February 22, 2020 Webinar Video & Offers 4 You
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  Learn to Sell Benefits not Features to Third Parties to Grow Your Care management Bottom Line

Whether you attended, or missed it, here's the link to watch  the
"webinar from Thursday  February 20th

Take Advantage of Reduced Price Offers Until March 1---  only 3 more days

Claim Reduced Price Offers 

Offer 1.
My Geriatric Care Management Operation Manual 

Offer 2.
My Geriatric Care Management Operations Manual on -line Class 
ยง Price-Normally $ 995
Price for Webinar: $895

Offer 3.
Starting or Restarting a Geriatric Care Management Business  on-line Class
Price-Normally $450
Price for Webinar: $350

When Offers End
Offers now available end  March 1 2020. So, you must contact me by that date to take advantage of my reduced price offer for the webinar on-line classes through Blackboard.

Link to GCM On-Line Class Offers
You can contact me to get the webinar rate for one of the classes,  go to my website cathycress.com  e mail me what offer you want to purchase at the webinar rate. You can also  to contact me at  cressgcm@got.net  to take advantage of this savings.
Thank You For Attending
It is always fun for me to do the webinar . I hope this helped you begin to use the benefits I have shown you that make the sale to third parties and have your GCM or ALCA Business thrive and grow. 
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GCM Consultant

Cathy Cress
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