LinkedIn is the Real Science Denier 
LinkedIn Shuts Out Truth — Again

Censors at LinkedIn have permanently banned the CO2 Coalition's Executive Director, Gregory Wrightstone, from the social media site after he presented data drawn from peer-reviewed data used by the preeminent promoter of the narrative that man-made global warming threatens the planet— the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The posts were of two charts. One showed that carbon dioxide levels were nearly 6,000 parts per million (ppm) 600 million years ago when many animal life forms first appeared in the Cambrian Era. Another illustrated a 140-million-year decline of CO2 levels — from 2,500 parts per million (ppm) to the current 420 ppm.

As noted philosopher of science Karl Popper said, “Democracy (that is, a form of government devoted to the protection of the open society) cannot flourish if science becomes the exclusive possession of a closed set of specialists.”

The Heartland Institute broke this story on 6 July 2022 here.
Cooler Heads Coalition alert on DOT proposed Net-Zero rule
By Myron Ebell - Director, Competitive Enterprise Institute

The Transportation Department released a proposed rule on July 7th that is as preposterous as it is breathtaking. The rule would require the states to set declining greenhouse gas emissions targets for highway traffic. They wouldn’t have to set any particular target—but get this—as long as it aligns with the Net-Zero target as directed by the President in two Executive Orders and agreed at the international “Leaders Summit on Climate.” In other words, the legal authority for the rule is presidential fiat.

Read the press release of 7 July 2022 here and the proposed rule here.
Green Energy Goals Shortsighted, Expert Says
By Michael Dorstewitz - Newsmax

Gregory Wrightstone said that "transitioning from fossil fuels to renewables is a solution in search of a crisis, and that embarking on such a program would be devastating." Wrightstone also told Newsmax that although carbon dioxide levels have been steadily rising, “we view that as a positive. CO2 is providing huge benefits to our ecosystem and humanity.”

Read more of this at CO2 Coalition News from 30 June 2022 here.
Quote of the Week
Source: CO2 Coalition
“There isn’t a climate crisis. There will not be a climate crisis. It is utter nonsense.”

Dr. William Happer
professor emeritus of physics at Princeton University
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