March 7)
  • Comprehensive Sexual Health Education Curriculum Selection and Program Design (Jan. 23) 
  • Health and Physical Education I3: Inquiry, Innovation, and Implementation (Jan. 29, Feb. 13, March 14, and April 3)
  • Technology and Social Media for 21st-Century Learning in Physical Education (Feb. 28)
  • Practical Strategies for Performance-Based Assessment in Physical Education (March 6)
  • Exemplary Elementary Site Visits (March 20) 
  • Exemplary Secondary Site Visits (March 21)
  • Health and Physical Education Advisory (April 30)
For history and social science teachers, teacher teams, instructional leaders, middle school site and district instructional leaders: Take students' inquiry to the next level, grow your understanding of the History-Social Science Framework, and learn about aligned lessons and online resources. 
  • History-Social Science Leaders Network (Dec. 13 and April 23) 
  • History Social-Science Conference: From Inquiry to Action (Feb. 8)
  • Facing History and Ourselves (Feb. 26 and March 5)
For library media staff: Expand your skills and elevate your expertise with a unique certification, learn more about the materials adopted by the State Board of Education for science, and come together with others to grow your knowledge and leadership skills.
  • Teacher Librarian Network (Nov. 30) 
  • Instructional Media Resource Associate (IMRA) (Jan. 24)
  • IMRA 2 (Jan. 31) 
  • Science K-12 Instructional Materials Fair (Feb. 6) 
  • School Library Leadership Conference (April 4)
For administrators, elementary and secondary mathematics teachers, math teachers on special assignment, math coaches, and district and site math leaders: Put practice into action with learning opportunities that grow your knowledge and skills to continue leading in mathematics.
  • Leading Mathematics (new cohorts begin as soon as Dec. 4)
  • Using Number Talks to Spark Mathematical Reasoning (Jan. 10)
  • Reboot Fractions: Tools and Strategies to Strengthen Student Understanding (Feb. 12)
  • Unlock the Mathematician in All Students (Feb. 14, 27, and March 12)
  • Tasks Worth Teaching (Feb. 26)
  • Productive Struggle for All (March 14) 
  • A Guide to Collaborative Work (March 20)
  • Developing Young Mathematicians (April 16)
For teachers and site and district instructional leaders: Study and apply research and best practices for teaching science by deepening understanding of science content and exploring the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).
  • Using the NGSS Toolkit for Instructional Materials Evaluation (Jan. 8, 9, and 10)
  • NGSS Three-Day Academy (Feb. 12, 13, and 21)
  • 5th annual NGSS Leadership Conference (March 8)
For VAPA teachers and site and district leaders: Connect with others and grow your practice through networking with others and an up-close look at the revised California Arts Standards in action at a local school.
  • Theatre Teacher Community of Practice (Nov. 28, Jan. 30, March 6)
  • VAPA Leader Professional Learning Community (Nov. 30, Feb. 1, March 8, April 12, and May 3)
  • San Diego Arts Network Field Trip (Jan. 11)
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